Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: 17.11.11

* Simba’s Grinderman attempt for Movember

* Hallowe’en! It was, as always, awesome. Went to the Currie Cup Final in costume, raised hell on the back of the bakkie on the way there, and even more hell on the way to the party (also on the back of the bakkie) afterwards. And the party – oh, the party! It was fabulous! Dozens of glowing orbs filled the terrace, looking menacing; we had a resident spook-in-chains (named after Daddy Boo) keeping an eye on us; specimen jars littered the tables, filled with objects resembling brains, hearts, lungs and livers; the shrunken heads made an appearance… I love Hallowe’en. So, so much.

* The MTN Golden Lions won the Currie Cup! For the first time in…well, ages. We were at the final, screaming our lungs out, and had a fantastic time of it. Yay Lions!!!

Via The Bloggess
* Rocking the arcade at Monte Casino for Mister Boo’s birthday. The table staff in the casino are on strike, so we had to make do with alternative entertainment. We kicked ass so bad in the arcade, and after not a very long time, walked away with armfuls of awesome prizes, including a Zoom Chopper, a glow-in-the-dark skeleton that moves, and a scorpion ring. Way better than a potential fistful of cash , I think.

* This. And this. And this. And also: this
* Jogging. It’s a step up (hur hur) from walking, it works the same muscles better, as well as working new muscles that get lazy over time, and it feels AMAZING. LOVE IT!!

* We had our first proper swim of the season on Sunday, and it was marvelous! We shloofed in the pool for aaaaages. Can’t wait to do it again!!

I made this! Also: I hope you can read it!
* Mona Simpson's eulogy for Steve Jobs. I'm not often moved to tears, but this? The ugly cry.
* Nighttime swimming. Last night it was so sweltering, I was too hot to even eat! So instead of shoveling food into my face, I slipped into the pool. Best. Idea. Ever. Bonus Points: No sunburn!

* Planning to de-clutter. Mister Boo and I are probably moving in a couple of months, and when we do, it will be into a smaller place. This means epic de-cluttering has to happen. I’m really looking forward to that process.

* Mister Boo’s commentary on Miss World. For example: “Love, there’s a tranny in Miss World! And her name is Lola. L-O-L-A, Lola!”

* Beating the crap out of the cold I got after the rugby. I used nothing but Disprin, Orange Juice, positivity and proper sleep.

* The random doodles I have in my notebooks after tedious meetings and being on hold with government institutions for over an hour.

* The end of the year being a tangible concept. Only 28 days until we close for the year! I can juuuuuuust about feel it!

* Our satellite TV has been suspended, which means I’m going to miss Glee & Game of Thrones, which kinda sucks. BUT it also means that I will have more time to do productive things with my time (or, like last night’s swim, non-productive, but oh-so-rewarding), such as clean, get creative and read! I’m thinking I need to get my hands on Songs of Ice and Fire, the series on which Game of Thrones (the show) is based. Hmmm… Santa, are you listening?! I’ve been a (mostly) good girl!

Little things which made me smile:

* Greenpeace * Discovering new markets to try. Can’t wait! * For the first time in about twelve years, I’ve started writing poetry again * Secret Santa Challenges * Writing all weekend * My message tone * Fruit Cocktail Smoothies * Sunshine. Every day! * 11:11 11-11-11  * My new cuff. Muuuuuush booootifool! * Getting ready for new beginnings *


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