Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fangs - 21.10.2011

It’s Friday! And, for the first time in weeks, I’m feeling super bouncy. So, even though this post is a couple of days late, here’s this week’s list of awesome!!

* Angie and Alex’s wedding, in all it’s glory and splendor, takes the first spot on the list of things that have made me happy this week. It was just… sublime. The ceremony was gorgeous – and hysterical. The drive to the reception was thoroughly entertaining. The reception was one of the best jols I’ve had in absolutely ages. There was (forced) stripping, (surprise) puking, (astounding) dancing, (crazy) conversation and (drunken) pouring-and-scraping. It made for one of the most awesome weddings I’ve ever been to!

Via Southern Cross Productions

* Throwing a pair of jeans on over my pjs and bolting out of the house in a frenzy with La on Sunday, just to leap into the car and go in search of the Ice Cream Van. We were lethargic, and we decided that the most awesome thing that could happen would be for the Ice Cream Van to come past. But she said she hadn’t heard it around for ages, so we resigned ourselves to no ice cream. And then…. We heard it….. The Ice Cream Van. We leapt up and ran outside to listen for him, but he must have stopped somewhere and we co0uldnt’ hear him… we waited a bit, but figured that if we left it much longer, he would be gone, so we ran back inside, threw on jeans, grabbed wallets and legged it! Alas, after cruising around Germiston for about twenty minutes or so, we realized we’d lost him. So we went to KFC and got ice cream there instead.

* Our incredible, spectacular Joburg sunsets. It may be the pollution, but there’s nothing quite like it in the world!
(Photos taken by Mister Boo from the Gautrain Station in Rhodesfield)
* On a more serious note: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Kill Yourself. Mental Illness and Suicide are things that MUST NOT be ignored. Suicide and its effects reach further and deeper than anyone could imagine, and I really do think that reading something like this if you’re contemplating making such a shattering decision in the depths of despair and loneliness is a good idea. There are always – ALWAYS – people who want to help, and there is always – FUCKING ALWAYS – another way. Even when there’s not, there’s got to be!

* The Jacaranda trees are in bloom!!!! That means: rainy season, slippy roads, slippier pavements, dirt, mud, purple mush and glorious, glorious purple-bedecked streets throughout the city! I always feel tetchy at this time of year, but as soon as I see the Jacarandas blooming, I feel like it’s okay to breathe again. Finally! I thought they were never going to burst!

* Being asked to write project summaries for a design company’s portfolio! Eeeeeep!!! (A draft of which I shall have on Monday – I know you’re reading this J )

* My new jeans. I can’t WAIT to debut them! They’re just…. splendid! 

* The new tunic I got this week – at half price! It’s going to look SPECTACULAR with said new jeans! Eeeeep!  

* Freedom! This week I’ve been happier than a bird with a French fry, and I wish it could last forever! It won’t be long now before we can make it happen, long term, though!

* New Miss Boo Originals designs! Can’t wait to get them rolled out – keep a look out; it won’t be long!

* The delicious risotto I made last night for dinner!!! NOMNOMNOMNONMNOMNOM!

Little things that made me smile this week:

* “Many of the colours” * Mister Boo’s first Gautrain trip * Overcast mornings. It’s no secret that I love the rain, so the grey clouds that have everyone else whining have totally made my day * Bohemian Rhapsody. By William Shatner. * Cream Soda – aka, the Green Ambulance – curing my weekend exhaustion and latent babelaas on Monday. Yay for that! * Super lazy Sundays, consisting of rolling out of bed at 9H30, coffee, junk food and DVDs. Awesome! *

So, Boo-lettes, what's made you ecstatic this week?


NOTE: All photos, unless otherwise stated, are sourced via Pinterest

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