Monday, April 14, 2014


Just when I thought it was safe to say that things were settling down… 
God, the Universe really does like her curve balls, doesn’t she?? After all my raving about how happy I am in my own space, and how I’ve finally found the thing that makes me want to get up every morning and get out there for, everything got chucked up in the air again, and it’s all landed in a scattered pattern. Nothing looks like it did a week ago!

Last week, I was convinced I was having a bona fide nervous breakdown. All my old, awful so-called coping mechanisms came back to haunt me, and I felt like I was going out of my mind. Like clawing at my skin and sleeping all day just so I’m not weeping kind of out of my mind. Spent a good hour and a half on the phone with SADAG. They are amazing. The chick talked me down from a total fuck out, and gave me some solutions so that I didn’t feel so fucking helpless. And once that had all settled, and I’d stopped scratching at myself for no good reason, had something to eat and calmed down a little bit, my land-hag came by and gave me notice on the cottage. She’s a grumpy old dragon, and she stayed true to form that evening. But in a way I guess I was lucky that I was already completely drained after everything else that day, or else I might have reacted in a very different way. Instead of going completely off the deep end, I just sort of nodded and processed what she was saying, and went and sat on my bed and just breathed. Panicked a little that night – not much sleep was had – but by the next morning, I was ok. I had a couple of back up plans in my head that I then followed through on, and pared those down to one viable option.

Which brings me to my latest news:
Miss Boo is moving to Cape Town!

I won’t lie, I’m totally heartbroken at the thought of leaving my beautiful city. This place is my heartbeat. Being away for a week in February was so difficult, and I was more homesick than I’ve ever felt in my life. I guess it’s because Jozi is my hometown. I’ve lived here for 15 years, for crying out loud. Every single Important Life Event has happened to me while living in this place. I never thought I’d have somewhere to call my hometown, given the nomadic existence of my family. But goddammit, this is it. It’s a part of me! So leaving is going to be one of the hardest things I’ll have had to do. If I was sick of the city, as everyone gets from time to time, it might be different, but this is like leaving someone you’re in love with. Nonetheless, I know that Jozi will always be here for me. BUT! I'm getting more and more excited about the prospect of being a Capetonian again (for a while) every day. Things are just happening and before I've had a chance to process one thing, the next thing's on the go. It's truly going to be an amazing experience, and I have a feeling it's going to be the restart I've been so desperately in need of for such a long time.*  

And, in the meantime, I’m looking at this move as a brand new, sparkling adventure. Just because it wasn’t part of the plan doesn’t mean it’s bad. It could just be the best thing that ever happens to me, you know? I’m going into this with a shiny, positive outlook, and not with fear and loathing. Day one of the plan was very much fear and loathing, but since then, I sat and wrote lists, and by the time I was finished with those, I had found the excitement that was missing. And now? I’m antsy to get going! I have my lists – Things to Sell; Things to Pack; Things to Donate; Things to Chuck – and I’m getting a move on with those. Jesus, I’m such a nerd. Lists calm me down and make me feel better. Seriously?!

Also, an awesome silver lining is that I can probably continue with CAMI when I get to Cape Town. We have an office there, and one of the sales consultants has just left, so I could slot in there chip-chop and make a good go of it there. So there is a Plan. I’m not just going down there to see what I can see and hope for the best. I don’t want to be there indefinitely. There’s got to be a timeline. I’m looking at nothing less than 6 months, nothing more than a year and a half. That’s the ‘plan’, anyway. We all know what happens to the best laid plans, though, don’t we? Who knows? This could just be the beginning of the life I always hoped for. I’ve always looked at the bigger picture, and have learnt that leaving the finer details up to the Universe can work out pretty damn well in the long run, so that’s what I’m trying to do with this opportunity. Who knows where this could take me?

So, for the next few weeks? Head down, stomach in, chest out, and MUSH! I’m doing some work for an awesome interior contracts company, NODDS for the next couple of weeks (*ahem* If  you need any interior decorating or alterations, hit them up, y’hear? Tell em Miss Boo sent you!) to keep myself out of too much mischief, and supplement the moving costs.
And then? Packing my rucksack, getting my walking stick out, and probably forgetting my handkerchief, because...

If there’s any hope of allies like Kili and Fili, this adventure ain’t gonna be half bad!

If I wasn't so bloody stubborn, I'd probably be well past the initial reset phase by now, but nooooooo. I was determined to prove that I could do this all on my own. Well, self: Lesson learned. No man, woman, or unicorn is an island. It's ok to need someone, mkay?

Friday, April 4, 2014


At the beginning of the year, I decided to write myself a manifesto to turn to if I ever felt like I was forgetting who I was or what I wanted, as I’d felt that happening quite a lot late last year, and didn’t like it. With all the drama been at the centre of my life the last few months, it sort of fell by the wayside. But then I found an old one I’d written on my laptop, and I updated it for who I am now. So, without further ado… 

ROAR AT LIFE – A Modern Rebel’s Manifesto

* Intelligence is sexy (Just ask Sherlock) * Question authority * Say yes to adventure * Live with intention * Freedom, beauty, truth, and love * Don’t walk – DANCE * Find your tribe * Have a zombie apocalypse plan * Trust your intuition * Travel * Talk to strangers * Long conversations are vital * Dream big * Make changes, not excuses * Be your own hero * When in doubt, spin in circles. You’ll be too giddy to focus on any problems * Dress like your inner rock star * Don’t be afraid to feel * Work hard * You are worthy * Have a plant / pet / teddy bear to talk to * We are the dreamers * Be present * So many things are so much more important than money * A great pair of shoes can change your life * Light the way * Magic. Everywhere. Always. * Do it because it’s fun * Let your freak flag fly * All you, all the time * You can’t overdose on music * Stay awesome * Why be normal when you can be yourself? * Learn to love your pimples / cellulite / stretch marks / saggy butt * Stay weird * Create * Tequila is more powerful than lemonade * You are only one person * Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel * Catch the curve balls, cover them in glitter, and throw them back * Watch more sunrises * Always make your bed, and wear clean underwear * Believe in something * Listen to old people – they know what’s up * Vote * Rules are for other people * Never dumb yourself down * Let love in * It’s just hair. It’ll grow back * 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Guess who's back?!?!?!?!

Babies, Miss Boo is back! New, improved, and – believe it or not - feistier than ever before. Boo V2.0 is the result of a lot of trials, tribulations, and tequila. So. Much. Tequila. (gagging sound) 

To give you a very quick summary of the last year: 

* Frequently-bearded husband moved out with the fish and bird;
* I had to downscale epically and rehome myself and Kattie Boo, which also meant finding a shelter for my doggies (Go sponsor a doggie at FORA guys!!! No-kill shelter that does Good Work); 
* Faced my fear of driving, and conquered it in one weekend (and am now a certified, if still unlicenced, windgat); 
* My beautiful brother passed away; 
* I had 3 break-ins at my new house in 3 months and lost a lot of sentimental things;* 
* I got officially divorced; 
* I finally started work on my sleeve; 
* I collected some amazing, incredible people into my tribe, and rid some who turned out not to be who they said they were; 
* I finally left my crappy, dead-end, suck-your-soul-out-through-your-ear job (under a dark cloud of ugliness that’s not worth mentioning beyond a single word: KARMA); 
* Started my Saturn Return; and 
* Had what I’m pretty sure was some kind of breakdown in there somewhere, and yet I’ve survived somehow for the last 2 months with no income (because miracles are as real as monsters, and that’s said without a hint of sarcasm).

Oh, and I’ve lost somewhere in the vicinity of 35kgs. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, all in all, a pretty eventful few months, no? I’m sure you’ll forgive my absence in light of the fact that I’ve been trying to take this all in my stride and not end up in a mental institution. 

But the good news, Boolings? Despite a few little blips of uncertainty on my radar of sanity, I’ve come through all of this stronger, tougher, better, and more grateful for my blessings than ever before. And still smiling. A little more acidic and cynical than a year ago, but still fucking smiling. 

And my life is finally starting to look like the life I’ve always felt was right for me. That’s not to say there aren’t challenges – my god, the challenges! – but despite those, my life feels good. I feel good. For the first time in years, I really feel good. Who can argue with that, right? 
I’ve come to terms with emotions and realities and illusions and fears and misconceptions. I’ve battled dragons, and I have the scars to prove I conquered. My life has been far from charmed, but it’s still been beautiful, every step of the way. Sometimes I think that the times when I’ve been dragging my sorry ass along in the midst of whatever drama or crisis was kicking me in the teeth have been the most beautiful times. Hindsight, right? 
But because of the challenges and the lessons, I now have a home that truly feels like ME. It’s tiny, and I am only a few steps away from tomato-crate furniture, but fuck it. It’s my happy place, and my sanctuary, and MINE, and it’s awesome. I have a car full of dents and scratches, covered in band-aids that say things like “Whoosh” and “Ka-Pow”, and staples in the roof to keep the fabric from falling down, and which frequently runs out of fuel, but it too is MINE. My little Franken-car and I have had some adventures! I have the most amazing, beautiful, unbelievable souls around me, who have got me through some of the darkest times, and who have reminded me that there are such things as angels and miracles, in the most untraditional sense. And it won’t be long now before I can show them how much it’s all meant to me, and share some sunshine-and-vodka times with them. I can’t wait to spoil them! 

And the biggest deal in my life at the moment is my awesome, spectacular and unbelievably amazing new job. Yup. I just said that. I am a sales rep for CAMI@home, which is the most incredible educational software. I’ve honestly not felt this excited or passionate about getting up every morning and going to work in my whole life. It’s like I’ve found MORE of my tribe, and I get to go out and do this amazing thing with them every day and actually HELP people. 
It’s funny, you know. When I was writing my list of 2014 Revolutions, the number one thing on my list was ‘NEW JOB – Education??’ And here I am. Not quite how I thought it’d happen, but the Universe has her own ways, and I’ve learnt that questioning her ways is pointless, so I’m just going with it now, and saying Thank You. 

So, Boolings… Those of you who have been the angels (with discarded tinsel hanging off your black wings) – THANK YOU. If I’ve cried to you on the phone or in person, or texted you in the middle of the night going ‘What do you do if you think you’re having a nervous breakdown?’, or you’ve had to hold my hair back after a dozen too many tequilas, or you’ve danced on tables with me, or you’ve tolerated my excessive nerdism in my attempts to escape reality for a day or two, or you’ve put me on a bus for a week by the sea to clear my head, or reminded me that feeling is actually not all evil, or any of the countless amazing things you guys have done for me… I can’t begin to thank you, and will always, ALWAYS be grateful to you. I love you. (Yes, make gagging noises. I would if I were you. In fact, I might be doing that right now. Ahem.) 
If you’re one of the Boolings from far-and-wide, I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m back now, and I have so much magic brewing that I just can’t keep it to myself for another second. So, expect good things! 

Here are a few photos that’ll show that I haven’t been hiding under a rock all this time, but am indeed alive and kicking. That should tide you over till the next post, oui? 

In The City 2013 

Hallowe'en 2013 - Little Dead Riding Hood and Corpse Bride looking intimidating

Being crazy at Justin's birthday

New Years craziness with Lady Smash

Beachy happiness in PE with Vaughan

New Years madness

The start of the New Years madness

High school reunion

reliving old times (we spent a lot of time doing this)

I got Lei'd

Having fun at Hooters

Rockabilly Radness

Shelly and the Jennas rocking Hogshead

Post-reunion face-licking

Party with my peeps

I think this speaks for itself

Coolest couple plus moi

Hogshead Hilarity

Crazy times at my niece's engagement party

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Wonders 21.11.12

Happy hump day, Boolings! We’re in the midst of a heat wave in Jozi, which has left me both re-energized and immovable in equal parts. The sunshine does seem to have flipped a switch in my motivation centre, though, so I've been a busy little Boo. A few things which have kept me occupied and happy the last few days are:

* Today’s perfectly symmetrical date. 21.11.12. I celebrate imperfections, but sometimes find myself drawn to symmetry, and, strangely, calmed by it. I hope that means that today is going to be calm, unlike the last few!

* Choke. We finally got around to watching it while we were incapacitated by Sunday’s heat. I don’t know what took so long, but I loved it! Sam Rockwell is seriously underrated. Also: Paige is the vicious underage tart in Trainspotting!

* Our garden produced a freak flower on Saturday morning! And it was BEAUTIFUL!

* The freak flower got me inspired to play in the garden. I tend to hibernate too much, especially when I’m engrossed in something like A Song of Ice and Fire, but it was awesome to be out in the sun again! The upside of a heatwave, I guess.

* I trimmed my fringe on Monday morning. A little wonky and short, but I still like it! I feel so much more put together when my fringe isn’t stabbing at my eyes or getting in my mouth.

* The new Rolling Stones video. OH. EM. GEE

* Due to a small personal fuel crisis, I’ve been getting a lift to work in the mornings. My body clock has me waking up earlier than usual, though, but that’s not a bad thing. I have so much extra time on my hands in the morning, that allows me to do shit I don’t normally get to do. Like trim my fringe. Or read chapter upon chapter of A Feast of Crows, and have Mister Boo threaten to burn all the books. He forgets that I know the first rule of sword fighting because of those books. 


* The Circle of Seven. I’ve got great plans to put my Dream Team together this weekend. I’ll keep you updated!

*  One of the comments on this post: ‘Change is a reminder of death, which is a reminder of life – and life is in your head, and how you choose to contextualize yourself.’

* Gala Darling’s Nostalgic Mix Tape. I’ve been listening to it all morning, and it’s taken my day from Ho-hum to Awe-sum! God, the goosebumps!!

* Arting it up when I can’t bear the thought of moving. I seem to be drawn to drawing and scratching at canvas with fine liners, and I’m determined to follow my inspiration, no matter how weird, so I went to bed looking more like a Rorschach test than usual.

* Beating my body. I’ve had a horribly sore throat for about two weeks now, since I was on the last bout of antibiotics. I’m so tired of medication and feeling shitty while it supposedly makes me better, and I’m bored with doctors’ bullshit guesses, so I decided I just needed to ride this out. I’ve been doing saltwater gargling, lemon-honey-ginger-and-cayenne pepper teas, Vicks facial steams, herbal throat remedies, and yelling at my body to just.get.better.already. And hey presto! I feel better!!

The Little Things:
* My hot pink skull necklace * The best cosplay of all time * Spur-of-the-moment candlelit outside dinners. * Delicious Monday night curries and creepy movies with Magical Trevor. *

I hope the coming week is as fabulous as the last, for all of you Boolings. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wonders 14 Nov 2012

Happy Wednesday Boolings! It’s only 30 days until the December holidays. It’s that laaaaast streeeeeeetch of the year that leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and excited all at once. Fact: It’s 40 days till Christmas, and there are only 47 days left of 2012. 

That thought undoubtedly triggered panic like nothing else on earth can. To help distract you from the thought, here are some things which have kept me from the deep(est) end in the last week:

* The number one thing that made me grin in the last 7 days? 


We got to meet him on Saturday evening, and all I can say is SQUEEEEEEE!!! I was, of course, a little nervous about meeting the little sproggen, because, well… I’m a freak. But it all went well! Lucky for me, he’s already inflated and isn’t bug-eyed, so I wasn’t squicked out. The girls were having a good giggle, expecting that I would run a mile at the first opportunity, but when La gave him to me, I just… kinda… melted. So, I consider Session 1 of the Newborn Exposure Therapy Course a success!

* My sister-from-another-mister (aka: my sister-in-law) had her baby shower on Saturday, which was fabulous! There were games like ‘My Water Broke’, which involved little dolls in blocks of ice, and any method possible to melt said ice, and the-right-and-left game. Awesomeness all round. Really looking forward to Pumpkin’s arrival.

* Lazy Sundays spent mainly in bed, book in one hand, snacks in the other. Nothing better than that, is there?

* Rediscovering how good turquoise makes me feel...

and look?
* A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold. ALL OF THE FEELINGS!!!!

* Impromptu dinner with Magical Trevor

* Amazing art: 

* Finding humour in tough situations

* Sort of deciding that Grinchy inclinations are not all that fun, and leaning more toward festive feelings for December. Hmm… Maybe the world is going to end, after all?!

* “Death will tremble to take us”
                   – Charles Bukowski

* Whose Line Is It Anyway clips to brighten up rough days

* Knowing that I’m not going to have to deal with too much December shopping-mall-madness, because, well… you’ll see. *naughty grin*

The Little Things:

* Mer-zombies * Christmas planning * Nick Cave. Eternally. But especially now. * Do nothing for 2 minutes * Marc Jacobs Daisy. Christmas always comes early from one of our suppliers, and it’s always a diviiiiiine perfume that I’ve coveted for ages. Yay!  

I hope you all have a wonderful week, Boolings! We'll regroup here next week and catch up, yes? 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Wonders 7 Nov 2012

Boolings, Wednesday has snuck up on me again. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but hey… Times flies when you’re having… panic attacks? Anyway, here’s a few things which have made me happy this week:

* A totally chilled weekend. Enforced by a shitty sinus infection. But still, I think I’ve needed some down time and this was perfect. On Friday night, I was asleep by 8, and snoozed for a while before getting up and watching a DVD. And then going back to bed. Saturday was spent almost entirely in bed. Mister Boo kindly did all the grocery shopping without me (win!), and Sunday was spent mostly on the couch, with familia. 

* The wonders of modern medicine. In other words: Antibiotics. I try and avoid them as much as I can, but sometimes I just need to suck it up and get better fast. This is one of those times. 

* A Storm of Swords. Geek Girl Alert!

* The arrival of Angie’s little man, Sebastian!* We've been trying to talk him into coming out for a couple of weeks now, and he finally caved yesterday! Welcome, little dude! Congrats to the VERY proud Mama and Papa

* More baby shower crafting… ‘Tis the season for spawning! Can't wait to show off the latest project :D 

* Kai Thai Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Pork. NOMILICIOUS!

* Magical Trevor’s Magical Chili. Diviiiiiine

* Mr. Brooks. It never gets old. The scene with Marshall and Earl in the car, laughing in almost perfect unison? The best! 

* Chilled family lunches on a Sunday

* This t-shirt, which was MADE for me! 

* Finding the exact wool colours I was looking for, on a whim, in perfect quantities

* Turning a dress into a top without cutting anything off

And, in light of the US Elections, this

I hope the next week is filled with cupcakes, unicorns, and beauty. 

* Angie is, indeed, the Very Pregnant Friend from this post. Which makes Sebastian both adorable and terrifying. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Wonders - Hallowe'en Edition

Happy Hallowe’en, Boolings!

I know I was a bad Boo and forgot to post last week, but in the build up to our Hallowe’en fest, Wednesday came and went, and so did Thursday, and suddenly on Friday, I got the 'Oh crap's! So here’s a slightly plumper Wednesday Wonders, for your pleasure:

* 8BitStereo!! God, I love them! And believe me, if I wasn’t friends with the boys, I would STILL yelp and leap around. And their ‘Come Together’ cover? Hoooolyyyyyy crap.

Charley and Ray with our graffiti 

Going through the hateful e-toll plazas, drunkenly making jazz hands under the UV lights to get the full effect of my neon yellow nails.

* Pre-party naps. I always get grouchy when I’ve had too little sleep, and when I have a ton of stuff to do and not a ton of time in which to do it, so I usually get packed off for a nap a few hours before party time. It ALWAYS makes a difference! I go from Oscar the Grouch to Tickle me Elmo!

* Curly-from-a-curling-iron hair. I neeeeed a curling iron in my life!

* Doll-face make up

* Our Hallowe’en party! It was awesome!!!

* “What have you learnt from horror movies?” The bottom line was: Boobs.

* Park Acoustics. As always, what a jol. This has become our monthly thing. Even if we don’t see each other for the whole month, we pull in on a Sunday together and have a blast. It always leaves me in SUCH a good mood on a Monday, albeit a hung-over good mood.

Also: Sticky Bubbles are AWESOME!
* New hair. There’s nothing that makes me feel as good as a new hair cut.

* Down time. OK, granted, it was down time enforced by a dodgy microwave meal, but time spent sleeping and reading is always much appreciated.

* Randomly looking up from my desk at work and seeing a Scream Ghostface Killer balloon floating off over the cars. On a Monday.

* Dinee’s birthday dinner! It was all shades of fun, and I woke up feeling ever so slightly rough the next morning. Always a good sign!

The Girl's Room!!!
* My new nail stickers! I’ve read about them for aaaages now, and I finally found the ones I wanted on Saturday!! How awesome (and perfectly Hallowe’eny) are they!?!

* Impromptu tarot readings and feeling more connected to the Universe than I have in YEARS

Little things which made me smile: 

* All my Hallow’en props * Getting an earlier slot than expected at the doctor on Saturday, because another patient was impatient. Bonus!  * Finally finishing A Clash of Kings! * 

And tell me, what's made you happy little Frankenweenies this week?