Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

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It’s that time of the week again!

The past week has been pretty spectacular. Well, except for today, which has had a bit of a sour twist. And I don’t mean the smell of vinegar, which I’ve used to deter the ants from my bin.
All the same, there’s always something to be grateful for, and listing those things is a sure-fire pick-me-up. So, without further ado…

* Little girls in full Snow White gear, including the princess collar and crown, spelunking in the muddy puddles outside my office after an epic thunderstorm.

* Teenage girls on motorbikes. Who have gorgeous grunge style. And little sisters who are dressed like princesses, and look at them in awe. Had there been a thought bubble, it would have read: “When I’m big, I want to be just like you, sis!”

* Getting a whole lot done on Friday, when everyone else had gone home. It’s when there’s nobody here, the phones are quiet, the bleeding radio is off and I can play my own weird and twisted music that I’m most productive.

* A long weekend! Monday was Human Rights Day (Hence: no Monday Music. I was too hung-over. Fact. I’m sorry. ) We had a pretty hectic long weekend, but a fun one all the same. I’ll break it down by day, otherwise it will get a bit confusing. Trust me, I was looking at my note book thinking, ‘HUH?’
~ Saturday      
: Went to the doc for a follow-up on my new tablets. And?
*drum roll, pleaseI’m down. Like 5.6 kgs down! *cue ticker tape*

: Had my hair done, and went for a big change! No more pink and purple! Now: shorter and darker! Also: purple and orange. (Not enough purple though, but it’s okay. Only six weeks and we can add more!) Also: I MISS MY PIIIIIINK! : Lunch with friends of Maja Boo. What a scream! : I finally bought a primer for my make up! I figured with my hair being so much shorter, there is even less room for flawed skin (of which I am the disgruntled owner). So… I’ll fake it!

: Impromptu rugby party with P-&-P. Even though BOTH my teams lost – miserably. At least there’s still hormonal value in the teams, regardless of whether they win or lose. In fact, when they lose, they need consoling.

I mean...



~ Sunday   
: I started making a bag for Nix, who is going overseas in April. She was looking for something sturdy, fun and big enough to easily put souvenirs and brochures and pamphlets in, along with the usual cameras and things. I started with my beautiful teal brocade, lined it and put a zip in. Et voila! (If only it was as easy as that! Just as well I find it therapeutic and calming, or I’d go out of my mind!) 

: Lunch at Jax & MJ. How we laughed! What a cool day! It poured with rain for most of the afternoon and evening – the guys even had to abort the braai because they were trying to cook the meat in a monsoon – but it all turned out for the best. We had a delicious (Yes, really, Jax!) meal, and such a good time! We went for lunch, and got home not long before midnight. J 

: The so-called ‘old aunties’ (who are neither old, nor do they behave like you would expect old aunties to behave) lambasted me for not writing more stuff more often. Not only here at Miss Boo, but in general. I promised I would focus on it more if I could. I had a dream that night that has led to a story formulating. Like, a proper story. 

~ Monday 
: Holiday!!! Sleeping in! Pizza for breakfast! Loud music! Comfy clothes!

: Bag-making, Part 2. See also: finishing Nix’s bag! Woohoo!!!

: Writing. And writing and writing and writing.  

: Re-visiting old Glee episodes: Good idea. While doing my nails: Bad idea. Meh. *shrugs* You win some, you lose some.

* Walking double the distance we usually do and still feeling like a million bucks! I have the blisters and aching muscles to prove it. And the good news? We’re doing it all again tonight!

Little things that made me smile this week:

* Mister Boo’s randomness * Sleeping in * Calm in the face of sheer panic * Body confidence * My new haircut * “Bits and bytes and dust” * Avon Plum Gorgeous lipstick * Clear Matt top coat nail polish * Writing * Selling my first bag * 5.6 kgs people! For The Win!!! * Rugby * Crazy dreams. No, really. Batshit Crazy. * Janis Joplin Chuck Taylor All Stars. Oh. My. God. * Maja Boo’s new car, Bella! She’s gawjus! * Nirvana, to get me through the rough times * Hunter S. Thompson shirts * New header plans. Hopefully to stay for a long time. I think I've found what kind of defines me best now. I hope so! *


* Contrary to all the images of gorgeous men I post, I don't spend all of my time perving at these divine examples of testosterone. It is fun, though!

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