Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Wonders - Hallowe'en Edition

Happy Hallowe’en, Boolings!

I know I was a bad Boo and forgot to post last week, but in the build up to our Hallowe’en fest, Wednesday came and went, and so did Thursday, and suddenly on Friday, I got the 'Oh crap's! So here’s a slightly plumper Wednesday Wonders, for your pleasure:

* 8BitStereo!! God, I love them! And believe me, if I wasn’t friends with the boys, I would STILL yelp and leap around. And their ‘Come Together’ cover? Hoooolyyyyyy crap.

Charley and Ray with our graffiti 

Going through the hateful e-toll plazas, drunkenly making jazz hands under the UV lights to get the full effect of my neon yellow nails.

* Pre-party naps. I always get grouchy when I’ve had too little sleep, and when I have a ton of stuff to do and not a ton of time in which to do it, so I usually get packed off for a nap a few hours before party time. It ALWAYS makes a difference! I go from Oscar the Grouch to Tickle me Elmo!

* Curly-from-a-curling-iron hair. I neeeeed a curling iron in my life!

* Doll-face make up

* Our Hallowe’en party! It was awesome!!!

* “What have you learnt from horror movies?” The bottom line was: Boobs.

* Park Acoustics. As always, what a jol. This has become our monthly thing. Even if we don’t see each other for the whole month, we pull in on a Sunday together and have a blast. It always leaves me in SUCH a good mood on a Monday, albeit a hung-over good mood.

Also: Sticky Bubbles are AWESOME!
* New hair. There’s nothing that makes me feel as good as a new hair cut.

* Down time. OK, granted, it was down time enforced by a dodgy microwave meal, but time spent sleeping and reading is always much appreciated.

* Randomly looking up from my desk at work and seeing a Scream Ghostface Killer balloon floating off over the cars. On a Monday.

* Dinee’s birthday dinner! It was all shades of fun, and I woke up feeling ever so slightly rough the next morning. Always a good sign!

The Girl's Room!!!
* My new nail stickers! I’ve read about them for aaaages now, and I finally found the ones I wanted on Saturday!! How awesome (and perfectly Hallowe’eny) are they!?!

* Impromptu tarot readings and feeling more connected to the Universe than I have in YEARS

Little things which made me smile: 

* All my Hallow’en props * Getting an earlier slot than expected at the doctor on Saturday, because another patient was impatient. Bonus!  * Finally finishing A Clash of Kings! * 

And tell me, what's made you happy little Frankenweenies this week? 

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