Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wonders - 14.09.2011

Well, September is in full swing now; the Silly Season has begun! Unfortunately, from now until the end of the year, it's going to be a starter of disorder, followed by mains of chaos and a side of mayhem, and we can finish off with a desert platter of burn out and exhaustion. I can't wait, can you??

To keep from losing what little I have left of my mind, I'm determined to post weekly gratitude lists until the end of the year. Just so I have a reason to touch base once a week and breathe. So, for the past week, here are the things that have kept me out of the deep end:

* Crafters markets. We’ve done one, and have another two in the pipeline for the next couple of weeks, which is keeping me up at night with excitement

* Secret projects for darling friends who are getting hitched soon. SOoOoOoO much of fun! I can’t wait to tell you what we’ve got up to for this one!

* Rocky Horror Picture Show and Eet-Sum-Mores, for old time’s sake

* Fired Up. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but I ended up really enjoying this! “We are crashing, we, we are crashing!” I die.

* Having long, random conversations over a packet of Flings. With a not-yet-two-year-old. O_o

* Riaan Cruywagen hates bad ads - I've always said this guy is at least one part vampire. Now, thanks to this, he's also one part awesome.  

* Putting on a pair of jeans this morning that haven’t fit me for over a year!!

* Karma. She’s only a bitch if you are. I’ve seen her repay bitches in such spectacular fashion in the last few weeks that I’ve been left speechless. If you didn’t already know, that’s pretty damn rare for me!

* The Springboks!

Oh man, Sunday’s game, SA’s first of the World Cup, was tight! I needed extra anxiety meds after that close shave! But damn, those boys played their hearts out and made us proud all the same. My heart swells with patriotism and pride when I see them.

* Fitting into my original Springbok t-shirt again. For the first time in about two years. For the win!!!! Can’t wait to wear it on Friday now! Wootski!


* Re-introducing my organizing system into my cupboard. Mister Boo, the darling, packed my washing away for me while I was away on Saturday, but he kinda did it wrong. So last night, I started tidying and re-sorting stuff, and I’m feeling so inspired now, I can’t wait to try out new outfits! Shopping your own closet really can be rewarding! Haha

* Realising that, even though I am coveting a certain dress, and the upcoming wedding is a great excuse to get it, I don’t really need to spend money I don’t have, because I have the perfect outfit in my very own closet. (I did establish this fact before doing the reorganizing, though, so ten points for that!)

* My Rob Brezsny horoscope. I usually end up so fired up after reading the weekly mailer that I don’t know what to do with myself.

* The Gautrain. I had my first ride on it on Saturday, and LOVED it! It was super cool and super fun and super fast! And trust me, if I could do it solo, it’s SUPER user-friendly!

* Okay, this is just inifinitely awesome.

Mysterious Paper Sculptures 

* Mister Boo’s new song for me, in light of discovering that I’m (less than a month) older than my current favourite, Pierre Spies. The song is called ‘Suiker Mama’ (Sugar Mommy)

Oh my...
* Amy D’s random dreams featuring me and the hottie from work. We laughed like hormonal teenagers when she told me! Haha

* Everyobody loves crabby-Magical Trevor!

Little things which made me smile

* “He can Tannie me all. night. long. * Choc-Strawberry Energy Bars – NOM! * Last night’s yellow moon * The first rains of the season! I slept sooooooo well last night!!! * Breaking news to someone and it not going quite as badly as I feared it might. Phew!!! * Walking for longer as it stays light later! Awesomeness! * Budget-enforced healthy eating. The Universe is getting me to do this, one way or another! * Outfit planning * Getting in touch with two chains to get Miss Boo Originals in them. Fingers crossed, y’all! * DIY Schedules that fit in my notebook * Listening to ‘Dig! Lazarus, Dig!!’ in the mornings * The way Nick Cave’s voice and lyrics centre me * Sleeping exceptionally well the last few nights. Yay! * Taking no crap from anyone * Not having to go and buy new jeans now that I fit into my old-new ones * Long term step-by-step goal setting  *

And finally:

Don't mind if I do.....!

Much drooling,


* Springbok manicures!

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