Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesay Wonders - Freedom Day Edition


The past week has been a bit disjointed with the public holidays and the sugar highs and crashes that come with Easter. In between the sugar crashes, these are the things that have made me smile.

* Freedom! Today is Freedom Day in SA, which is more than just another public holiday. It commemorates the first free elections in SA, and the changes that came with that.
Today I’m celebrating my own personal freedoms. I’m free from things that used to define me, things that I used to do and say that made me feel bad about myself, but I did them anyway. I’m free from old bad habits and of being blissfully ignorant of the important things. And this.

* Iron Fist Ruff Rider Platforms! Yes, still. I tried a pair on over the weekend and strutted around the store like Queen Bitch. The skater boys were enthralled with the rock-star girl prancing around their shop, grinning like a Cheshire cat. In the time I was there, they sold two other pars of Iron Fist shoes to curious girls yet to experience their magic. I,m heading back there this weekend to buy them.

* Road trip countdown!!! In just a few days, La, Ang and I descend on Secunda to create madness and mayhem. It’s going to be epic and I can’t wait!

* Finally - FINALLY - doing our wedding Thank-You cards!

* Snatch. Again. And finally understanding Mickey.

* After hesitantly thanking the stars that the plague didn’t get hold of me last week, it got me in its clutches on Thursday, and hung on tight. Nonetheless, I think I’m starting to shake it, and I’m hoping that once it’s gone, it’s gone. For good. Once is more than enough for me.

* On that note, Scott’s Emulsion! I’ve been dosing up on it since Friday, on La’s advice. It’s kept me from feeling too rough through the plague, which rocks my world. I’ve been mostly functional the past few days. Thanks La!

* Birthday Present Making. *smiles secretively*

* Runaways-inspired outfits (I watched it for the first time {!!!!!} over the long weekend, and have soooo many outfits planned out in my head!)


Little things that made me smile:

* Avon Black Matt Nail polish * Rocket-Shoes * Tangled * Beetlejuice * Coraline * Reading the signs and understanding where they're leading me * Planning on starting to walk again with Dinee soon. Since the plague descended upon our home, it’s been a bit difficult, but now that it’s on its way out? Walkies!!! * Being a scanner *

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