About Miss Boo

I'm a pretty crazy girl who likes to create things, write, dance, laugh a lot, swear a lot, play a lot (especially with peoples' expectations), learn at least two new things every day, and try to change the world a little bit by bed time every night.

I love:
* Modern and classic rock music, especially 60's and 70's rock, and rock n' roll * Blues & Jazz * Bright colours * Stationery * Glitter * Travel dreams & making them a reality * Peace * Old school style and pizazz and attitude * Love * Faeries * Magic * Crafting & creating * Floating in the pool on a hot day * Reading in the sun on a cold day * Rough looking, preferably bearded men who look like they have a tortured secret and only creative and talented bones in them * My smelly old cat who talks to me all the time * Spreading laughter * Shoes. SO much. * Learning * Surprising people * India - pretty much everything about it. Can't wait to go there! * Elderly people * Freedom * Paisley * Rugby * Pretty girly stuff * Skulls and daggers * Ravens, crows and blackbirds * Dry British humour * Sarcasm * Hats in all shapes and sizes * Alliteration * Contradictions * Clothes! Wearing them, shopping for them, styling them... just... yea * Tattoos * Artistic expression in any form * Elipses * Exclamation marks * Semi-colons * Skype * Words like 'awesome', 'groovy', 'revolution', 'music', 'gluttony', 'spectacular' * Adventures, in all their forms *

I loathe:
* Brussels sprouts * Ke$ha * Buyer's Remorse * Cleaning my house Hatred, prejudice and the abuse of power * Being interrupted or ignored * Tribal tattoos (a generalisation, but I've yet to see one that I love) * Repeating myself * Being nagged * Arguing with someone and you see the light bulb go on in their mind that screams "I'm wrong", but they refuse to acknowledge that they've realised you're right. Ugh. * Covering for other people * Shrieky music * Superiority complexes * People who judge other people * Hypocrisy * Ingrown toenails * Narrow-mindedness * Twilight * Fireworks * Nastiness * Mosquitoes * Society * Rules * Routine * My sinuses * Lack of sympathy and empathy, especially in the face of suffering * Bad spelling * Bad grammar * Ignorance. (I would take genuine stupidity over ignorance. You can't help it if you're stupid. If you choose to not learn, if you choose to be ignorant, I have no time for you.) * 'Woo' girls and squareback (jock) guys * Plastic surgery TV shows (Bridalplasty, I'm talking to you!) * Ants *