Thursday, January 27, 2011

Zombieland - Montage (Video)

What it is to "Go Tallahassee"

Wednesday Wonders

* Florence + The Machine's Heavy in Your Arms: I was a heavy heart to carry / But he never let me down / When he had me in his arms / My feet never touched the ground

* The rain, which is making the garden nice and lush; and just in time, too!

* The Universe, which is beautiful, although tough. She is putting obstacles in my path at the moment, but I get the distinct feeling that she’s sitting back and smiling smugly to herself when I overcome them or find an alternative solution. That’s great, but I hope she doesn’t think she can keep this up for too long; I can only learn so much at a time, you hear?!

* Having (mostly) awesome new hair! Now all I need is for my fringe to be cut the way I want it, and I’m A for away! This will be fixed in the next week or so, though, so it’s no worries. I’m looking forward to a blunt-ish, choppy-ish piepie fringe again! Yay!

* I’ve had a bit of a cold for the last few days, but today, finally, I feel like my constant scowling at it has made it self-conscious; it’s now retreated back into its shadowy, siff little corner, pouting.

* Daily task lists! I am the world’s LEAST organized person – I’m a Cancerian, what can you expect?? – but I have taken a page out of the Virgo organization book, and have started to make to-do lists every day. I’m loathe to admit it, but you Virgos? You’re kind of on to something here. No wonder you are such happy, productive people! My tasks on an average day include things like “Wake Up” – tick; “Take Tablets” – tick; “Book Wax” – tick; “Send passport number to best friend whose wedding you are attending… IF YOU REMEMBER TO SEND HER YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER” – still unticked… for now. That way it’s entirely possible to have some items ticked off every single day, and not feel bad about not achieving stuff, because, clearly, I have. Now I just have to manage my stationery so that I don’t have to write the same list in three different books at the start of each day… Hmmm….

* Hitting the last stretch of wedding crafting. I know, it feels like this wedding has been in ‘planning’ mode forEVER, and that’s only because it has. BUT, with things changing as drastically as they did last year, we didn’t know where we were going with it, and stopped all wedding-related activities. But, since we decided, three weeks ago, that, yes, we still wanted to do it, and we wanted to do it fast, I have been crafting at full tilt. In the last week, I’ve put wire handles on about 40 coke bottles (another 40 or so to go!); I’ve made about 7 tissue paper pom poms (with a whole hoard still to be done); I’ve made a chandelier out of paper doilies; I’ve made banners and I’ve painted bottles. Now I just have to finish the rest! In a week! BUT I’m not freaking out at this stage, because I have made such good progress in the past week, and I know that I can get it all done and dusted before the party, so it will all be fine and beautiful.

* On another Virgo-like note, planning for the next 12 months; vision boards, flow charts and lists et al! There are big changes coming to my life, and our lives, in the next year. The time is right and I’m not going to lose this chance!

* My in-built ability to laugh at the toughest of times, to make other people laugh when they think they’ve forgotten how to, and to appreciate every little thing as a gift. (That last one is a bit of a downfall too, because it means I attach sentimental value to EVERYTHING. Which makes it a bit difficult to let go of anything.)
* For the first time since we got engaged (almost two years ago!!) I am feeling really, truly excited about getting married. I’ve spent most of today grinning and bouncing and squeeing, just because I’m so happy. This time around, with this set of plans in action, it just feels right. We are meeting with the minister tonight to discuss the ‘ceremony’ and our paperwork, and even that has had me emitting a high frequency squeak every time I think about it. Seriously, I have become one of those squeaking brides. Oh well, at least it’s only another week that I will be squeaking “I’m getting married!” to myself and anyone else within earshot. After that, there will be a few weeks of “I’m married!” or “Call my husband – SQUEEE!”  and then the bunnies can restore balance. * The fact that it’s lunchtime and I have a stash of fruit to look forward to!

* Payday was this week! Yay! I had fancy food for lunch yesterday – Chicken Livers with pita bread and a peri-peri sauce (YUM), and have my eye on a dress that would usually be out of my budget. BUT, since there’s this special occaision, I have an excuse to buy a funky dress. The bonus is that it’s a dress I know I would wear over and over again, until it falls apart, so it’s value for (quite a lot) of money. It’s a dress I could wear in summer or autumn or winter or spring, all in different and equally awesome ways. Also: I DREAMT ABOUT THE DAMN DRESS LAST NIGHT, so it’s pretty clear I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

* Adele's Rolling in the Deep: There's a fire starting in my heart / Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark

* The fact that it's lunchtime and I have a stash of fruit and gorgeous food to look forward to.
* "What whiskey and butter cannot cure, there is no cure for." - - Irish Proverb

Right, my stomach seems to be grumbling, “I’m very happy for you and your gratitude list, but I’m HUNGRY!” I have no choice but to obey its command.

Until later, ma cheries!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Chain Gang Tap Dance (Video)

The magnificently talented Holst Sisters tap dancing while chained to each other! This clip is from the 1936 film Amuse Yourself, which I found via Coilhouse

Happy weekend!


Miss Boo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

89 Questions -- Q&A

I saw this on someone's Polyvore, and thought , 'Hey, that looks like a fun way to kill some time!'  So here are 89 Questions and their answers...

1. What was the highlight of your week?
Finally telling people our secret… We’re getting married in two weeks!  

Frank'n'Furter disguised as Tim Curry is not officiating.

2. Whose car were you in last?
Monica, a colleague I ride to work with

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
When I get home

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
I’m wearing two – one is blue, the other is white

5. How long is your hair?
Short – just below my ears, on my collar (if I wore aything with a collar)

6. Are you good looking?
Depends on your taste

7. Last movie you watched?
Hmmm… I can’t remember. I think it may have been Alice in Wonderland on TV a couple of weeks back. I don’t think I’ve watched a whole movie since then, just series.

8. Who were you with?
Mom and Mister Boo

9. Last thing you ate?
The iced part of a carrot muffin. The rest is going to be devoured shortly with cheese and jam!

10. Last thing you drank?
Water. Yawn. But hey, the health-kick seems to be working! Less jiggly bits when I’m walking! Yay! haha

11. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
At least once a week – I’m a Cancerian, what can I say? We’re over-sensitive little sods!

12. Who came over last?
Hmmm…. I can’t even remember! I think it was probably Simba

13. Are you happy right now?
Mostly, aside from the really stressful stuff. I’m trying to focus on the being of happiness, though!

14. What did you say last?
Fuck. It’s an appropriate response for just about anything.

15. Where is your phone?
In my drawer – I’m wearing a skirt today, so no pockets.

16. What color are your eyes?
Chocolate brown. They look yummier than they are, probably.

17. Are you left-handed?

18. Spell your name without vowels:
Mchll – bwahahaha! Or should that be bwhhhhhhhh?!

19. Do you have any pets?
Oh, do I?! Four dogs, a cat, three birds, innumerable fish and a fiance!

20. Favorite Vacation?
The last one I took with my family, in December, to the South Coast. Magical!

21. What do you dislike currently?
The caterer who is giving me so much crap; my back-ache and lack of massage; being tired even though I had a good nights’ sleep, because I was in too much of a rush to meditate this morning!

22. What are you listening to?
The dumb – and I mean DUMB radio, currently Enrique Moley-Moley Iglesias and Nicole Skank-Bag Scherzinger

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
An hour and a half long Swedish Massage

24. What is your favorite scent?
Vanilla, foresty-smells, the sea, freshly baked bread or cookies

25. Who makes you happiest?
The people I love.

26. What were you doing at midnight last night?
Sleeping, for a change!

27. When is your birthday?

28. Who has the same phone as you?
Nobody I know

29. Last time you went swimming in a pool?
In December

30. Do you read your horoscope?
At least once a week

31. Where was the last place you bought something?
Woolworths, I think

32. How do you feel about your hair right now?
I still love the colour. I don't love its tendancy to try and escape from my head by flying away. It’s giving me a complex. Also, the roots need re-doing, but that’s happening on Saturday – FTW – so I can love it until then, at least.

33. Do you bite your nails?
Not any more. Unless I snag one on something, then I have to try and ‘bite it smooth’. A useless endeavor, I know. It still doesn’t stop me, though!

34. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
Yea, a few pieces Mister Boo has given me over the years, as well as one or two pieces Mom and Dad have given me for big birthdays.

36. Myspace or facebook?
Facebook sadly.

37. How fast have you driven a car?
About 180 kms, round a corner off Van Riebeeck Avenue in Edenvale, which freaked my driving teacher (and me) out enough to stop at a pharmacy for Calm-ettes. Not so fast since then, since I STILL don’t have a license.

 44. Do you like to sing at all?
Yes. Even though I’m not always very good at it.

38. Have you ever smoked?
Yup, for about seven years, and then I gave up about 3 and a half years ago. And yes, I do get preachy sometimes, but I try not to!

39. What was or is your favorite subject in school?
I loved Biology, because we had an amazing teacher. I also loved French for the same reason, even though I was sort of below average on that one for most of my high school career. Oh, and I LOVED History, because I always loved the subject, and in high school I had THE BEST HISTORY TEACHER ever. I guess, for me, teachers made the difference!

40. Do you have Verizon?
Nope… what is it? How do you know when you have it? How do you treat it once you get it? How long till it’s gone?

41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for?
Crazy people! Always!

42. Do you have any hidden talents?

43. Favorite Song?
Oh man, really? I hate this question, I always feel guilty for not having one specific one, but I just can’t narrow it down! EVER! 

45. Dream Job?
Style Guru on another planet where everyone is bohemian and likes to be different, but doesn’t always know how. Bring on Virgin Galactic!

46. Where does most of your family live?
Mostly in SA, but we’re scattered all over.

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
It’s complicated. I’m both an only child and the youngest of a batch.

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Materially? Maybe. I spoil myself when I can. But generally, like, a batch of scones that were spoiled because they were in the oven too long? Or… Paris Hilton? No. I think I’m still balanced enough to appreciate everything that comes my way, instead of taking it for granted or expecting it.  

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
I should…zzzzzzz

50. Do you drink?
Yup. A girl’s gotta keep sane somehow, right? Pfffft…

51. Know any other languages?
Afrikaans (of course). Some French.

52. Ever write a coded message?
I liked doing that when I lived in Cape Town. Stopped when we moved to Joburg – people didn’t get it here! haha

53. Have you ever been IN a wedding?
haha Not yet, but in two weeks…

54. Do you have any children?
God, no! Please, I drink to keep sane as it is!

55. Did you take a nap today?
I NEEEEED one, but no such luck yet!

56. Who has the same birthday as you?
Donald Sutherland. 

And my friend’s fiancĂ©.

57. Ever met anyone famous before?
Bad Brad count? Ugh. I also met Bobby Skinstad and Joe van Niekerk (then-rugby heroes) when I was browsing for my matric dance dress. Oh, and Goofy at EuroDisney when I was a kid! But other than that, not so many.  
58. Do you want to be famous one day?
God, no ways! I’d rather be respected.

59. Any Pet Peeves?
Hypocrisy. Bad customer service. 5fm. No, wait… Radio in general (except Solid Gold at the weekends! Haha)

60. Are you multitasking right now?
Absolutely. As always. I fidget far too much if I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time!  

61. Do you like Britney Spears?
Not at all. Never! Yuck.

62. What is your least favorite chore?
Ironing. Only because I suck at it! I’ve broken two irons in two weeks before!

63. Last place you drove your car?
Don’t have a car or a license. Pffft, driving!

64. Ever been out of the country?
Which one? I’ve lived in a couple, and travelled to a couple more.

65. Where were you born?

66. Could you handle being in the military?
Nope, I hate discipline and being told that I’m doing it wrong. I’m far too argumentative most times. I think I have a problem with authority, actually. Haha

67. What is your average cell phone bill?
I don’t think it ever goes over R200.00 a month. Yay top up contracts!

68. Who are you thinking about right now?
My friends and the good times we have at The Doors (99 Red Balloons is playing on the radio now)

69. When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard?
I don’t even know… I laugh really hard quite a lot, so I battle to keep track…

70. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Is ‘a lot’ a number?

71. Are your toes always painted?
Not all the time. Usually, though.

72. How many piercings do you have?
Normal ears, top ear and belly ring. I’m planning another attempt at a nose-ring, though!

73. What are you doing today?
Having my soul sucked out through a phone. Also commonly known as the affliction of work.

74. Have you ever been gambling?
Yea, a couple of times. I’ve only hit it lucky once though, and that was enough for me.

75. When is the last time you updated your page?
A couple of weeks ago. I’m trying here, people! It’s a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.

76. Do you like rollercoasters?
Oh hell no! Yuck. I don’t like nausea, so why would I put myself through something like that on purpose?

77. Have you ever been to Disneyland or -world?
Kinda… EuroDisney when we were in France when I was a kid.

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
Eduardo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

and Courage the Cowardly Dog


79. Last thing you cooked?
I baked scones last week!

80. How's the weather?
Meh. It’s not raining, for the first time in a week!

81. Do you e-mail?
Yea, all the time.

82. What's the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Sat on it when I was really wasted, and cracked the screen. Then I managed to block the sim card and the phone trying to call my mom with no screen.

83. Last time you were sick?
Not sure, actually… September I think

84. What states have you lived in?
A state of calm (not often though), a state of bedlam, a state of panic…

85. Do you wish you could move?
Yea, I’m feeling restless. (Having lived in 24 houses in 25 years, it’s figures that it’s time to move again…)

86. Do you take all the quizzes?
Nope, I copied this from someone’s Polyvore! haha

87. What is your dream car?
A 1967 Shelby. Midnight blue with a pearlescent purple tinge and white racing stripes.

88. Have you ever wanted someone you cant have?
Who hasn’t?

89. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
At the sea / In Europe, exploring.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Say, Hey! (Attack of the Holiday Photos)

My roadtrip anthem! I played it at least every second hour on the drive down to the coast and back. Can I get another Amen? (Amen!)

Our holiday was just spectacular! It's been a loooooong time since I've had a proper holiday - 2006, with mom, and before that, it was 2002. (We did go camping at Salt Rock in 2004, but I don't count camping as a holiday!)

We left Joburg on the 16th, in the pouring rain. I woke up early that morning - 5am - and the first sound I uttered was a whimper because our entire courtyard was flooded. As in, our littlest dog, Scampy (he of the cute photo) could barely keep his head up when he leaped into the little dam! I was exhausted by the time we left (via Dischem, who had yet again screwed up my script and patient details, and I had to resolve that and collect meds on our way out of Joburg), and was passed out in the back seat before we even got out of Joburg! I only woke up about half an hour out of Harrismith, where we were staying with mom's uncle and aunt for the night. They had given us a week's time-share down in Port Shepstone, and we stopped by to see them on the way there.

They live on an old family farm, that has been in my mom's family for over a hundred years. (My mom's uncle is my late Gran's brother, who inherited the farm from his father...) It’s just magical out there! The original farm house was burnt down by the English during the Boer War in the late 1800’s or so, and the house was rebuilt into the structure it is now in 1902. There is so much history on that farm, in that house…. My senses were just tingling the whole time we were there! It was awesome!

The Farm House

The sky is enormous on the farm!


Sunset over the dam

A moombi - just for Lolly

Fresh and crisp morning after the rains

Now I know where the saying "Clear as day" comes from!

On the 17th, we moseyed down to the coast… Maja Boo was a little less excited about the actual accommodation than I was, but that was because I was only looking at it as a place to sleep, and so it didn’t matter that it wasn’t marvelous to me. I didn’t mind, and she seemed to. All the same, we enjoyed our stay there. Grumps took a tumble in the waves on our first day on the beach, and gave us all a big fright! He lost his balance while he was fishing, landing face down in the little breakers, and he couldn’t get up. So for a few days after that he was a bit hesitant to fish again, until we found the most diving little bay where he could sit on the rocks and fish and we could lay on the beach and read and relax without worrying about him. Perfect. Except for the fact that there were virtually no bites. That disappointed the boys a bit. Not that it stopped them from trying! They just kept on at it, every day. While we sat on the beach, like total Vaalies, in the rain. Ha! I could just hear the locals muttering “Tourists… Ugh.

The view from our bedroom window in Port Shepstone

A rainbow!

Mister Boo fishing

Grumps trying again

Much safer and better little bay!

Typical tourists - on the beach, in the rain!

Watching a storm come in from the balcony

We made a day of Durban. We actually headed right up to Salt Rock for breakfast, but the Salt Rock Hotel was fully booked, so we couldn't get in for even a scone! That was a real disappointment, but we managed to buck up and hit the Wimpy instead! Not quite the same, but it fuelled us up nonetheless. Then we headed back down along the coastal road, and went to uShaka Marine World for most of the day. It was excellent! I'd been there once before, with Maja, but Grumps and Mister Boo had never been, so it was a real treat for them! What a beautiful aquarium! And they have a "Dangerous Creatures" exhibit too, with reptiles and bugs, which turned out to be quite a lot of fun too! Didn't do that one with mom, because she hates reptiles and I hate bugs. With Mister Boo, I could avoid the bugs and just hang around the iguana while he marvelled at the hairy, eight-legged terrors.

Me and Grumps at the entrance of uShaka

Mister Boo in the jaws of a Megalodon - yummy snack!

Hooded Chameleon - "How YOU doin'?"

Green Mamba

Writhing bag of 'snakes' - a very cool prop which freaked a lot of people out

Spot the Tomato Frog!

Very content iguana - Smile!

Happiest. Baby-Croc. Ever

I see you!!!

Whale exhibit at the entrance of the aquarium

We were there!!

Beautiful Turtle - I could have watched him for hours!

Jellies - SO pretty!

The Boos and the Jellies - Best lighting ever, right?

I knows what you're up to, Ray!
After the aquarium, we took a little stroll along the Durban beachfront flea-market thingy, where I bought a pair of shoes for R60.00 (!!!), and then we went off to the Moses Mabhida Stadium, to do the sky-car ride. I am always such a big mouth - "Come on, don't be scared, let's go up in a tiny little steel box and look down at the land waaaaaay below us! And once we're in said steel box, I start hyperventilating. Dumbass. All the same, the view from the top of the stadium's sky-walk was breath-taking, and not just because of the wind! harhar It was really gorgeous!

From the top of the stadium

The Shark Tank rugby stadium, which used to loom over Durban's skyline

Maja and Baby Boo working the windswept look

See how little everything is? It's REALLY high!

The little steel box of doom

The Bluff in the background

Hamming it up with Maja Boo

On Christmas Eve we rambled a little further down the coast, to Ramsgate. Two of our friends were staying in a house that sleeps 6, so they invited us over for a few days. It was, in a word, paradise. I ADORED it! We never went anywhere near the main beaches or tourist-y centres, we just stuck to the little area near the flat. But really, when that area looks like this:

Dawn on Christmas Morning

We didn't get Santa and Reindeer, we got an Ibis... shoulda left out worms instead of milk and cookies!

The view from the lounge. No kidding

My little forest buddy

View of the complex from the beach

Love Hurts (hurhurhur)

My forest friend No 2

Catch of the Day - MOAR Seaweed!

Driftwood with a tiny Hellboy crab lodged in there (His one pincer was enormous, the other... not)

On the last night, the sky was just incredible...

It was as if

it was trying to convince us to stay

because it was so spectacular

It was incredibly difficult to leave!

Crisp, sparkling dawn on the last day

Who in their right minds would go anywhere else??

We finally managed to drag our asses back the Highveld on the 28th (Sad Trombone!) and life hasn’t been the same since. I have such a yearning to live at the sea again; I am just trying to figure out a way to do it! I feel totally suffocated and caged here at the moment! I guess that’s the downside of going away on holiday. Home always feels foreign when you get back, and it takes ages to settle back in. yuck. Ah well, we shall see what happens! Life is crazy like that! Haha