Monday, October 11, 2010

More News From Nowhere - 11.Oct.2010

Wow, what a weekend! I haven't had this much fun for what feels like YEARS! I've been in such a funk for months now, and it's all been winter-gloom and wedding-stress and shrinking-family syndrome, but it's finally all starting to clear. Now that winter is behind us, and we've postponed the wedding, and we've got through some more big days without the people who mean so much to us, it's dispersing.
It started to thin out last weekend, when my awesome boss gave me tickets to Mama Mia for Friday night (AWESOME,AWESOME, AWESOME, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou), getting my new tattoo done last Saturday (beautiful, all healed up, so photos to come sans redness), and going to lunch with Nix and Bruno. And with the sheer awesomeness of this weekend, it's just completely lifted. Gone! (Touch wood!) The funk has left the building, and I am back to be ME, the bouncy, happy, excitable, giddy girl even I've missed these last few months. I've been down so long, It started to look like up. But thanks to awesome friends, without whom I would probably be committed to some dirty institution before long, and some awesome events and happenings, I've been reminded of the difference between up and down, between pretending and really feeling, and I'm feeling all straightened out again. I swear, if I could have lifted this earlier, I would have, because funks fucking suck. But then, I wouldn't have learnt anything, would I?

So, weekend catch up:
Friday night, we went to The Doors, one of the VERY few clubs I will set foot in. Now, just to give you an idea, the clientele is less like this:

and a bit more like this:

We were celebrating the end of an era for La, who finished at her old job last week, and started a new one today. We all had SO MUCH FUN! Although I think I may have freaked out some of her former colleagues who were very UN-Doorsy to start with. I tend to go a leeeetle crazy when I get started! I danced and danced and danced until I thought I might collapse, then I had a drink and danced some more, until I was convinced I was going to collapse. It was a fantastic party, just what I needed. Mister Boo usually complains that the music and vibe is always the same at Doors, like it's a bad thing, and you could stay away for years, and it would be the same when you come back. Pfffft, I've always said. That is, until our friend Mr. T went to Japan for a year, and when he came back, we hit Doors. And yea, he said that it was just the same as when he left. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, though. It's kind of like coming home; for me at least. I always look forward to Doors like a kid looks forward to Christmas, and it's very rare that I leave disappointed.

Anyway, for some reason, I woke up with a hangover from Hades on Saturday. Can't seem to figure out where that came from! hehe I was surprised though, because I actually had less to drink than I usually do. Maybe that's the key. Get REALLY smashed, then it cancels itself out? Anywho, I had to battle my way through grocery shopping and wax, which was a bit torturous in my delicate condition. Still, I survived that, and went home and climbed straight back into bed. I left everyone else to unpack the groceries and crap, and I just nursed myself back to health and functionality (is that a word? It is now!) until freaking 4 PM!!!! I was disgusted at myself for wasting the whole day sleeping, and for being such a sissy about my babelaas, but you know what? I needed it, and erased the guilt with computer games and rock music. I felt like a whole new woman when I did finally get going again, so I guess it was worth it.

And then, Sunday. Oh wow, Sunday was AMAZING! We met up with Simba and pulled through to Rocking the Gardens, the Joburg leg of the Rocking the Daisies festival. It's been a LONG time since we did anything remotely as fun as that! We saw Farryl Purkiss (Shoo-wee, what a hottie! And SO talented to boot!) as we found our spot under the trees and settled in. I went and got my free Nokia t-shirt, which is actually really nice! It's a beautiful teal colour, and made of hemp, so yay pretty-and-sustainable! Saw some other bands that didn't really register on my radar, although there was this one band - we didn't actually see them, because we were strolling around the various stands and tents - but they sounded pretty awesome. It was kind of Eastern-European influenced, very folksy and they had such a stunning groove! I really enjoyed that. After a few more sort of... nondescript people, we moseyed over to join Simba in the comedy tent. If you ever have the chance to see Pete Johansen's stand up, do it, it's well worth it. Even in a food court. Heh-heh. After that, Mr. T, Mister Boo and I took a stroll through to the main stage, and found Flash Republic performing. No, wait... performing isn't the right word... Partying up a storm is more like it. They are so high-energy, and you just can't help but party along, too. They're great. Tamara Dey is, as usual, so gorgeous, and she always looks like she's having the time of her life, even when her mic goes all funky and crackly. They really got the crowd going, and were really just awesome fun. I got the bouncies thanks to them (and good ol' Smirnoff-n-Sprite).
And then... The Springbok Nude Girls. Now, when you say Rock Star or High Voltage or Holy-Crap-I-Could-Implode-From-Being-In-The-Presence-Of-Such-Sheer-And-Unadulterated-Awesomeness, you better picture these guys! And if you don't already, you better start to. NOW. :) Every time I see them perform, they are just better and better and more and more amazing. We've seen them a few times, at various venues ad settings, but yesterday was probably one of the most awesome shows I've ever seen, including the international acts I've seen over the years. When you consider that they went on stage about half an hour later than they were scheduled to, because one of the earlier bands ran over, and they HAD to shut the event down at 18h00, we sure-as-shit got our money's worth, and our Nudies' worth! Fuck, they managed to do a whole set in half an hour, a whole lot of the best older stuff, and some of the better new-er stuff, and the vibe was just... indescribable, actually. They blew me away, once again. I didn't stop jumping and bouncing and screaming - yes, a little louder at a hint of Arno's skin and low slung pants, and ... ahem. Nevermind. (Fan-Girl Alert!) But honestly, aside from the sheer, undeniable raw sex appeal of the whole band, they are just... fucking Rock Gods of epic proportions. There should be all sorts of dedications to the awesomness of the Nudies, the world over.

What did you do over the weekend? Obviously nothing could compare to the awesomeness of the Nudies (accept it, there's no denying it, sorry), but I'd like to hear it anyway.


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