Thursday, July 28, 2011

TiLT - 28.7.2011

Okay. Tuesday pretty much sucked, and I was feeling exceptionally grim yesterday, which is why there was not a hint of Wonder until very late on Wednesday. So... Things I Love Thursday, it is!

* As you know, I love to write. This list is my new ‘I-Want’ List.

* Scrambled Eggs & Chakalaka beats End-of-the-month SaltiCrax for dinner the night before pay day

* Remembering to wear teal on Teal Tuesday

* Screwing up a crochet pattern and coming up with something so much more awesome than the original

* This too shall pass

* Pinterest. Finally got down to activating the account I started months back, and I'm really enjoying it

* I get by with a little help from my friends

* My first Crochet-for-Sale order!!! As Angie says, WOOTEN!

* Eating healthily again. I FEEL so much better, and my skin is looking better already, and everything else is starting to feel better, so… yay!?

* My cousin, Tisha, is getting married next year, and they’ve set a date and booked a venue. I’m SO excited!!! BEACH WEDDING!

* It’s amazing that you feel so much more peaceful and warm when you send genuine light and love out into the world. I like that feeling.

* Clearing out more clutter over the weekend. Finding old photos and reliving so many good times. (Also: Motivation to keep on getting fit and healthy – I looked amazing back then! I wish I’d known it.)

* Nick Cave. Eternally. I seem to turn to ‘No More Shall We Part’ when I'm looking for answers, and it always helps. Especially 'As I Sat Sadly By Her Side', ‘Darker with the Day’ and ‘Hallelujah’.

* I can feel Spring – it’s JUST around the corner! – and I’m getting SO excited! (This is HIGHLY unusual – I usually loathe the in-between seasons, but I’ve had enough of this winter already.) This weekend I tried to encourage it to make an early entrance by wearing my flip flops and a t-shirt. Alas, the unveiling of such stark paleness seems to have frightened it away, because we’ve had a cold snap from Antarctic Hell this week. BUT it looks like the weekend might be sunny and warm, so I’ll keep trying until Spring learns to put some shades on and bear it.

* Sarcastic notes to myself in my daily to-do lists. “Tidy your desk. Yes again. Stop pouting; it’s your own damn fault. Suck it up and clean!”

* Mercury Retrograde ends next week. Thank Heavens!!!! Things can start going back to normal. Until September.

* Maja Boo’s glow. It’s SO cute!

* I’ve found the perfect font for my next tattoo – it’s a short phrase, probably going on my wrist. (The big crows-and-moon-etc tattoo is going to take a long time to get done. It’s a matter of courage and cash. In that order.)

* Thinking of my Daddy every time I look at the time. Maja gave me his watch when he left us, and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately; every time I look at the time, I grin and think of him.

* I’ve given myself a deadline, and laid out the steps I need to take to meet that deadline. And I’m putting them into action, which is sooooo exciting. And terrifying. Mostly terrifying, if I’m honest. But lots exciting too!

* Messages from my best friends, near and far, which just make me grin from ear to ear when I need it the most.

Honourable mentions:

* Seeing our resident crows, after wondering earlier this week where they’d gone. * Making playlists which will soon become the most awesome drive-mix EVER! (V 3.5) * Planning a new manicure, which, if it works, is going to look INCROYABLE! * Threatening to put horse’s heads in rude people’s beds * “If you keep giggling like that, you’ll get pimples.” “What? Why? I’m just in love!” “Because you sound like a teenager; it’s the next logical step.” * Rise Above This * Heart-to-hearts when you need them most and expect them least * Walking! The rush! Awesomeness!! * Big hugs from shy 5-year-old beauties on their birthdays. * Perving at cute boys. With cute boys. * Writing down what my ideal day would look like * Haiku *


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