Thursday, June 30, 2011

TiLT - 30.6.2011

Via Yum & Yuk

Yesterday was a really bleak day. Today is absolutely spectacular! The sun is out, the sky is blue (it’s beautiful, and so are you), and I’m smiling! Here’s my list of blessings to be counted:

* Teal Tuesday. It’s better than a Blue Monday, right?

* Making a list of random things I want to achieve for July. More on this later. ;)

* Writing down my goals, and listing the steps it’s going to take for me to achieve them. I’ve always been terrified of planning because my plans usually fall to pieces, but I’ve sucked it up and set some goals and listed every step I’m going to have to take to achieve them. It’s a new-ish concept to me, but it’s worth a shot!

* Simba’s farewell party, and all the weirdness that went with it.

* Heidi’s amazing concepts for my ½ sleeve! I totally swooned, like a 13-year-old with a picture of a Backstreet Boy.

* Starting to de-clutter my desk at work, planning to de-clutter my bedroom & office at home, and, by extension, my life.

* The Beatles

* My awesome new leather-look biker jacket. I am kind of in love!

* This quote: 

* My Jay Jay’s Sex Pistols and Nirvana t-shirts. FTW

* Settling on a theme and costume for my birthday party.

Via Design Sponge
* Pure glitter manicures. That photograph like my ass. Still, awesomely pretty and SOOO much fun to do!!! (I’ve been leaving a trail of pink and black sparkles wherever I go)

* Adele

* Pasta with grilled chicken strips, creamed spinach, peppadews & Parmesan. With extra fresh jalapenos on the side.

* Getting back into the writing frame of mind.

* Getting back into the walking frame of mind too.

Little things that made me smile:

* Tall Horse Merlot * Crystal clear winter skies * Adcodol. There’s a reason it’s the colour of sunshine and happiness * Water for Elephants. What a warm-n-fuzzy story! (I don’t usually do the warm-n-fuzzy, but this one was fantastic!) * Being in the grips of Big Bang Theory addiction * “They’re like the X-Men of the Moron Race” * Crocheting * The King’s Speech * Buttermilk Ouma Rusks dunked in hot coffee for breakfast * Grey knitted tights. So warm! So comfy! * Getting Mister Boo to have a haircut * Strengthening bonds with people who matter, and closing doors on those who would drag me down with them *


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