Monday, August 1, 2011

When You Say Yes - How it went

So, at the beginning of July, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve in the month of my birthday. Here's how it went:

1. FINALLY become a blood donor -- Yea. I got as far as finding out where the nearest donor centre is, but never actually got there to donate. I still have this on my list, but it will probably have to be postponed until I'm done with my rabies shots. (Does it count that I'm going to feel like a pincushion by the end of this whole dog-bite indaba?)

Dog bite. Small...

...but Sore!
2. Spend a weekend creating healthy & tasty meals & menus for at least one week at a time. -- I didn't spend a whole weekend doing this, but managed to come up with some pretty awesome ideas in just a morning. So far, so good; I've been eating much healthier since then, and enjoying the meals to boot! So yay for that! It's been much easier to get into a healthier lifestyle just by being prepared to eat better. Long may it last!

3. Tell the people I love something that I adore about them, unfailingly. -- I've realised that I do this a lot more than I think I do, just by default. So I'm just gonna keep doing it, because you can never tell someone you love them too much.

4. Create something when the idea / inspiration strikes. No matter what time of day or night. -- Oh, this has been the downfall of a lot of hours of sleep! BUT, it's starting to pay off, big time. Yay for Miss Boo Originals!

Some Miss Boo Originals
5. Clear out my cupboards, jewellery, accessories and shoes. -- This is a work in progress. I'm really loving the process of clearing things out, because I feel so much lighter in spirit and soul without all that old stuff clogging up my life. It's leading up to a killer jumble sale, I tell ya!

6. Make a new bag. Sell it. -- Working on this... it's a matter of income at this stage, but that will start flowing in soon, and then the bag will be in the making. Ha!

7. Do not give negative people the satisfaction of getting to me. -- I've had to work really hard at this one, and, for the most part, it's paid off. I've just refused to accept other people's condescension and bad attitudes, and I feel better for it. It's hard work though, no matter how worth it it is! (*Did that make sense??)

8. Finish the projects I've started, which have been lying, half-finished, in the studio or spare room for months now. -- This is also a work in progress, in conjunction with clearing out my closets. It's all systems go, though, just... slower than I'd hoped. Still, rather do it properly and slowly than rushed and badly, right?

9. Plan a holiday. Properly. Research. Vision Boards. Plan of Action. -- Hmm... How did I fail to complete this one? Oh yea! I'm up to my eyeballs in debt, which makes dreaming of a holiday seem a bit futile; actually trying to plan one when you're as broke as this is just a bit depressing. Maybe I'll come back to this one later in the year.

10. Have the balls to rock an extreme look (outfit and hairstyle) just because. -- I've realised that I do this fairly often too. What I call boring is what a lot of other people call 'out of the box', and looking back at some of my outfits in comparison to what I see on other people all day... I'm not doing too badly. Bonus points for a pixie hat with a bell on the end though! That'll cheer up a blue Monday like nothing on earth!

I called this boring. Other people, however, apparently don't think so.

Wearing this hat to work on a blue Monday, though... Even I can't deny the sheer out-of-the-box-ness of that!
Bonus: De-clutter my environment, and, by extension, my soul. -- All systems go! I've learnt that de-cluttering is a much longer process than I'd originally planned, but the longer it takes, the more satisfying it seems. Yay!

I do have some ideas for August, but a few are repeats of the July list (mostly de-cluttering-centric). I think that, instead of a list per month, I might do lists for each season...

Look forward to the Spring To-Do List! What sort of things would you add?


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