Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

 And on time, to boot!

* Outrageous and courageous outfits again. It's also been a while since I've had enough confidence to play around with my clothes, so the last few weeks have been fun.

* Liking the way I look in photos! It's been a loooooong time since that's happened!

Ready for some really shocking pool playing!
You can actually see that there was no way I was going to pay enough attention to win, or even play well.

Looking a little more sophisticated. Also: I made that belt!

* Playing pool with fabulous people. Sucking at it (again), but not caring. Taking over the jukebox instead. Smuggling Hanson into the playlist, just to see the look on the boys' faces. FTW!

* Walking! Now with added awesome! Dinee is joining Mister Boo and I for our walks a couple of times a week now, starting today, and it's gonna be crazy! Who knows what randomness will ensue!?!

* Finishing another notebook! I've had a double volume notebook (read: 2x A5 192 pg hardcover notebooks glued together) since about November, and I used the last page on Monday night! I love notebooks; I collect them, and no two are alike. As much as I love the feeling of a new, blank book just aching to be filled with ideas and notes, it's always a nostalgic farewell when I use the last page of an old one. That notebook, in particular, has been through the wars with me - it's been in my hands at gigs, parties, psychotic meltdowns and blissfull epiphanies, and is filled with secrets; dreams; aspirations; twisted stories, lyrics and poems; ideas and dodgy sketches. But now, there's a new one calling me.

* Deja vu! Again! Ha!

* Finishing another story. Well... sort of. I've finally finished the first draft of a story that's been in the making for quite a while now... since around September last year. And bear in mind, this is just a short story, nothing novel-like about it! It's been a very intense and revealing process, and I'm not sure it's one I would ever make public, but it's been a wonderful experience. Finishing the first draft was like saying goodbye to a lover; editing, I think, will be like looking back at the snapshots from the time spent together.

* Crazy hair plans! I'm seeing my darling Nicky on Saturday - not a moment too soon, either! - and have some changes in mind. Nothing too extreme, mind you. There will still be outrageous colour and ridiculous cutting! But I've grown a bit weary of the pink-and-purple combination (I've had it since December, so it's DEFINITELY time for a change)! Can't wait for it to be done, so I can show it off!

* My visa's been approved! Did ya hear that, Stephy?! I'M COMING TO AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (Okay, I'm sure half of Sydney just groaned in dread, but the rest of you? Hit me up with venue ideas for bachelorettes and raucous nights out! And cheap shopping. Always cheap shopping.) Now... to find someone in Sydney who will tattoo me... *strokes chin ponderously*

* Rain. Eternally. Because it allows outfits like this:

Also: Beanies. Also: Scarves. Also also: Snoods!

* Seeing people who make me smile for no reason other than that I'm sure I'd like them if I knew them. Those people coming inside to ask a strange and random question about ampersands. Those same people saying that they're glad they met me because when they saw me they were sure they would like me, and they did. Both getting goosebumps when I say that the exact same thought had just crossed my mind.

* Maja Boo is getting a new car! WooHoo for her! Also: Arse-kick for us to finally - finally - get our drivers licences. (Or to try again, anyway.)

* Thinking of adding a short list of loathes to this feature, and promptly forgetting about it and/or losing the list. Yes Universe, I prefer gratitude too!

Little things that made me smile this week:

* Purple Wonder (more on this later) * Sinking on the white ball in three consecutive pool games, in especially wonderous fashion. See: skip white ball over three other balls, at a precarious angle, and landing it straight in the pocket without a single bounce * "Do you see bats?" "Yes!" "Then you're in the right place!" * Sharing a story with La and getting exceptionally positive (and blush-inducing) feedback * Feeling real, genuine laughter and excitement * Having awesome green shoes to wear for St Paddy's tomorrow! Can't wait to debut them! * Recalculating! * Finally getting rid of that cursed ingrown toenail which has plagued me for almost a month. The elation I feel equals the grossness of the concept. It's like I want to share because I'm so happy, but I know people will cringe. Still... * AC/DC car-mosh-pits at 2am in the McD's parking lot. See also: terrifying a group of squarebacks (jocks) with car-most-pit so badly that they piled into their car and left after the first chorus! * Sketching, painting, crafting * Watchmen * My first proper handbag order! * Laughter. Again. Just... laughter. There is never enough, and we need it now, more than ever. * 99 Red Balloons * The new header that my darling Dinee designed for me! *

So, what's had you hooting and howling this week?



  1. 1. Love the photos of you! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and I love that belt you made. You are just flat out effing adorable!

    2. You have not played pool until you are banned from breaking since you scratch every time, thus resulting in a very short and unproductive game. Personally, I am a pro!

  2. Whiskey:
    1. I just grinned and now everyone at work thinks I have a big fat secret! haha THanks for that, totally made my day. :D

    2. I kinda refuse to play unless I can break, because it's the only time I play a decent shot. haha I'm working on it though, Monday is a holiday and I have no plans, so I'm thinking a quiet little practice afternoon might pay off hahaha