Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fangs (*Special Hallowe'en Edition*)

Don’t you find, with the weekend looming, it’s easier to be thankful on a Friday than any other day of the week? OK, Sunday might be a good day to reflect and be filled with gratitude, but sometimes the only gratitude you can muster on a Sunday is that you’re not still hung-over or throwing up or that you managed to get more than 4 hours of sleep. (Is this just me?!)

Anyway, I’ve decided that, in the vein of Things I Love Thursdays (TiLT) over at , I’ll (try and remember to) post a gratitude list on a Friday. And, in the spirit of Hallowe’en, I've christened it: Friday Fangs. (Plus, I like my vampires. No, not the sparkly, Barbie and Ken kind, the real kind, like Lestat and the rest of Anne Rice's delicious deviants.)
So, what was there to be grateful for this week? Hmmm…. * taps pencil on desk, gazing out of window *
Ah, yes!
* Last weekend, we went to Montecasino for Mister Boo’s birthday, with his sister and brother-in-law. We had a delicious dinner at Raj (wowa-weewa, SO good!) before rambling around and spending too much money on Hallowe’en props.

* I spotted the shoes I will be buying, and telling everyone they are for my bestie’s wedding next year, although, her and my co-bridesmaid are short-arses, so I actually have no intention of wearing them at the wedding. I just need a decent enough excuse to buy them, and her wedding is a pretty good one. Hehe And then I’ll have to pull the “Oh-Noes!” face when it suddenly dawns on me that I will be at least a foot taller than them in said heels. Yes, I’m a schemer when it comes to shoes.

* We spent a good hour in the Magic Company arcade, forcing ourselves not to wrestle the game controls away from 4-year-olds, in order to maximize on ticket production. It’s always a challenge and Mister Boo battles with it a lot more than I do, strangely. All the same, we got some cool prizes – two different colour hair sprays and a key ring. B-I-L also won me a stuffed giraffe in the claw machine. Yippee!

* We actually won on the ‘grown-up’ machines! WooooHoooo! I won just under a grand, and Mister Boo came out with over R2,500, which is a blessing, since he’s still not working yet.
* Giving Mister Boo his birthday present (U2 tickets) on Tuesday. He’s been on my case since he found out they were coming to SA, and I somehow managed to keep my trap shut and not spill the beans about how awesome his present was and how much he would love it. He did a little dance when he realized what his gift was. It was really cool!

* FINALLY receiving my latest book from! They seem to have changed couriers, and it took the new guys A FRIKKING WEEK to find me! I was getting very irate and frustrated, and was composing a stinking e-mail when my book finally arrived. But you know what? It was worth the wait. No prizes for guessing that it's the other Nick Cave book, And the Ass saw the Angel. Wow, it' intense. Normally, no matter how trying the sunject matter and style of writing is (Lord of the Rings not included, I gave up on that one after suffering convulsions brought on by sheer exhaustion.) (I jest. Still, it was pretty trying.) Um... where was I? Oh yea. I normally stick with a book through to the end in as few sittings as I can, and devour it, intense or not. And then I go back and re-read it at my leisure, picking up on details I missed the first time around. But this? I just can't, it's too intense! I've actually had to put it aside for a few days and just breathe. I think it's also because I've had so much going on, but man-oh-man, it's very intense! It makes for awesomeness, just not of the sheer variety. It's very... opaque awesomeness.
* Catching my throat infection before it got too comfortable, and too serious. Yay for nipping it in the bud! Having a throat infection sucks, one way or another, but at least I haven’t been quarantined with a gullet resembling that of a bullfrog.
* Prepping for our Hallowe’en party! It’s gonna be SO much fun! I’m really, REALLY excited, but not as much as Mister Boo, apparently, because he’s just spending a few wads of cash here and there on random Hallowe’en stuff (like a floating skull/ghost/spooky-chain-rattling-figure – AWESOME), and plotting and planning where everything’s gonna go. It’s gonna be a killer party. (See what I did there? Haha) I’ll post photos of all the bits and pieces we’ve made and bough and done to bring it all together. I have high hopes of a fucking good time being had.
* Going to get my hair done tomorrow!

Ok, so technically the last two should really only make it onto next week’s list, but the anticipation is so intense, and I’m just so bouncy about them, that they’ll make a guest appearance this week too.

I leave you with this, via Snippet and Ink, which Dinee sent me. It pretty much sums up the mood behind my costume, and how I would have themed our party if I’d woken up a bit sooner and got my ass into gear with planning. At least I can plot really well for next year! Haha

Have a fan(g)tastic Hallowe'en weekend, and don't be good. Just take pictures!

Love and Raven's wings,

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