Friday, March 11, 2011


In light of the gratitude posts that have taken up most of my blog space recently, I feel that this is something that needs a post of its own.

I'm grateful for not being the victim of the numerous natural disasters which have plagued our fragile planet in the last year or so (I know it's been longer, but it does seem to be more frequently recently, right?) I'm definitely water sign so, despite the rough, tough and loud exterior, I'm a real softie at heart, and things like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan today (11.3.11) just leave me on the verge of tears. The turmoil of the water results in turmoil within us water signs too, I think. 

At this stage, I haven't been able to find information on who is sending immediate aid to Japan and the other Pacific countries affected by this tragedy. However, I do know that Doctors Without Borders is as excellent an organisation as any of the others out there. I try and make regular donations to them, more than anything because I believe in what they do and I know that if I was qualified, I would probably be live my dad's worst nightmare and become on of them. 

I'm sure that in the next few hours and over the weekend, the true horror of what has happened will reveal itself. If you are there, or have loved ones who have been affected, I am sending hope and light in your direction. If you can't afford to donate anything to any of the aid agencies heading there in the next few days, I'm sure you can spare some love, light, hope and even prayers, if that's your thing, for the victims and their loved ones.

It seems that what our mothers told us as kids is true... It's a scary world out there. Take care, wherever you are. 

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