Thursday, June 23, 2011

TiLT - 23.6.2011


* Tuesday night was the longest night of the year, which means that from yesterday on, the days start getting a little longer again... It's the first step towards summer! Usually I'm all about the defence of winter - my birthday's smack-bang in the middle of winter, so I've got to love it - but this one is taking its toll on my like none before! I've had the Seasonal Sads, which is really out of the ordinary! But now I feel like we're on the right path, heading in the right direction! Yay!

* BBC's Grow Your Own Drugs

* Planning new things for my hair

* Into the Wild. What a beautiful movie! I've been wanting to see it for ages now, and finally did on Saturday night. I was surprised at how it spoke to me, because I was really expecting to take a different message away from the story, but it was moving, to say the least.

* Stepping out of the box again

* The Shining. I've just finished reading the book (which I picked up for a whopping R40 last week), and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Now I want to watch the movie again. Just as well I have the DVD, huh? Also: squeeing out loud when reading Stephen King's prologue and stumbling across one of my favourite quotes in history! "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."

* Birthday Party Planning! It's less than a month to my birthday, and I've decided it's time for a theme party again! We used to do at least two a year, my birthday and New Year, but for the past few years, people have been scattered around at New Year, so it's time for another theme now. I'm rubbing my hands with glee as I plan this one; it's going to be epic!

* Preparing lunch the night before work, for less wall & other stress

* Last Wednesday's spectacular lunar eclipse... I was wholly enraptured!

* Water for Elephants. (The book.) I picked it up yesterday morning while I was waiting for my lift, and I'm already halfway through it! It's wonderful!!

* Starting to enjoy my outfits again. I've been in a bit of a rut the last month or so, but I'm getting back into the funky side of my wardrobe, and enjoying it!

* Reefer Madness!

* The little rasp in my voice. I've been down with the Sydneysider Plague since I got back, but finally feel like I'm dragging myself in the right direction... Health! When I get there, I will miss the husky effect, though. It always seems to add a bit of mystery to any conversation, don't you think?

* Being able to laugh at myself. If I took myself too seriously, I would have died of embarrassment at my own antics years ago!

* Planning an epic manicure, which I'm going to attempt tonight. If it works, you'll get photos! If not, you'll never hear of it again. Probably.

* The fabulous Father's Day brunch we had at the Garden Shop on Sunday, with Grumps. It was so nice to get out the house as a family and just enjoy being together. And we had sunshine! Yay!

* My sparkly pink peace-sign necklace, which has replaced my lost-on-the-streets-of-Sydney crows foot

* Feeling inspired and making new plans which honour the committments I made to myself while I was away

Little things which made me smile:

* Jazzing things up * My family and friends * Reliving my holiday through my Australia Round Up posts * Waffles for brunch * Hot pink manicures * Planning new walking routes & workouts * Planning my escape * Patience * Hot baths at the end of rough, cold days * My humidifier working again - bliss * My little blue fleece blankie that keeps my legs warm under my desk - without it, I'd be doomed! * Mid-week philosophical discussions *

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