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Wednesday Wonders 11.5.11

*After some Blogger issues last week, this post seems to have disappeared from Miss Boo Presents... But now it's back! Yay! 
Also, beacuse of the same Blogger issues, there was no Australia Appreciation Part 3. That means that this week will feature two A.A posts! You lucky things! (And me lucky thing, I get to compile them! Drooool... ) So... Enjoy!

Cry Freedom

Hey look! It's Wednesday! That means Gratitude Day! I've been in such a funk this week, but today has turned that all around. It's time to thank the Universe for her blessings!

* I'm one very proud owner of a Learner's Licence. Again. This is the fourth time I've written my Learner's (although only the third time I've passed it) I've had a bit of a phobia about driving, especially in Joburg, but now, for the first time, I feel like I'm ready to do this. Yay!

* My wacky husband.

* 90's Nostalgia. I've surprised myself with this one, because when I was a teenager, I always said that, while the 80's was the decade Style spat on, the 90's was the decade Style just forgot. And yet... here I am, longing for vintage slips with ripped tights and combat boots. I guess I just couldn't appreciate it from that close up. I needed distance from it before it looked good. Or maybe I'm just getting nostalgic in my old age. hur hur

* Mystic Medusa started a discussion on phrases that would describe (warn?) the readers of the traits of star-signs on a t-shirt (prompted by the WildFox t-shirts.) My favourite comment? Cancer: I’m soo in love with… oh wait.

* I am now the proud owner of these! They were the last pair in the store, in my size (more or less...) and half-price! Best of all? THEY GLOW IN THE FUCKING DARK!!!!
Rawr! Moonshine Zombie Stomper. Limited Edition.
* This video. It makes me grin like a loon!

* Learning about personality types. I find this stuff fascinating! I started studying Psychology a few years back, but with life being what it is, I had to abandon the course quite early on. Still, I have high hopes for the future! And this kind of thing rocks my boat anytime.

* Also: THESE SHOES! I went on Saturday to get my Bridesmaid Shoes for Stephy's wedding, but the dumbass stoner dude had sold them. (Insert twitching eyeball here). So once I'd stopped threatening him with mutilation-by-Iron-Fist, I calmed down and browsed around. And I found these babies! They were a little more expensive than the Ruff Riders I'd been coveting, but they're a bit more comfortable and easier to walk in, and they will still rock the shit out of being a Bridesmaid! Yea!

FUCK Yea! Mean Streak Platforms!
* Fresh played Nelly the Elephant the other day as his Cheese of the Day on 5fm. Just for Barney Simon, the most awesome DJ in the history of EVER! Or at least SA Radio. 
* Last week, Big Blue (the store where I got my Wedding-Day dress) ran a contest asking for your fave Big Blue memory / item / story. I entered with my Wedding-Day dress story, and I've won a shopper for my efforts! I should find out this week when I can fetch it! Expect photos! And just in time for Aus too! Yay!!!!

* Wonderful people who have been down for far too long, starting to turn things around and look up again. There's enough unhappiness in the world, and watching beautiful souls turn that around and learn from it and understand how to use it to be happy again? That's magic right there!

* Planning for a Rocky Horror Party at the Doors on Friday night. Here's hoping it turns out to be a better party night than the last one we went to. But with this gang in full Rocky Horror Garb, it can't end badly. I simply won't allow it! Even if it means killing the DJ and taking over! Muwahahahahaha! *cough* splutter *


Little things that made me smile:

* Jamming to Hanson in a pool bar for La's b-day. I think we have a problem. * Simba is moving to PE! Okay, I'm SERIOUSLY bummed that he's leaving Joburg, and us, behind, but he's been hoping for this for a long time, and I'm really happy that he's finally getting something he wants. * I'm changing my hair this weekend! I've been suffering from a severe case of hair-regret, which is unusual. I've missed my pink and purple like an amputee would miss a limb. Bonus: I get to catch up with one of my besties while having my hair done! WIN! * Being almost done with secret birthday pressie creations. Behind schedule, as usual, but awesome nonetheless! * Going for a quick little after-dark walk with Mister Boo the other night, just to keep the body from forgetting what 'outside' feels like. * Weird-as-fuck dreams involving bloggers I've never met telling me to write at least three pages a day. Every day. And then my book will be awesome. Yes sir! * Getting back into the 'to-do list' swing of things. I've been a bit lazy about it, but it's time to get shit together again! * Planning DVD days to get ourselves out of this autumn/broke/new moon funk we've all been in. (Thanks, Gala, for the inspiration!) * After my last Aus Appreciation post, I've been going through a Mini-INXS obsessiveness. Oh my! Poor Mister Boo puts up with a lot... * 16 DAYS!!!!!! * Finding out just how many of my friends are lurkers here on Miss Boo! Hi guys! I know you're there! Thanks for coming! Leave some comments in the block below? Kthxbai! *

And what's made you happy this week, puddings? I'd love to know!


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