Thursday, October 18, 2012

TiLT 18 Oct 2012

Ermagerd. I'm such a tit. On the way home last night, I realised that I hadn't posted Wednesday Wonders! *facepalm* I had it all lined up for posting, and then... I got stuck in to Hallowe'en party planning mode, and all my good intentions turned to shit. So, a day late, but wondrous nonetheless, these are the things I love!

* Impromptu dinner at V's folks

* Playing with one of the world's most gorgeous kitties, Orlando, the Maine Coone

* Crazy miscommunications. EG: "Baby salami? Like salami made from babies?!" And "On the way home the other night, I hit a cervix."* 

* Curry night craziness, wine in the eye and dodgy-as-fuck dreams that put mine to shame

* Ash's visit! Girl talk, crazy talk, LOTS of talk!

* Derby Gangnam Style

* DOORS!!! Despite the douchey bouncers, we had another incredible night at my home-away-from-home. It wasn't the usual crowd, but that made it no less awesome. We were there super-early, and got to watch the crazies flooding in. I realised that the best way to describe Doors is this: when the freaks and ghouls come out to play at night, they come to Doors. I danced, I bounced, I shook my ass and swung my head with the best of them and I Had. A. Blast! And we only got home at 4am. Pooped!!

* Random roadtrips. We departed for Krugersdorp in a slightly fragile state on Sunday morning, with good intentions and Milky Bar Krushers. And then we realised we had No. Idea. Where we were going. 3 HOURS LATER we finally found Ash's sister!! In the interim? Party bus!!! We laughed so hard and so much that I nearly peed myself. (That could have been because we were on the road for 3 hours though!) (To put it into context, when we finally knew where we were, it took us about 30mins to get home. Talk about the long way round!!)

* A quiet night in after 3 nights of chaos

* Mad Men RickRolling you

* It's Dinee's birthday this week, and we're going for a girls' dinner on Friday night. Rumour has it there may be dancing and/or karaoke involved. Oh dear...

* The people I spend most of my time with are most definitely extroverts, sometimes to the extreme. This weekend, we had a textbook introvert in our midst, and it was surprising to see that most of us didn’t know what to do with her! We’ve forgotten how to care for introverts. The shame! So, in case you too need reminding, read this: Letting Introverts be Introverts

Little things that made me smile:

* Random epiphanies at the strangest moments. I'm learning a lot about myself every day, and it's surprisingly awesome * My new cellphone covers, which cost me R10 each, and which I can match to my nail polish * Dr. Seuss. This may have something to do with Awesome Auntying… * Scampy giving me morning grins * The new crop of Doors-Whores * Puppies sleeping on my desk all day at work * 

Et vous, Boolings

* No babies or cervices were harmed in the production of this post

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