Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Wonders - 05.10.2011

It's that time again! Wednesday!! Here's a list of things which have made me happy in the last week:

* The Blues Brothers

* Impromptu lunch-and-dinner at my sister, with awesome music, photos and randomness to round it off
* Seeing my gorgeous niece on Monday night. What a cool party!
* My new leopard print belt. Yayness!! It might be a bit of a Jerseylicious influence in my life, but I’ve been craving leopard print in my life for a while now, and a belt is much cheaper than the shoes I have been coveting, so it’s a winner!
* My new cellphone cover. Being the clumsy fool I am, I need something to protect my phone from the various collisions it has with walls, desks, floors and other random objects (and sometimes, people). It’s so pretty!
* Rethinking my next hair plan. Now that Mister Boo is a househusband again, the budget is a little tighter than I’d thought, so the turquoise mermaid hair will have to wait a little while. But it’s all good; it will give my hair time to recover from two years of bleaching and assault.
* Sleep. Apparently it’s lame to like sleep as much as I do, but it’s something I can’t really function without for too long. And it’s become a bit of a rare commodity in my life lately, so any sleep I can get my hands on is as good as gold.

* This:

* My new make up supplies. At the end of last month, I was literally scraping the last of my blush and setting powder out of their pots with ear-buds in order to loosen them enough to use. And don’t get me started on the state of my brushes! So once payday rolled around, I skedaddled over to DisChem and purchased myself a new foundation brush, angled liner brush and some translucent powder. My skin feels amazing now that I’m using the right products and tools again!
* FINALLY going brown after my apocalyptic sun burn. At the River Deck market last weekend, Amy D and I managed to get what looked and felt like 7th degree sunburn. Parts of my body went a charming shade of mauve. That part of my body is still, over a week later, a little bit pink, and rather disgustingly, scaly. But most of the peeling is finished now, and everything except that tender little patch has turned a lovely brown. I LOVE being tanned, but I LOATHE tanning and burning. And I refuse to do sunbed or spray tan sessions. O_o
* It’s Mister Boo’s birthday this month, and I have a few awesome plans up my sleeve. Can’t wait to unveil them!!
* Mister Boo doing so well at the markets. It’s so rewarding to see him doing something he loves, and that makes him happy, and seeing him succeed at it, no matter how ‘small’ that success may be at the moment. The only way is up!
* Jackson Browne
* Integrity
* Navy and Hot Pink

* Navy and Apple Green

* Navy and Turquoise

* Neil Young
* The idea of doing this for Hallowe'en, if we end up having a party:

* My body. We’ve been at odds on and off (but mostly on) for most of my life, for one reason or another, but when it comes down to it, my body and my mind are starting to synchronise better and better lately. For example: The knowledge that certain foods are ‘bad for me’ has never been enough in the past. It’s always been a vague term that meant I should feel guilty for enjoying the little treat of the moment. But now, my body is taking control and putting its foot down with me. Now, when I have sugar, my body shows me why it’s bad for me. Now ‘bad for me’ means something completely different, and since it’s tangible, it’s easier to avoid the ‘bad for me’ things. Sometimes, just sometimes, I think I should be called Clever Kevin. * (Ten points if you can name the movie without googling it!)
* Spring rains!!!! This weekend marked our first thunderstorms of the season, and while they got out of hand in some parts of Jozi, we were lucky enough to be untouched by the hand of disaster, and the rain was spectacular. I slept like a baby** on Saturday night and woke up so refreshed and invigorated on Sunday.

Little things which made me smile this week:
* Acceptance * Walking in the sunshine, even if it’s a little chilly at the moment * Pinterest. I have a problem * Tangled * Impending dye jobs *
** Why do people say 'I slept like a baby' to describe a good night's sleep? Babies wake up every few hours, crying and more often than not, covered in poop. Yay?


NOTE: All images via Pinterest, unless otherwise stated.


  1. the boat that rocked. Booyah. I'm a weener. Loving the navy and hot pink, super awesome. :) mwah.

  2. Dude! You got it! First time, to boot! Yay for ten points! ;)