Thursday, July 28, 2011

TiLT - 28.7.2011

Okay. Tuesday pretty much sucked, and I was feeling exceptionally grim yesterday, which is why there was not a hint of Wonder until very late on Wednesday. So... Things I Love Thursday, it is!

* As you know, I love to write. This list is my new ‘I-Want’ List.

* Scrambled Eggs & Chakalaka beats End-of-the-month SaltiCrax for dinner the night before pay day

* Remembering to wear teal on Teal Tuesday

* Screwing up a crochet pattern and coming up with something so much more awesome than the original

* This too shall pass

* Pinterest. Finally got down to activating the account I started months back, and I'm really enjoying it

* I get by with a little help from my friends

* My first Crochet-for-Sale order!!! As Angie says, WOOTEN!

* Eating healthily again. I FEEL so much better, and my skin is looking better already, and everything else is starting to feel better, so… yay!?

* My cousin, Tisha, is getting married next year, and they’ve set a date and booked a venue. I’m SO excited!!! BEACH WEDDING!

* It’s amazing that you feel so much more peaceful and warm when you send genuine light and love out into the world. I like that feeling.

* Clearing out more clutter over the weekend. Finding old photos and reliving so many good times. (Also: Motivation to keep on getting fit and healthy – I looked amazing back then! I wish I’d known it.)

* Nick Cave. Eternally. I seem to turn to ‘No More Shall We Part’ when I'm looking for answers, and it always helps. Especially 'As I Sat Sadly By Her Side', ‘Darker with the Day’ and ‘Hallelujah’.

* I can feel Spring – it’s JUST around the corner! – and I’m getting SO excited! (This is HIGHLY unusual – I usually loathe the in-between seasons, but I’ve had enough of this winter already.) This weekend I tried to encourage it to make an early entrance by wearing my flip flops and a t-shirt. Alas, the unveiling of such stark paleness seems to have frightened it away, because we’ve had a cold snap from Antarctic Hell this week. BUT it looks like the weekend might be sunny and warm, so I’ll keep trying until Spring learns to put some shades on and bear it.

* Sarcastic notes to myself in my daily to-do lists. “Tidy your desk. Yes again. Stop pouting; it’s your own damn fault. Suck it up and clean!”

* Mercury Retrograde ends next week. Thank Heavens!!!! Things can start going back to normal. Until September.

* Maja Boo’s glow. It’s SO cute!

* I’ve found the perfect font for my next tattoo – it’s a short phrase, probably going on my wrist. (The big crows-and-moon-etc tattoo is going to take a long time to get done. It’s a matter of courage and cash. In that order.)

* Thinking of my Daddy every time I look at the time. Maja gave me his watch when he left us, and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately; every time I look at the time, I grin and think of him.

* I’ve given myself a deadline, and laid out the steps I need to take to meet that deadline. And I’m putting them into action, which is sooooo exciting. And terrifying. Mostly terrifying, if I’m honest. But lots exciting too!

* Messages from my best friends, near and far, which just make me grin from ear to ear when I need it the most.

Honourable mentions:

* Seeing our resident crows, after wondering earlier this week where they’d gone. * Making playlists which will soon become the most awesome drive-mix EVER! (V 3.5) * Planning a new manicure, which, if it works, is going to look INCROYABLE! * Threatening to put horse’s heads in rude people’s beds * “If you keep giggling like that, you’ll get pimples.” “What? Why? I’m just in love!” “Because you sound like a teenager; it’s the next logical step.” * Rise Above This * Heart-to-hearts when you need them most and expect them least * Walking! The rush! Awesomeness!! * Big hugs from shy 5-year-old beauties on their birthdays. * Perving at cute boys. With cute boys. * Writing down what my ideal day would look like * Haiku *


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wonders - 20.7.2011

Via Polyvore
Well, world... They say I’m 26 now. I don’t believe them though. As far as I’m concerned, I will repeat Age 25 because I didn’t quite meet the standards for it. I need another year to get it right, and then I can skip Age 26, and move right on to 27. So, that’s my big plan for the next 362 days. That’s 52 weeks of Wednesday Wonders! Here’s this week's:

* My birthday party! The theme was to come as your favourite literary character or author, and, while some people predictably flaked out, the usual crowd went above and beyond and made for some pretty awesome pictures. It was a bit like a Hogwarts reunion… can you tell we’ve all embraced our inner children?!

* Coming up with explanations as to how I turned 25 last year and again this year, and intend to turn 27 next year. I’m not sure why, but I’m all ‘iffy’ about 26, and don’t want to be it!

* My new hair! I had Nicky virtually all to myself on Saturday, which was fabulous for catch-up time, and, as always, she did a fantastic job. I love it so hard!

* I got anuda shoe!*

And, would you believe it, they’re from GREEN CROSS!?! *Cue the ‘I’m-awesome’ face

* The new crochet wool and cotton La gave me for my birthday. It’s awesome! AND it’s birthed a whoooole heap of new ideas.

* This picture, which made me grin like a gorilla with a piece of fresh fruit. 

Via Polyvore, I think

* Noticing that the daylight hours are getting a little longer every day. Finally!

* Walking! Dinee and I finally – FINALLY – got our asses into gear (literally) and started walking again. Bliss! It’s so awesome to be out in the open, breathing crisp, cold air and feeling it burn my lungs in the evening again. Added bonus: Maja Boo is going to join us from today! Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?!

* My new plum-coloured throw I got from my sister for my birthday, and the matching pink-and-purple vases. J’adore!

* Sleeping like the dead when I’m absolutely exhausted. Win!

* Birthday Craziness in all its forms

* Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Via Google Images
* Long cross-country phone-calls with one of my best friends. I MISS YOU SIMBA!!

* This video , featuring the above-mentioned Simba!

* Watching the waiters at the restaurant over the road having tray-spinning contests.

* It's 42 years today since the Apollo Lunar landing!

You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Go look at the moon tonight and wave. Or bounce lasers off it. Just don't blow it up, mkay? Bitchin'.

* One of my oldest friends is probably coming to visit for a couple of days in September and I’m so super stoked! I can’t wait!!!! I haven’t seen him since 2008, and there’s SO much to catch up on!

* The awesome new scarf Angie’s Mama made for my birthday. It ‘s SUPER warm and has a funky-ass pendant on it too.

Little things that made me smile:

* “He’s got such a chip on his shoulder and I’d like to be the one to knock it off!” * “Do you speak anything but caveman??” “Grunt grunt.” * Plans… and forcing myself to make them happen. * Lists * Jello Shots * Roxanne. The song and the drinking game. * Rolling in the Deep using nothing but his voice * My awesome friends * Feeling excited about stuff for the first time in a while. Wooten! *

* History behind this phrase: When I was 19, I had the world’s coolest boss. He was crazy and full of crap and soooo much fun. It was around this time I started to develop my shoe obsession, and he used to tease me mercilessly about it. One very hungover morning, he called me into his office. My head was pounding and I was hanging like a bat, and I was worried I’d made some faux pas that had got me into trouble. When I walked in, he was sitting on my mom’s desk (she was his PA) with a cup of coffee in his hand. He handed me a coffee and took a sip of his as he mumbled what sounded like “Have you got anuda (another) shoe?” Incidentally, I was wearing new shoes, so I looked down and sheepishly said, “Yeeeeees… Aren’t they pretty?” Everyone burst out laughing, and once he’d wiped the tears of mirth from his face, he gasped out, “I wanted to know if you had an attitude, because you have to have one to work here. But clearly, you do!” Cue round two of rolling on the floor with laughter. Ever since then, when I get new shoes, they’re greeted with ‘Anuda shoe?’ from Maja Boo or me.

So darlings, what's made you happy this week? Let me know in the comments!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Great Groom's Speech - A Visual Aid

(All photos by Melinda Hird Photography)

It starts off well...

... thank everyone for coming ...

... special thanks to the bridesmaids, who travelled 11 000 km ...

... chuck in a naughty joke ...

... run with it ...

... Ba-doom Tsh! ...

... don't notice your new wife doing the 'I-can't-believe-he-did-that' ...

... with it ...

... something sweet ...

... something touching ...

... and some final, beautiful thoughts.
It was a wonderful day, and this series of photos brought tears of laughter and joy to my eyes all over again!

Thank you guys, for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!


Things I Love Thursday (TiLT) - 14 July 2011

Happy Bastille Day
Amid all the chaos and mayhem and scrambling around this week (and there’s been a lot!), I totally missed Wednesday Wonders. (Truth be told, it was more like Wednesday Wailing, but we’re done with that now.) So, instead, I present this week’s TiLT list:

* Spur-of-the-moment pool-playing with my gorgeous husband. And beating him. Despite not playing properly because I was wearing my glasses and couldn’t see anything when I looked over the rim to line up shots. Note to self: Wear lenses to kick ass.

* Nutty, hysterical messages from Her Supreme Highness, Queen Mother-In-Law.

* Staring to de-clutter my bedroom. FINALLY!

* Following the de-clutter, the massive box and a half of shoes I have to donate / gift / sell. Also: the HUGE bag of clothes destined for the same fate.

* Writing another short story in my head.

* New scenarios for the in-progress-story.

* Our new portable hard-drive. Yay for space on my laptop again!!

* Only a few more sleeps till I get new hair.

* Hysterical text messages that have me crying with laughter at my desk.

* It’s amazing how much less frenzied & freaked out I feel after de-cluttering my room!

* Yoghurt, sweet toasted muesli (fruit-free) and honey for breakfast. Nom!!

* Linkin Park covers Rolling in the Deep. I die.

* That feeling of exhausted satisfaction that comes with finishing hectic, stressful & time-consuming projects. Win!

* Venting. While I’m a very vocal person (Hi, I’m Miss Boo, and I’m LOUD-AS-FUCK), I have become a bit of a bottler-upper, and that’s incredibly detrimental to my fragile border-line sanity. So, earlier this week, my new friend & colleague sat me down and said, “Talk.” And I did. I didn’t spill my guts, but I did get some stuff off my chest and it was remarkable the difference it made. (So guys, if you need to talk, talk. There’s no point bottling it up, okay!?!)

* Finishing my new snood. I LOVE IT!!! I’m so proud!


'n Cosy

* Melinda Hird Photography. She was Stephy’s wedding photographer, and she and her husband were just fantastic!

* Knowing that we’re finally closer to the end of winter than the beginning.

* Mister Boo skewing my party decorations so that they now have a distinctly Burton-type flair.

* Saron Gas in the morning, while I wait for my lift.

* Saron Gas in the evening, while I crochet.

Little things which made me smile

* Thinking about Shaun Morgan making jewellery (don’t ask, just nod) * The almost-full moon, and the crazy things it does to me * Party plans * Pre-lunchtime craziness * Fun outfits * Snappy shopping * Positive changes * Red Hot Chili Peppers * “That dude is such a girl.” (Mister Boo on Axl Rose) * Meaningful discussions * Jelly & custard for lunch on super-stressed days * Change the world or go the fuck home * Letters of Note *


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Wonders - 6.7.2011

Source Unknown

This week has been one of the coldest we've had in Joburg so far this year! And it's been quite damp, which rocks my world too. I am a winter baby, and usually revel in the cold weather, but this year winter has been getting me down. But the misty, grey damp has lubricated the mind and the cogs are turning again. Yay! So here's my list of things that have made me happy this week:

* Neko Case ft. Nick Cave - She's Not There (For True Blood). Oh holy crap, I read about this a while ago, but couldn't find it. It was one of the first things I listened to on Monday morning, and it totally rocked my world. I want to live inside the chorus!!!!

* My new biker boots. *Thanks for the heads-up, Ash!!!

 * Hearing my friends talk about the things I create as 'Miss Boo Originals' on various separate occasions. It makes everything - all the goals and all the hard work - seem that much more tangible. Plus, it makes me squee inside and feel like I took a bath in glitter.

* Rocking the crochet. I'm loving it. I made Maja Boo a scarf over the weekend, and am now working on arm-warmers, scarves and beanies. Eep!

* Hearing my friends say that I inspire them. I'm not the kind of girl who is often left speechless, but dayum you guys! Way to make me feel all warm and tingly! *blush*

* Finally supporting a rugby team that won! I know, I know... I ‘should have been supporting the Stormers', because they were the last SA team in the Super 15 that could have done us proud, but I just can't do it. I guess it's Daddy Boo's influence shining through, but I just can't bring myself to shout for them. So, instead, I shouted for the Crusaders.

And yes, this....

had a little to do with it. Still, they won, and I was happy.
(I even wore my Crusaders Supporters Gear.) 

* Seeing my girl Jess! We've been friends since we were little, and have a good knowledge of each other, courtesy of biting each other to bits when we scrapped. Now, she's on her way to stardom. It was so cool seeing her again, and finally getting our shit together and going out for a bit of a jol. Yay!

* Playing some pretty decent pool, if I do say so myself. Instead of being an absolute disaster and sinking the white ball or my opponent's ball on most shots, I actually managed some pretty awesome shots, which worked out they way I'd planned! AND I won a couple of games, which I haven't done in AAAAAGES! So yay on all fronts! I had a really good time playing pool, and playing well, and intend to refine my skills again, because I love it so much.

* Listening to Nick Cave in the early morning cold. I wait for my lift for around half an hour in the mornings, which is usually when I catch up on my reading. Yesterday morning, I couldn't get into the book, which is set in sunny California. In summer. So instead, I pulled out my mp3 player, hit 'Nick Cave' and drifted off into my favourite alternate dimension. It's becoming apparent that Nick Cave is still the one person who can take away my morning grumbles. And he doesn't even know it!

* Reading through old journals and seeing how much I've changed and grown in so many ways.

* Having a fellow crazy-person at work, who not only gets the whole loopiness thing, but also enjoys it.

* Feeling like a total bad-ass rock star at Sunday's family lunch. And hearing from everyone, who I haven't seen for a while, that I'm looking good. And also hearing that I'm still an inspiration to my brother in law in my determination to get healthy.

 * Caramel sponge cake. Iced with caramel. (For the record, it was someone's birthday at work, and I only had one little slice! Honest! He even told me to take a bigger slice.)

Little things which made me smile:

* Rising above pettiness and sniping * Heidi's tattoo designs are still blowing my mind * My purple fingerless gloves. I loves them! * Planning Paris Pilgrimages * Cute, adoring grampas. All together now: Aaaaaaw! * My new keyboard, including a functional space bar. Yayness. * My electric blanket. As much as I love the cold, I like to be warm in my little bed-cave. The electric blanket makes it the hottest bed-cave EVER * Rolling in the Deep. The song that never fails to tell me I'm doing the right thing when I'm doing it! *

I'd love to hear what's made you smile this week... leave your list in the comments box!


Back from the Land Down Under! Feat. Cruising Sydney & A Roadtrip

With the wedding done, and everyone recovering, we had a bit of downtime on our hands. Monday was very quiet. The three of us went off to return the suits and other hire items, and then for lunch in Paramatta. For the record, Luciano’s makes the best food! I had a divine risotto, Ash had a spectacular burger & Steph had a fabulous pizza. It was a very laid back afternoon, but such fun all the same. The chilled days are sometimes better than the fun-filled ones.

On Tuesday, Steph had us booked on a harbor cruise. It was fantastic! We had such a blast! We caught the train into the city, and made our way straight to Darling Harbour, where our journey started. We stopped in at the Lindt Store (also known as: Died-and-gone-to-Heaven), where I spent a good few dollars on amazing Lindor balls in flavours to die for. Hello, Cookies and Cream?? PEANUT BUTTER????

I die.

They made for a great desert after the buffet lunch and very vinegary vino. It was far too chilly to brave going out on the deck, but we were lucky enough to have a fabulous window table and a gorgeous view, so we just stayed inside and took it all in, warmly.

After our cruise, we caught the ferry to Manly, where we met Andrew and went to Steph's parent's house for a visit. We ended up having supper with them, and then headed off to visit her brother and his girlfriend. After that, we went for a drive, and ended up doing a Bondi-by-Night drive-by while in search of a bathroom.
The following day, Andrew decided we needed to hit the road and see a bit of the countryside, so we piled into the car and off we headed, north. We were headed to The Entrance, where Tuggerah Lake meets the Pacific Ocean. It being absolutely freezing when we got there, we ordered some fish and chips and coffee (which, to everyone’s dismay, turned out to be more like luke-warm dish water than anything resembling cocoa beans!) and tried to thaw out in the sun. Fail. We watched the pelicans for a bit, and made our way back toward the car.

Via a Cold Rock store. Oh my word! What an awesome idea! It’s not so much an ice cream shop as an ice cream experience! You don’t just get a cup or cone of ice cream with sprinkles on top. Oh no! You get to choose your ‘toppings’, which are then pounded into your ice cream. So if you, like me, go for Australian Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel Fudge and Cookie Dough, you get your ice cream with chunks of fudge and cookie dough inside. I die. Again.

That night we ended up going to Kiribilli to see the bridge nice ‘n close up. It was absolutely breath-taking!

But it was also bloody freezing! It was a case of ‘jump-out-the-car, take-a-snap, stand-in-awe-for-three-seconds, pile-back-in-the-car-and-snuggle-for-body-heat-while-admiring-the-view-from-inside’. Later, we drove through the red-light district (which was a bit like merging the streets of Sandton and Hyde Park with a couple of girls from Melville and Oxford Road). Andrew got a sudden craving for kebabs, and the shop he had a straaaaaaange experience with someone who thought he was Ben. It was pretty bizarre, to say the least.

It was a strange feeling, having all this fun, but knowing that it was only a few more sleeps until we left for home.

Coming Up: Newton Part II; Coming Home; What I Learnt in Australia

Monday, July 4, 2011

When You Say Yes

My birthday is coming up.

Now, while this realisation usually results in squeals of excitement because it means there's a monster party on the horizon, the last few years, things have been a bit... different.

My 24th birthday was a disaster! I decided I would finally be a 'grown-up' and not throw a theme party. Instead, I booked a table at an Indian restaurant that came highly recommended. After no food or service for over two hours, we left, went to KFC and then home to play 30 Seconds. So... no more pretending to be a grown-up, then.

Last year, instead of having a monster, free-for-all theme party, I had a small, intimate murder mystery dinner. It was, in a word, awesome. But it wasn't without its hiccups either. My nephew had an accident in the early hours of the day of the party, so my sister and brother-in-law couldn't come. Still, it was a great party, and started a trend. :)

The thing is, it hasn't been about the party hiccups and disasters. It's about getting older. It's about mortality, which was a really bizarre and distant concept to me up until two-and-a-half years ago. Since then, it's been all too real. Birthdays have become less about the celebration and more about taking stock of what has been achieved in the last year, and planning the changes I need to make in my life for the next 12 months. Which brings me to my point.

I read this post, and started pondering what kind of list I could come up with for myself for, say, July? This is what I ended up with:

1. FINALLY become a blood donor

2. Spend a weekend creating healthy & tasty meals & menus for at least one week at a time.

3. Tell the people I love something that I adore about them, unfailingly.

4. Create something when the idea / inspiration strikes. No matter what time of day or night.

5. Clear out my cupboards, jewellery, accessories and shoes.

6. Make a new bag. Sell it.

7. Do not give negative people the satisfaction of getting to me.

8. Finish the projects I've started, which have been lying, half-finished, in the studio or spare room for months now.

9. Plan a holiday. Properly. Research. Vision Boards. Plan of Action.

10. Have the balls to rock an extreme look (outfit and hairstyle) just because.

Bonus: De-clutter my environment, and, by extension, my soul.

At the end of the month, I'll let you know how I did on these little goals, and, if this list has worked the way I'd like it to, I might even do a list for August. But that's planning ahead again, and that's rather scary for me! hehe