Monday, November 22, 2010

More News from Nowhere

Aaaaaaaand it’s Monday again!
Excuse me for not jumping for joy…

Moving on…

• Friday was, as always, pretty quiet. Just chilled out, and I think I was in bed quite early, because I had to be up early for the Doc on Saturday. I hate going to the doc when I’m tired, because I’m always a grumpy cow when I haven’t had enough sleep. (Today is case in point). Grrr…

• Saturday was quite quiet too. Ended up sleeping VERY late, so had to rush around to get to the doc on time. Had my consult – all good, yay! – and then headed off to Park Meadows to collect meds. Also did a teeny-tiny little bit of shopping while we were there, so I now own cheap white shell toes (which I need to scuff up soon, so they don’t look so new!) and some new silver bangles to add to my growing collection. I’ve always been very Janis-Joplin because I pile as many bangles as I can on at any one time, otherwise I feel naked. Anyway, after that, we came straight home and I got back into my jammies and parked on the bed with my laptop and a stack of DVDs. I watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford ( it’s still a loooooong-ass movie the second time around.) BUT:

(It's over two hours in, if you're gonna look for it and don't feel like sitting through the whole dramatic shpeel), Lolita (it’s still not the book), and Across the Universe. Which, again, got me feeling more melancholy than I think it was intended for the audience to feel. Still, I love it, and have got the Beatles stuck in my head, which is NEVER a bad thing. It also lead to a long bout of introspection and writing, and some pretty stark and scary revelations. Quarter-life crisis, anyone? Haha
Then found Hellboy II on M-Net movies, and that was it, I was plonked on the couch, engrossed. I LOVED the first one, and keep missing the repeats of the second one, so I wasn’t going to miss it. And the verdict: I loved it. Not as exciting as the first, but still awesome. The Angel of Death was amazing…

I need an excuse to put together a costume like that!!!!
And then, just after Hellboy, we found The Royal Tenenbaums. Squeeeee! I love it. I am a BIG Wes Anderson fan, so there was no doubt I was going to watch that. Mister Boo loved it too, which surprised me. After that finished, we “old folks” were off to bed, and I sat and wrote until the ungodly hour of 3am. The movie finished before midnight. So, I can kiss my regular sleeping patterns goodbye for a few days, unless I make up for it tonight (which is looking like a great idea right now – grumpyasfuckmuch?!)

• And then yesterday… yesterday, I sat on my ass and did sweet nothing ALL DAY. It was great. I watched movies, I read, I listened to music all day, and I played Jewel Quest. But aside from that? Nothing. I loved it.

I am chastising myself for not practicing my guitar this weekend, because I really wanted to, but I just didn’t have the energy to think too hard about anything. So tonight, I will practice like the crazy lady I am, and hopefully be ready for my lesson tomorrow.

Well, being as miff as I am, I don’t really have much else to say, unless you’re looking for fun ways to swear at people…. No? Okay then. We’ll catch up soon, yes?


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