Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wonders 14 Nov 2012

Happy Wednesday Boolings! It’s only 30 days until the December holidays. It’s that laaaaast streeeeeeetch of the year that leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and excited all at once. Fact: It’s 40 days till Christmas, and there are only 47 days left of 2012. 

That thought undoubtedly triggered panic like nothing else on earth can. To help distract you from the thought, here are some things which have kept me from the deep(est) end in the last week:

* The number one thing that made me grin in the last 7 days? 


We got to meet him on Saturday evening, and all I can say is SQUEEEEEEE!!! I was, of course, a little nervous about meeting the little sproggen, because, well… I’m a freak. But it all went well! Lucky for me, he’s already inflated and isn’t bug-eyed, so I wasn’t squicked out. The girls were having a good giggle, expecting that I would run a mile at the first opportunity, but when La gave him to me, I just… kinda… melted. So, I consider Session 1 of the Newborn Exposure Therapy Course a success!

* My sister-from-another-mister (aka: my sister-in-law) had her baby shower on Saturday, which was fabulous! There were games like ‘My Water Broke’, which involved little dolls in blocks of ice, and any method possible to melt said ice, and the-right-and-left game. Awesomeness all round. Really looking forward to Pumpkin’s arrival.

* Lazy Sundays spent mainly in bed, book in one hand, snacks in the other. Nothing better than that, is there?

* Rediscovering how good turquoise makes me feel...

and look?
* A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold. ALL OF THE FEELINGS!!!!

* Impromptu dinner with Magical Trevor

* Amazing art: 

* Finding humour in tough situations

* Sort of deciding that Grinchy inclinations are not all that fun, and leaning more toward festive feelings for December. Hmm… Maybe the world is going to end, after all?!

* “Death will tremble to take us”
                   – Charles Bukowski

* Whose Line Is It Anyway clips to brighten up rough days

* Knowing that I’m not going to have to deal with too much December shopping-mall-madness, because, well… you’ll see. *naughty grin*

The Little Things:

* Mer-zombies * Christmas planning * Nick Cave. Eternally. But especially now. * Do nothing for 2 minutes * Marc Jacobs Daisy. Christmas always comes early from one of our suppliers, and it’s always a diviiiiiine perfume that I’ve coveted for ages. Yay!  

I hope you all have a wonderful week, Boolings! We'll regroup here next week and catch up, yes? 

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