Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

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Well this week has been better than the last two so far! Yeah! The weather is finally co-operating (i.e.: it's rainy and gloomy and grey - LOVE!), my sleeping pattern is changing again (for the better) and the Universe and I aren't at loggerheads at the moment. For the WIN!

These are some of the things have have made me grin like a guppy in the past 7 days:

* Speaking to my bestie, Stephy, today! It was a very interrupted call, but it was awesome all the same! FIFTY-ONE DAYS!!!!!!!!!

* Writing my 6-month goals out and sticking them on my wall, where I can see them all the time and not lose sight of them.

* Lists! They make life in general, and travel planning in particular, that much less stressful for a scatterbrain like me. I used to scrunch my nose up at the thought of them, but I just can't live without them anymore.

* Initiating my own Kurt Cobain week. It’s 17 years this week since he died! And the world still sucks balls without him. 

* Impromptu movie Sundays which turn out infinitely more awesome and inspiring than I could have hoped for.

* Middle-of-the-night insomnia-induced creative-brick-wall busting. Now in English: When I couldn’t sleep on Sunday night, I was hit by a huge wave of inspiration and it ROCKED my world!

* Following the Surfer Dude thing: Surf photography. So awesome!

* Upcoming fabric projects.

* Planning coffee dates.

* Discovering how many awesome movies I have that I didn’t even know about.

* Plane ticket booking! This week!!

* Bridesmaid dress sashes arriving and looking ah-mah-ZING!

* ‘Homemade’ mani and pedi that looks like a fairy that was drunk on Pinot Noir got squashed on my nails. (IE: Midnight Grape and Magenta Sparkle). Naturally, because it looks so awesome in real life, it photographs like crap. *rolls eyes*

* Writing. Always.

* My husband’s cooking, especially his signature bolognaise.

* Planning for Doors on Friday night! Now with added Simba! It's the Kurt Cobain Tribute Party, and it's gonna be amazing. I cannot fucking wait! Here comes another 4am stop at McDonalds!

* Avon deliveries full of sparkle and goodness.

* Matthew McConaughey in Surfer Dude. For me, it was all about the wonderful costume design. See? 

What an innovative wardrobe!
* Finding stuff I’d resigned myself to having lost. And suddenly, when I wasn’t aching over it anymore, there it was! Yay!

* My laptop. It needs a clean, but I still love it; maybe even more now that it’s dirty and scruffy hehe

* Aus Anticipation! (More on this soon)

* The new laptop bag / handbag / carry all bag that I’m saving for my flight. Maja Boo and I went halvies on it last week, and I’m so excited to use it! Gawjus!

* Never failing to surprise people. I’m pretty much an open book most of the time, but every now and then I still manage to leave people speechless at my random revelations. It’s never epic stuff, just stuff that nobody would believe if they didn’t hear it straight from me.

Little things that made me smile this week:

* Snatch * Ampedness * Xavier Rudd * Nick Cave dreams (Get your mind out of the gutter, people, it wasn’t that bad!) * “Dude, you’re harshing my morning mellow, man.” * Mr. Sunshine, Yay * “D’ya like dags?” * Simon Baker. Yes, this is going to be an ongoing thing. Deal with it. * Writing, and then falling asleep, listening to the heavy rain * About A Girl * Random Mix CDs (Llama Collection 2011 in all its glory, baby!) * Edward Scissorhands *

What's made your week worthwhile?


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