Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The August List of Awesome

People of the interwebs! Despite appearances (or lack thereof) I haven’t abandoned Blogland! Could you believe it? Believe it, because it’s true!

August has been a particularly difficult month for the Haus of Boo. I’ve been stressed beyond belief, which allowed my anxiety and unhappiness to get the better of me for three solid weeks. It’s been a fight reminiscent of Frodo and his cronies, but after much gnashing of teeth and angsty tears, and stumbling over some pretty large nuggets of self-discovery, I finally feel like I’m back on the yellow brick road, pulling faces at the flying monkeys.

Now, that’s not to say that there haven’t been awesome moments throughout the month of gusts. There have been! Just… not enough to fill a weekly list of wonders, y’dig? So, in the moments that haven’t been consumed with scowls and cheek-chewing, these are the zaps of awesome that kept me going:

* My new haircut. It is, in a word, UN-FUCKING-BEATABLE! I LOVE IT!!!!!

* My DIY shades-of-purple Leopard-print mani and pedi, which I conquered while watching 28 Weeks Later

* Zombie movies

* The Cool Inc. 2nd Annual Tattoo Convention at Cool Runnings, Fourways. There was so much awesome that happened there! Mister Boo’s first tattoo!

All the freaks and ghouls partying together! Rockstar Energy Drink! Meeting my friend’s 2-year-old daughter for the first time and playing to our hearts’ content! The stunning buzz of dozens of tattoo guns all day! Watching a suspension in the flesh! *cough – pun intended*

It rocked my world.

* Finding turquoise hair dye! I can’t wait for my next appointment, so I can rock mermaid hair! Eeeeep!!!

* My Little Pony Hair

* Enough is enough

* God’s Away on Business by… The Cookie Monster?!

* The new earrings Mister Boo bought me at the convention. I was hoping to get a tattoo or piercing, but the artist I wanted to see was so busy, so to console me, Mister Boo spoilt me.

* The Boat That Rocked. That movie is my ultimate at the moment; it’s the only thing that can kick the mean reds out of my life, even if it’s just for a while.

* The Blues. I NEED to get back to practicing my guitar, so I can play the Blues.

* Impromptu jamming in the middle of the night at the home of someone we only met hours before. And a special acoustic rendition of ‘Back Door Man’, just for me.

* Random late-night text marathons with Simba. Dayum, I miss that man!

* Translucent ants eating coloured liquids

* For those about to rock…

* The Springboks. They had a tough Tri-Nations, but got the nation behind them nonetheless. Good luck in the World Cup, boys! No matter what happens, you’ll make us proud to wear green and gold!

Bok Bloms!
 * Wearing less layers as the weather warms up. Yay!

* Snuggling with my husband.

* One of my best friends is getting married! I’m SO excited! Can’t stop squeeing about it!

* Pinterest

* Kicking ass and taking names.

* BrainyJane22 on why mom bloggers make her bitter. I’m so glad I’m not alone on this one! I thought I was just being a jealous cow. Also: LOVE THIS GIRL! She’s brave and smart and funny and honest and witty. All in one.

* The time I was a 200-pound beauty queen, via The Hairpin

* Being wicked. It may not always be very nice, but it’s so much fun!

* Crafting away like a little demon girl in preparation for…

* …My first market, which is coming up this weekend! Eeeeep!!!! SOOOO much of bounce and excite! It’s going to be loads of fun, and we’re planning to be sold out by lunch time. Ha!

* Contact Lenses. I lost my last left lens, and for three weeks, have been bespectacled*, much to my dismay. It’s not that I don’t love my glasses – I really do! – but I have latent issues from wearing glasses as a kid, so having my lenses back is a God-send! I’m an avid people-watcher, but it’s way more difficult when your eyes are exposed. I usually have the advantage of super-reflective enormous sunglasses to keep people from seeing that they’re being watched, but without contact lenses, that’s been a bit difficult. To have my force-field back feels wonderful!

* Babies laughing hysterically at spray bottles

* My super-sparkly ring, which I got from the divine Amy D.

I feel like I’ve found my Weird Sister in her, and she’s talented to boot!

* Dermalogica facials. I had an accumulation of loyalty points at my Sorbet Salon, and got a free treatment! I chose to have a Dermalogica Classic Facial; which rocked my world six ways from Sunday! I felt like gajillion bucks when I floated out of there!

* Seafood Risotto. Yum!

* My BlackBerry. I know, you just groaned and rolled your eyes, but honestly? I was the same, until I got one. It takes stunning photos and video, BBM is the way of the future, and it’s just so pretty! <3

* Vodka & Cranberry juice.

Hi Ash!
* Already Pretty – Smart vs Pretty

* Mango smoothies

* Bangles halfway up to my elbow, jangling and clinking and hanging out there, looking pretty all the time. It’s easy to feel like a rock-star when you try.

* This mash-up on Glee

* Hello Kitty tongue tattoos

Also for the skin!
* Glee in general. I still love it.

* My weight-loss and limited budget forcing me to get creative with my wardrobe. When I finally get around to sorting it properly, I know it’s going to pay off!

* Crazy dreams. Like, REM dream-when-you’re-asleep dreams, rather than ‘I-have-a-dream’ dreams. Although having crazy ‘I-have-a-dream’ dreams is a good thing too!

* These shoes

Maja, can you hear me?!
* The Beatles. Eternally.

My gorgeous Maja! 

Muuuuuuuuush boooooooootifoooooooool!
* Market planning. Man oh man, is it going to be good! Yippee!!!!!

* The last day of winter. It’s SO good to know that in less than 12 hours, winter will officially be over for the year! Yay!!

* Getting back to blogging. Even though I wasn’t feeling it, I really missed it! But now I’m back! (From outer space!)

So, ma petit chous, what made your month?


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