Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's the Luck of the Irish...

... to have such talented, and often gorgeous, people representing them out in the world!

I give you a short list (click on the names for links):

Dolores O'Riordan
 : Singer - The Cranberries
 : Hair colour experimenter

Bob Geldof
 : Activist, Actor (Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'), Singer - The BoomTown Rats, LiveAid
 : Lover of unusual children's names

Roisin Murphy
 : Singer-songwriter - Solo, Moloko
 : Lover of crazy hats and crazy fashion

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
 : Actor
 : Happens to have an incredible singing voice, and sings a lot of his own stuff in his movies
 : Considered going into the priesthood before 'making it' in the movies (I guess he would have been a perfect tool for converting masses of hormonal girls to Catholisism, though...)

Bless me father...

For I'm about to sin!

Liam Neeson
 : Actor
 : Maja Boo's future husband... hands off!

All of U2
 : Infinitely amazing band.
 : Human rights activists

Daniel Day-Lewis
 : I'm not sure I can even say anything about this guy without turning into a hyperventilating, hormonal teenager all over again. Just... *looks out the window dreamily* *suddenly starts blushing* Yup. That's all.


Colin Farrell
 : Actor
 : Surprised everyone in 'A Crazy Heart' with his singing
 : Donated his salary from 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' to friend and co-star Heath Ledger's daughter
 : Notoriously badly-behaved

Granted, Ireland has also given the world war, hunger strikes, weird associations with potatoes and ... Shane MacGowan (look it up, I'm not going there!). Still... I prefer to focus on the positive.
Excuse me while I go and drool more at some terribly sexy people, while listening to astounding music.


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