Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday Wonders


...on a Thursday. Again. Crap. I have to get my A into G in time next week!

* SALES! Clearly my test to see if I could go a whole month without shopping is a big fat FAIL this month! I shall try again next month though, and see if I can do it then! (I better! I have a trip to save for! Woohoo!!)

* New stuff! I have picked up some really sweet stuff and at really really sweet prices! A pair of shorts (!!!) for R150.00; a kaftan marked down from R350.00 to R160.00, a blue skirt I have been secretly coveting for almost a year now for R135.00... and a stunning pair of emerald pumps for R150.00! Yay for sales! But... enough now. Dinee and I have decided that next time we 'go out' for lunch, we'll just go park in the basement at Montecasino and yak, because it's cheaper and less sweaty!

* Half moon manicure. Which photographs really badly. I saw a tutorial online a few weeks back on The Cherry Blossom Girl on how to do a half moon manicure, and how to jazz it up. I've been dying to try it for a while now, and finally got all the materials to do it, and it came out really nicely (the second time I tried it, anyway! ha!)

* Fuck Yeah Girls With Short Hair! I've been looking for something new and funky to do to my hair for a while now - would you believe I've grown bored of bright pink and purple?! - and I found this site in my searches. Je l'adore!

* Enjoying listening to something other than Nick Cave for the first time in a long time. *gasp* I know, I can't quite believe it either, but hey... it was Nirvana, which kind of makes it alright... right?

* With apologies to everyone I didn't reply to on Saturday and Sunday... Being completely underground all weekend! We were supposed to be on a team-building weekend last weekend, but it was cancelled at pretty much the last minute. I decided to neglect to tell anyone, and just hid out all weekend! I felt kinda guilty for the first half an hour after waking up at not-the-crack-of-dawn, and after that... I just revelled in it! I sewed for the first time in aaaages! I made a stunning - STUNNING bag and an obi belt of the same Chinese brocade fabric. *heart flutters* I read. I actually sat down and read, which I haven't had time to do in aaaages either! We just chilled out and watched movies! I made a day planner, sort of following Kyla Roma's guidelines{Part 1} {Part 2}! Also: I nursed an ingrown toenail all weekend and into this week, so it's probably just as well that I wasn't flailing along a flimsy cable on a canopy tour in the Midlands.

* Catching up on sleep. It really is a spectacular concept, and when you get to put it into action...? HARK! ANGELS!

* Getting excited for Aus, despite my fear of flying and watching far too much Border Patrol. Keeping my fingers crossed for my visa!

* The Lions playing so much better in the Super 15!!! New coach, new players, injection of funds, and suddenly - without their old captain, who lead them like the blind - they're playing like a team again! Go Lions! Go!

* Across the Universe. Always.

* Wedding photos! Dinee has posted the first batch of our wedding photos on her photography blog! I'm SO excited! I HAVE to show you! Click here to see {Part 1} of the sheer awesomeness!

Little things that have made me smile this week:

* Feeling kinda bouncy. Long may it last! * Texts from my husband that contain nothing but randomness * Plotting and scheming * Walking almost every day now after work, and planning to do it with Dinee too * Noticing the difference in my clothes, and buying smaller sizes with confidence that they'll fit * Slightly mixing up my make up routine and feeling better for it * BRIGHT COLOURS * Small triumphs * Being genuinely happy for people with no false smiles or jabs of jealousy * Paw paw with honey and lemon juice for brekkie (This coming from someone who would literally groan in disgust at paw paw only a year ago - wtf body?!) * Suddenly... awesome music on the radio. In the last two days, I've heard: Seether, The Springbok Nude Girls (who are releasing a new album this year! WooHoo!), The Offspring, Jack Johnson, Johnny Cash (!) and more! * That bag up there is from Big Blue (anyone wanna get it for me?!) *

Well, that's me this week! Has yours been spectacular or sh...oddy?  Let me know!




  2. p.s. but you cannot deny that we have SO much fun while burning our pockets :)