Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When You Say Yes To Spring


In the same vein of the list of things I wanted to achieve in July, I’ve got a couple of things I intend to do in Spring. A list with a time limit as short as 30 days stressed me out a little (I’m a weird one, in case you were wondering!), so I think a slightly longer time frame would be better for me. Here are the things I want to achieve in the next three months:

* Donate blood

* Finally have that jumble sale of clothes and shoes I pulled from my closet

* Clean the office and develop a system that will keep it tidy and inspiring

* Keep my inspiration board(s) up to date and interesting

* Sell Miss Boo Originals like a mad woman

* Grow the Miss Boo brand into something sustainable

* Start to recycle properly at home

* Get my next tattoo(s)

* Learn calligraphy

* Sing, even if it’s off key

* Try lighter, softer make up

* Write. Once a week, at least.

* Listen to one album that is totally different to what I usually listen to.

* Wear more bindis

* Frolic in the sun

* Lie on the grass and just watch the clouds change shape and colour as the sun sets or rises

* Squeal as I embark on my first swim of the season, after the first rains

* Dance in the rain (Preferably in the first rains of the season)

* Predict hail

* Pack lunch every single day for at least a month* *They say it only takes a month to form a habit, so if I can get it right in lazy spring weather, then I can get it right forever! Mwahahahahaha *cough*

* Drink a glass of lemon water in the morning, instead of coffee

* Walk every morning for 15 minutes, and every evening for 30

* Paint my nails once a week

* Not get super-impatient with my hair in between salon visits

* Play my guitar at least twice a week.

* Finish learning ‘About a Girl’ on my guitar

* Light candles and incense and just be. (Preferably outside)

* Squeal at my first sighting of Orion

* Take photos of Orion as soon as I spot it

* Go to a sporting event – preferably rugby

* Remember to let go and just breathe

* String twinkling fairy lights up everywhere I can get away with it

* Wear flower crowns

* Dance. Outside. Under the stars.

* Wear heels at least once a week.

* Fix my handbag

* Write a letter. A proper one. Pen-to-paper, with little illustrations and everything!

* Apply sunblock religiously

* De-fuzz regularly

* On that note, only use sharp razors and fresh facial sponges

What do you want to do this Spring that is non-negotiable?


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