Friday, June 24, 2011

Back from the Land Down Under! Feat. Steph and Andrew's Beautiful Wedding

Some of Ana's gorgeous little touches throughout the day
Early on Saturday morning (and I mean EARLY, as in 5am) we dragged our cold, sorry asses out into the cold, dark morning, and headed off to Flemington Market for flowers. Once I was awake, I was reeeeaaallllly excited, and as the sun started to rise over Sydney, we made our way into the market in search of beautiful hot pink roses. And damn, did we find! It took us a little while to figure out that under the artificial light, the colours were a little different, but once that penny dropped, we found just what we were looking for. And then some! Once we were laden with roses, we stopped for a coffee, and then, on our way home, got a take away brekkie. By the time we got home, my stomach was revolting against me for the assault the night before, and I had to lie down for a little while. When I got up, I felt MUCH better, and got to work on the crafting and flowering and creating stuff, which we did for most of the day. We went out for pizza that night – deeeeviiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!! – and got all our stuff together while Steph made her last few schedule revisions before turning in.

Bright and early on Sunday morning, the pre-wedding mayhem began. The make up artist and hair stylist arrived and pinned Ash and I down and went to work. When they were done, Ash had beautiful tumbling curls and I had movie-star make up. I may have gasped when I saw my reflection… I want airbrushed foundation every day! It makes for such smooth skin! Anyway, once that was done, I went off to wrestle with my hair while Ash had her make up done, and then I got tangled in my dress. By then, the photographers had arrived. I think that’s when it started to sink in… our best friend was about to get married! Cue squeeing and eeping!!! Once I wriggled it into some kind of order, Ash helped me get it all together, and I sewed her into hers. I fear there may even be a snap or two of that! Hehe Once Stephy’s hair and make up were done, it was lacing time! I was nominated to lace her into her magnificent dress, and I was damned if she was going to fall out of it! Scenes from Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean came to mind as I asked her if she could breathe. Her reply? “It doesn’t really matter if I can breathe, as long as I don’t fall out.” Hehehe We got her all dressed and looking gorgeous and then raced around adding the finishing touches to our own ensembles, before rushing out the door.

The drive to the church was short enough that the glowing bride didn’t stress (too much), but long enough for us to giggle at the appropriate playlist on the radio and wave to random people who gushed as they were crossing the road. And suddenly, it was time! We got there and before we knew it, we were being ushered down towards the ceremony site.

Ash descended the stairs gracefully and beautifully in her sensibly-heeled shoes, setting an impossible standard for me to follow. Naturally, on Step No 1, I almost tumbled down. The only way I could prevent ending up face down in the centre of the aisle, with my dress over my head and my gorgeous shoes* on opposite ends of the garden, was to go with the momentum and literally bounce down the stairs.

Relief! I made it!

Most Rocking Bridesmaids Ever?
There was nothing else for it.** Somehow, I balanced without waving my arms around like a lunatic, and got down the aisle unscathed and not the butt of anyone’s jokes.***  

Here she comes!
The ceremony was incredible, just gorgeous! Craig, the celebrant, was fantastic! There was humour and tenderness and I know I was grinning like a Cheshire cat through the whole thing.

Peter & Julie

Very proud mom & dad
It was so special to watch my friend, the one person who’s been at my side since I was ten years old (even if it was in spirit for a lot of that time), on one of the happiest and most cherished days of her life so far. I felt so proud and honoured to be a part of that.

Mr. and Mrs!!!!!

Once the ceremony was done, there were some huge group shots, and then everyone moved off for canap├ęs and cocktails on the balcony while the bridal party did photos. And photos. And hey, more photos! We had such a blast with the photographers! They were just great, so much fun and they put everyone at ease.

Dashing brother / MC / All round awesome
Ash and I giggled our asses off for most of them! Especially when I snuck in a Blue Steel for the individual bridal party portraits, which gave Matthew a good laugh. Also: I rocked the hell out of the smize. Thanks, Tyra! I fear that Ash and I may have disturbed Andrew’s best man and groomsman a little with our crazy ramblings, but hey, we kept them entertained, so our mission was complete! We eventually got a few minutes to sit and have a drink (Vodka and Lemonade, the drink of champions!) before the official introductions and then… the marvelous meal! It was just spectacular! Delicious risotto stuffed into a banana pepper, succulent lamb shank, chocolate glace on a Ferrero Rocher base… and divine mini chocolate cupcakes, iced in hot pink! Deeeeeeelish!

There was craziness and randomness, but not too much chaos and mayhem, which just meant that everyone was laughing and having a fantastic time. I'm pretty sure Steph's vision for her wedding was realised when she saw how happy everyone was.

Then, suddenly, it was time for the bouquet toss. It was hysterical to watch the not-so-keen girls step to one side as the flowers flew through the air, and the more enthusiastic girls rushed forward. It was also completely bizarre to not be shoved into the crowd of single ladies. It was quite strange to know that the pressure of the bouquet toss will never again be thrust on me, because I ain’t gotta catch no flowers to get hitched! Hehehe Once that was done, it was time for the newlyweds to head off into the sunset for their first night as Mr. and Mrs. in their gorgeous vintage car! We waved them goodbye and then it was all over.

Bon Voyage!

Until next time, my darlings!


* I was totally impressed with my Iron Fist shoes, by the way. They were super comfy for the most part, except for the last hour.
I think it was when I started sinking into the grass for the last few photos that the pain started, and then it just. wouldn’t. stop. But all in all, they were perfect. They made me bounce, got lots of envious stares from the most unexpected people (Hi Marina! Hi Luke!) and made for one very rock-n-roll bridesmaid and one infinitely cool wedding.
** Hope the video doesn’t show the momentary panic I felt when I started going off-kilter. I tried to smile through the whole ordeal, but might have looked a little… maniacal. Sorry Steph! Sorry Andrew! Sorry Opa!!

*** Well, not that I heard, anyway!

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