Monday, October 18, 2010

More News From Nowhere - 18.Oct.2010

It’s Monday! Do you know what that means?
No, me neither.
Oh well… Weekend recap then.

Friday night, Mister Boo, Simba and I went to see Boo!, the awesome, indescribable and utterly delicious Monkipunk crew who have just reformed, after disbanding six years ago to pursue solo stuff. When that happened, a lot of people were convinced the SA music would never be the same, and in a way, it hasn’t. It’s grown in leaps and bounds, and been awesome nonetheless, but just not the same without Boo! So when I heard they were back, I literally squeed with excitement. I thought I would pee my pants, but I managed to just squeak repeatedly and shiver until I got to the nearest bathroom. So when I heard that they were doing a FREE GIG at Montecasino on Friday night, there were no two ways about it. Short of lying in hospital with a broken neck and ventilator, I was going to Boo! And it was nothing short of spectacular. They rocked the shit out of that place! I bounced until my feet hurt, I bounced until my legs ached, I bounced until every part of my body was aching and drenched. And then I bounced some more.
Also, I’ve decided that when I grow up (or not), I want to be Ampi Omo!!! That guy has so much energy, I could only dream of bouncing like that! He plays about 95 instruments, sometimes at the same time, and always seems to be having the ultimate blast doing it. Man, so awesome. Also, he looks incredible in leather and red chiffon bell-bottoms on stage! Hahaha MK did a great job of organizing the event, which had a real carnival theme, with the mime who molested Simba, the fire-dancers, the unicyclist… It was great.

We met up with La and her sis after the show; they had been to see Mama Mia, also at Monte. Man, she'd had waaaaaaaay too much coffee by the time we got there to meet them! I think she was super-excited to be out with her sister, and no-one else, just having a girly night. She was bouncing like a wind up toy, wound up to the max, and then the key breaks, so the toy just keeps going... haha It was awesome to see her having so much fun again! They seemed to enjoy Mama Mia, so I'm glad. We were virtually evicted from Mugg & Bean for being too disruptive -- just like the old days, when we were kicked out of virtually everywhere for being rambunctious. Good times! Parapa!

I did very little on Saturday, which was fantastic. I managed to not sleep the whole day away; that was nice. Just took it easy on Saturday night, relaxed and played more Jewel Quest 1. (I’m working my way through all of them, sad-sad-sad) Yesterday was dedicated to cleaning out the office, which was so oppressive that I couldn’t create a damn thing in there. There was so much clutter! Also, because of all the clutter, and the first rains, I was afraid to be in there alone at night, because of all the gigantic rain spiders who LOVE to pounce on me when I am all alone in there. Yuck! But Mister Boo managed to annihilate the mommy and daddy spiderios before they spawned spiderlets, so all seems right with the world. For now… more rains to come though, so we shall see. All the same, the studio now looks and feels like a studio again, and the creative energy is flowing a little more already! Can’t wait to get stuck in there and covered in paint and glue and stuff! Yay!!

Also, my sister and brother-in-law came round yesterday for a drink. It was my niece’s 21st last week, and they had bought a bottle of wine on her birthday, which they’ve kept to drink with her on her 21st. Trouble is, she doesn’t drink wine. So they came to us instead, and we drank to Ami’s gorgeous-ness instead.

I was planning to tackle our laundry this evening, but I just received my new delivery, which will put me out of action for a few days. The Death of Bunny Munro, by (current obsession) Nick Cave. Will let you know what I think when I’ve got through it. It was nominated for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award last year, so I have high hopes. I love Cave’s twisted sense of humour, and the kind of dark, creepy awesomeness that permeates from him, so I’m hoping the book continues in that vein. Before I ordered it, I watched a few clips of him reading from the book on the Bunny Munro website, and that sold me. He seemed to relish it, so if he can still be excited about it after having eaten, breathed, lived the story while writing, then I’m looking forward to it.

Now, to find a point to Mondays….

With love and monkipunk


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