Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Post / First Rains

*How great is it that I opened Flickr to search for images for "First Rain" and this photo was on the homepage*

How beautiful that my first post here coincides with the first proper rain storm of the season?! I'll take that as a sign of only good things to come. :)

I think that productivity in Joburg just seized up completely. I know in my office, at least, as soon as it started raining properly, the entire office, visiting auditors included, moseyed into reception, where we have these great big floor to ceiling sheets of glass, and nothing has really carried on from there. It's fantastic!

Even though I hate lighting, I'm sitting with the front door open, just gulping in as much of that beautiful, fresh, clean rain smell while I still can!

*grin* Now I can go home and have a proper chuck out of all the rubbish and clutter I've hung on to for the past year. The best day to do it is the day of first rains; everything is all fresh and shiny and new, and for some reason, I find it easier to let the rain wash away all the old stuff and make space for new and exciting things in the coming year. It's totally cathartic, and I don't feel as sentimental and pang-y about things when the rains have finally come.

My poor boy at home, though... Let's call him Mister Boo. Now he has to put up with the craziness that is Miss Shell in cleaning mode. Oh dear... I think he's just going to stay in the kitchen tonight. Well, if he's smart, anyway... *evil grin*


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