Tuesday, May 17, 2011


*Note: After the disasterous Blogger debacle on Friday, you're getting two A.A posts this week. You lucky things!
In honour of my impending trip to the wonderful land of Oz, I’ve decided to celebrate.
I have to just mention here that there is an ongoing mud-slinging match between South Africa and Australia. It mostly revolves around sport, and some other random silliness, but it gets quite ridiculous and out of hand sometimes. And I’m rather ashamed to say that, in the heat of a tense rugby match, I may have lowered myself to yelling nastiness at Australian teams and referees on occasion. Despite this, and watching too much Border Security, I am looking on the bright side. Which is turning out to be pretty damn bright! Aside from the obvious – my best friend’s wedding and all the awesomeness that surrounds it – I’ve discovered some pretty cool things about Oz.

Now, if you’re expecting a post filled with cutesy baby koalas and kangaroos, I’m going to tell you now that you’re going to be disappointed. While I am looking forward to seeing that kind of thing, the kind of thing that Australia Appreciation Month consists of is equally as squee-worthy, but in a completely different way. As in: you will be squeeing, but if you’re doing it at your desk, you might get fired. *ahem*

So, without further ado, I give you Part 3:


I don't have much on this FINE specimen, I'm afraid... I know he's in Thor, which Dinee and I are set to see on the public holiday tomorrow, once we've voted. Other than that, I'm not too clued up on him. It's true, I could have done a bit of Googling. I could have read the Wikipedia page about him. I could have searched for interviews with him. I could have done a lot of things instead of spending far too long on Google Images finding these:

And you thought he was like Derek Zoolander, with just one look!

Oh my.... Tomorrow is going to be FUN!

Until next time,

Cockatoos and Platypi!


Update: Well, having now seen Thor, all I can say is... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY SOON, Y'HEAR? My Lord, that was just.... *squee* ... I have to go and wipe my chin again now.

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  1. all i can say is YUMMY!!! and bring on tomorrow!!