Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We interrupt this program....


There will be no Wednesday Wonders today. It's not that I have nothing to be happy about, it's not that I have no blessings to count. I do! A whole fuck-load! Just... not today. I hate today. Today is my Daddy's birthday, and he's not here to celebrate it. Today is a month since our first Newtown experience in Oz, and I wanna go back and sing along to karaoke and perve at the clean-17-year-old-Kurt-Cobain barman without a care in the world. Today is the day one of my best friends left Joburg, for at least a year. And it's taken until today for my cellphone service provider to let me know why my phone has been blocked. (For the record, it's because they are Super-Morons. They are the X-Men of morons, only infinitely less awesome.) Today sucks.

Normal programming will resume tomorrow with TiLT, and maybe even another Aus Round-Up post!

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