Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's Wednesday! It's a public holiday! And it's Voting Day! Aside from today being work-free, there are a few other things which have brought a smile to my face in the past week.

* FREEDOM. If you're here in the R of S.A, I hope you took the time to be a part of change, no matter how small. I've heard so many people, mostly young, but some old, saying that their vote doesn't matter, or that today's elections are 'just municipal', so it doesn't make a difference. WRONG! After so much turmoil, we all have the right and the responsibility to change things if we don't like them. If you don't vote in your municipal elections, then you can't create change in your own neighbourhood or community. And if you can't be bothered to change your community, then who are you to demand change on a national level. You've left it to someone else, and they might not feel the way you do. So, the moral of the story is: VOTE. (I could go on about this, but today is not the day...)

* While I was reading this post, I had a photo in mind that makes me grin every single time I look at it.

Me 'n Jay (2003)
It was taken in my last year of high school, when I was happier than I’d been in years, and having more fun than I thought was possible. This was taken on closing night of our inter-school play, My Fair Lady. We all went back to Brian’s house for the after-party. DAMN, did we party!?! The hat belonged to Ryan (I think), but, as he was Professor Higgins, he used it as part of his wardrobe for the play, and it developed a life and personality of its own. If we’d got our way, it would have got its own credit in the programme.

I love love LOVE this photo; it makes me grin and brings back such happy memories. It reminds me of how happy I was in my last few years of school, and how all the rough years before were more than worth it. It reminds me of wild, crazy nights that will never be rivalled. It reminds me of people who will always be special to me because they were the people I laughed with every day for years. It reminds me of how hard work and exercise pays off, because I looked fantastic and I felt beautiful, and, best of all, it reminds me of happiness. I felt like a rock-star that night, and that, my friends, is magic.

* Did you know that it's Velociraptor Season??? I sure as hell didn't, and wish I had! I wouldn't have ignored the hissing and scratching at the window last night if I had! (Thinking of Velociraptors also takes me back a good few years to some happy times. Yay for happy memories!)

* 100 Alternatives to 'So, whadda ya do?". This list rocked my world! It's also inspired some forthcoming blog posts, so that's awesome too!

* Finishing secret birthday pressie making! Now I have to see the girls and capture the looks on their faces! And THEN I can post pics of my creations! Yay!

* Spectacular morning skies. (The dumbass that I am at the moment, I forgot to upload this pic to my flash drive, so I'll have to leave you in suspenders for a day more, and post the pic as an edit later)
* Crazy in-between-colours hair which is forcing encouraging me to dig out my hats and beanies. Only a few more sleeps, and I'll have my natural hair back. And by 'natural', I mean this:

Blue feathers optional
* Making the tedious chore of hanging the washing far more bearable by star-gazing as I do it.
* Star-gazing in general. Yay! Also: The Full Moon on Tuesday night, and all the crazy things it does to me. Not: Missing the International Space Station and the space shuttle Endeavour passing over on Tuesday evening because of bloody sodding agent clouds. We watched out for the ISS last time it was visible in our skies, about two and a half years ago, and it was something that still gives me goosebumps when I think about it, so I was really excited to see Endeavour docking with the ISS, because it was such a special occasion! Sodding clouds. Pffft. Also also: the twinkling planets that sit just above the horizon about twenty minutes before dawn. Magical!

Little things which made me smile:

* Feeling like a rock-star when I was under immense pressure. The end of last week was dreadful, but I got through it with a mix of dignity, grace, strength, red wine and Blues music. What better combination is there? * Standing my ground * Writing into the early hours * Being a crochet queen! * Red * My Iron Fist shoes which make me feel like Queen Bitch whenever I wear them * Clarity * Tidying the studio at home again, with a very clear vision ahead of me * Finally being in the single digits in the Australia Countdown! 8 DAYS!!!!! * Girly days * Catching up with good friends * Making a new friend. Who is three years old. And having some of the most fun I've had in months with my new friend. * Feeling more together since I re-embraced the power of list-making * THOR. Oh sweet lord! I know what I want for my birthday... * Lists galore for Aus! It's getting out of hand!!! * Teasing Maja Boo about her flirt-scapades. * Maja Boo flirting again! SO good to see you happy and laughing, Mama! * My bubbling-under zombie obsession. I can even lurch like a Zombie Queen! Hallowe'en costume: check! * Recipe hunting * Old Live Seether on the radio! * Dirty jokes * Rocky Horror Rain Checks * My new glasses! They rock! So retro, so much clearer, so much better! *

Okay darlings! What's made you as happy as a hellcat this week?

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