Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

- Being married for almost two weeks! OMG, I cant believe how fast time has gone already! Two weeks ago today, I was still a so-called ‘single’ woman. Haha!

- Wedding photo teasers by SimplyDinee

- U2 360. OMG, hands down, THE BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO. We’ve done a lot of concerts, but I swear, I could never even have imagined the magnitude of awesomness that that engulfed FNB stadium on Sunday night. The buzz - and the pain in my legs after dancing non-stop for 6-odd hours - is lingering still. This video shows the physical magnitude of the show, but nothing could describe the atmosphere and inspiration that has filled me after that.

- Discovering my secret talent. It happens to be totally useless, but hey, at least I know what it is!
(I know you're wondering... It’s the ability to guess correctly who will be the next contestant on old British ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ episodes. Marvellous.)

- Perspective. Grasping it never fails to make me feel like there is infinite potential EVERYWHERE.

- Anticipation for new ideas

- Looking forward to catching up on sleep! After the last few weeks, I haven’t had nearly enough, and I can’t wait to lie in on Sunday and just snoooooooooze!

Random things that made me smile this week:

* tiny little girls in super-puffy tutus * Valentine’s Day Twins arriving to Maja Boo’s cousin * saying ‘my husband’ and not being ironic or sarcastic * crazy, random guys on the train back from the concert who, despite being a bit pissed and obnoxious-in-a-really-fun-way still gave up their seats for Maja and I * said guys heckling the police and making them laugh * waving at random people we didn’t even know in the crowd at the concert, because they were doing the whole ‘Can you see me? I’m waving!’ thing in the crowd * having them wave back as if they’d found who they were looking for * being spotted in a crowd of almost 100 000 people by people I work with - BECAUSE OF MY HAIR * juggling the TV schedule for the weekend - it’s been SO long since we just stayed in and vegged out on the couch, and with the rugby starting this weekend, as well as a stack of awesome movies incoming, I intend to move NOT ONCE * Super 15 season starting this weekend! * new blog design *

Yea, that’s it for now. If I don’t stop now, I might still be going tomorrow! Wha-at? It’s been a while!

PS: Can’t wait to blog some more photos from the wedding, and give you a proper re-cap, but Nades has been pretty hectic this week. Pop over to her blog and fill her comments to ‘motivate’ her! Hehe


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