Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

I almost forgot that today is Hump Day, and therefore, almost forgot to do a Wednesday Wonders list! This week is motoring on by me! Time to slow down and catch a breath, I think.

 * Mia, the rock star aunty who walked past my office door on Friday. The girl was gorgeous! Straight black hair with a blunt fringe, green eyes, perfect - and I mean PERFECT - skin. Stylish, too: Leopard print kaftan, leather pants, platform boots, bag with studs and chains. Awesome: having a huge party racing her nieces down the walkway. When I grow up, I want to be an aunty like that!

* Surprise awesomeness in unexpected places and people

* Wanderlust

* Spontaneous pool playing on Friday night, which included a Kill Heidi t-shirt (much to Heidi's amusement), and some random stoner dudes who didn't want to eat our perfectly good left-over pizza. Jo'burg... it'll make you suspicious of everyone.

* Born This Way. It may be extremely reminiscent of Express Yourself, but I love it all the same. Maybe even because of that.

* Shoe-Lust. This week, I've drooled over the following:
          - Melissa & Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lady Dragon
          - Melissa & Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Croco Mary Jane
          - Melissa & Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Temptation
          - Melissa Temptation
          - Melissa & Jean-Paul Gaultier

Random things that made me smile this week:

* getting stuck in to planning new ventures and adventures * rain coming back for a few days * the weather starting to cool a little bit (while I love the warm weather, I'm a sucker for autumn and winter! Scarves! Layers! Boots! Gloves! Being the brightest thing in the room because I love colour so much! cough) * all the orchids around me at the moment * the mystery of mortlake mansion (I'm a sucker for puzzle games) * fighting for what's right, and trying to stay graceful and stylish while doing it * room tidying and cupboard organising * having a huge donation bag for charity after afore-mentioned room cleaning and cupboard organising * my husband cooking dinner while I listen to our wedding playlist * angel feathers appearing out of nowhere just when I've needed them * rekindled excitement for what's coming this year * new tablets which are making me feel better, sharper and more prepared for anything *

Until next week, mas petite chous!



  1. i love those vivienne westwood shoes too, they are to die for! like something out of a fairy tale!

  2. Brighter than everything happens to me a lot too! Left the house the other day with a (bright)blue hoodie purple puffer vest and a hot pink beanie on...

  3. @Holly Anne - I am *still* coveting the Lady Dragon ones... I'm making my birthday list early this year!
    @Whiskey - That sounds like my kinda combo! yay for bright!
    @Dinee - Love you madly my friend!