Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

* Florence + The Machine's Heavy in Your Arms: I was a heavy heart to carry / But he never let me down / When he had me in his arms / My feet never touched the ground

* The rain, which is making the garden nice and lush; and just in time, too!

* The Universe, which is beautiful, although tough. She is putting obstacles in my path at the moment, but I get the distinct feeling that she’s sitting back and smiling smugly to herself when I overcome them or find an alternative solution. That’s great, but I hope she doesn’t think she can keep this up for too long; I can only learn so much at a time, you hear?!

* Having (mostly) awesome new hair! Now all I need is for my fringe to be cut the way I want it, and I’m A for away! This will be fixed in the next week or so, though, so it’s no worries. I’m looking forward to a blunt-ish, choppy-ish piepie fringe again! Yay!

* I’ve had a bit of a cold for the last few days, but today, finally, I feel like my constant scowling at it has made it self-conscious; it’s now retreated back into its shadowy, siff little corner, pouting.

* Daily task lists! I am the world’s LEAST organized person – I’m a Cancerian, what can you expect?? – but I have taken a page out of the Virgo organization book, and have started to make to-do lists every day. I’m loathe to admit it, but you Virgos? You’re kind of on to something here. No wonder you are such happy, productive people! My tasks on an average day include things like “Wake Up” – tick; “Take Tablets” – tick; “Book Wax” – tick; “Send passport number to best friend whose wedding you are attending… IF YOU REMEMBER TO SEND HER YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER” – still unticked… for now. That way it’s entirely possible to have some items ticked off every single day, and not feel bad about not achieving stuff, because, clearly, I have. Now I just have to manage my stationery so that I don’t have to write the same list in three different books at the start of each day… Hmmm….

* Hitting the last stretch of wedding crafting. I know, it feels like this wedding has been in ‘planning’ mode forEVER, and that’s only because it has. BUT, with things changing as drastically as they did last year, we didn’t know where we were going with it, and stopped all wedding-related activities. But, since we decided, three weeks ago, that, yes, we still wanted to do it, and we wanted to do it fast, I have been crafting at full tilt. In the last week, I’ve put wire handles on about 40 coke bottles (another 40 or so to go!); I’ve made about 7 tissue paper pom poms (with a whole hoard still to be done); I’ve made a chandelier out of paper doilies; I’ve made banners and I’ve painted bottles. Now I just have to finish the rest! In a week! BUT I’m not freaking out at this stage, because I have made such good progress in the past week, and I know that I can get it all done and dusted before the party, so it will all be fine and beautiful.

* On another Virgo-like note, planning for the next 12 months; vision boards, flow charts and lists et al! There are big changes coming to my life, and our lives, in the next year. The time is right and I’m not going to lose this chance!

* My in-built ability to laugh at the toughest of times, to make other people laugh when they think they’ve forgotten how to, and to appreciate every little thing as a gift. (That last one is a bit of a downfall too, because it means I attach sentimental value to EVERYTHING. Which makes it a bit difficult to let go of anything.)
* For the first time since we got engaged (almost two years ago!!) I am feeling really, truly excited about getting married. I’ve spent most of today grinning and bouncing and squeeing, just because I’m so happy. This time around, with this set of plans in action, it just feels right. We are meeting with the minister tonight to discuss the ‘ceremony’ and our paperwork, and even that has had me emitting a high frequency squeak every time I think about it. Seriously, I have become one of those squeaking brides. Oh well, at least it’s only another week that I will be squeaking “I’m getting married!” to myself and anyone else within earshot. After that, there will be a few weeks of “I’m married!” or “Call my husband – SQUEEE!”  and then the bunnies can restore balance. * The fact that it’s lunchtime and I have a stash of fruit to look forward to!

* Payday was this week! Yay! I had fancy food for lunch yesterday – Chicken Livers with pita bread and a peri-peri sauce (YUM), and have my eye on a dress that would usually be out of my budget. BUT, since there’s this special occaision, I have an excuse to buy a funky dress. The bonus is that it’s a dress I know I would wear over and over again, until it falls apart, so it’s value for (quite a lot) of money. It’s a dress I could wear in summer or autumn or winter or spring, all in different and equally awesome ways. Also: I DREAMT ABOUT THE DAMN DRESS LAST NIGHT, so it’s pretty clear I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

* Adele's Rolling in the Deep: There's a fire starting in my heart / Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark

* The fact that it's lunchtime and I have a stash of fruit and gorgeous food to look forward to.
* "What whiskey and butter cannot cure, there is no cure for." - - Irish Proverb

Right, my stomach seems to be grumbling, “I’m very happy for you and your gratitude list, but I’m HUNGRY!” I have no choice but to obey its command.

Until later, ma cheries!


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