Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday (TiLT) - 14 July 2011

Happy Bastille Day
Amid all the chaos and mayhem and scrambling around this week (and there’s been a lot!), I totally missed Wednesday Wonders. (Truth be told, it was more like Wednesday Wailing, but we’re done with that now.) So, instead, I present this week’s TiLT list:

* Spur-of-the-moment pool-playing with my gorgeous husband. And beating him. Despite not playing properly because I was wearing my glasses and couldn’t see anything when I looked over the rim to line up shots. Note to self: Wear lenses to kick ass.

* Nutty, hysterical messages from Her Supreme Highness, Queen Mother-In-Law.

* Staring to de-clutter my bedroom. FINALLY!

* Following the de-clutter, the massive box and a half of shoes I have to donate / gift / sell. Also: the HUGE bag of clothes destined for the same fate.

* Writing another short story in my head.

* New scenarios for the in-progress-story.

* Our new portable hard-drive. Yay for space on my laptop again!!

* Only a few more sleeps till I get new hair.

* Hysterical text messages that have me crying with laughter at my desk.

* It’s amazing how much less frenzied & freaked out I feel after de-cluttering my room!

* Yoghurt, sweet toasted muesli (fruit-free) and honey for breakfast. Nom!!

* Linkin Park covers Rolling in the Deep. I die.

* That feeling of exhausted satisfaction that comes with finishing hectic, stressful & time-consuming projects. Win!

* Venting. While I’m a very vocal person (Hi, I’m Miss Boo, and I’m LOUD-AS-FUCK), I have become a bit of a bottler-upper, and that’s incredibly detrimental to my fragile border-line sanity. So, earlier this week, my new friend & colleague sat me down and said, “Talk.” And I did. I didn’t spill my guts, but I did get some stuff off my chest and it was remarkable the difference it made. (So guys, if you need to talk, talk. There’s no point bottling it up, okay!?!)

* Finishing my new snood. I LOVE IT!!! I’m so proud!


'n Cosy

* Melinda Hird Photography. She was Stephy’s wedding photographer, and she and her husband were just fantastic!

* Knowing that we’re finally closer to the end of winter than the beginning.

* Mister Boo skewing my party decorations so that they now have a distinctly Burton-type flair.

* Saron Gas in the morning, while I wait for my lift.

* Saron Gas in the evening, while I crochet.

Little things which made me smile

* Thinking about Shaun Morgan making jewellery (don’t ask, just nod) * The almost-full moon, and the crazy things it does to me * Party plans * Pre-lunchtime craziness * Fun outfits * Snappy shopping * Positive changes * Red Hot Chili Peppers * “That dude is such a girl.” (Mister Boo on Axl Rose) * Meaningful discussions * Jelly & custard for lunch on super-stressed days * Change the world or go the fuck home * Letters of Note *


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