Monday, November 29, 2010

More News From Nowhere 29.11.2010

Oh look! It’s a Monday! It’s not as dreadful a Monday as last week, though, so that’s a plus. Also, once today is over, there is only one more working Monday to get through! Figuring that out seems to have softened the blow this morning when my alarm went off.

So, on to the round up:

·         Friday was, as usual, quiet. I managed to leave work at a decent hour for a Friday and ended up at Fourways Mall. Loathe! Anyway, I managed to find a couple of reasonable dresses and a top at Mr. Price, and I think I might just wear one of them to our year end function next week… It just might work. (More on that later, though).
·         We were invited to both Billy the Bums (Sweet Lord, NO thank you!) and CCHQ (which I’ve never seen, and really, really want to). But Mister Boo wasn’t keen to do anything, so we just chillaxed at home. I made a note book for Maja Boo and I modified a waistcoat with ribbon, to make it a little more fun (and for the anticipated Piratey-ness of Saturday), and I crafted a little before going to bed. NOT very exciting, yet again. I was a bit pouty and sulky about him not wanting to go out, but hey, I’ll live, I suppose. Hehe
·         Saturday was a bit all over the place. I had to come in to the office for a couple of hours to sort out mangled flight bookings and car bookings, and then sat reading And the Ass Saw the Angel to Mister Boo. He is now totally freaked out by my choice of book, and wants to take it away from me in case it gives me any bad ideas. It’s a pretty intense book, and very descriptive, which is a bit scary when it comes to various methods of murder and such. (It sounds a lot worse than it is, in a way…) While I was working, Maja Boo and Gramps went off to have coffee with a zealot friend of Gramps’, who irritates the crap out of me. That may have been why I was less than totally depressed when I had to come to the office instead of joining them.
Once we finally left the office, we headed to Bryanston for dreaded grocery shopping, and to grab a bite to eat. Mister Boo nearly drove me up the wall – he was SO grumpy and grumbly, which made it a wholly unpleasant experience. Being at home all day, every day has really dented his social skills – it’s going to be a lot of hard work restoring those! Ack! Naturally, I had to cheer myself up, so I bought shoes. Not just any shoes, though! I FINALLY found a pair of black wedges, and they’re gorgeous! Even better than what I had in mind, and a whole lot less money than I was originally planning on spending! Yay!!! I literally did a little dance of joy when I found them. Right there. In the store. In front of all these conservative old ladies. Yup.
I present:

·         I bought a Christmas tree at the robots on Saturday too. (If you’re reading this and not from SA, robots here are these:
Will control the world one day. Especially when they don't work.
Wait, hang on...

     not these:
Not quite SkyNet...

And we have vendors at almost every single big intersection in Joburg, selling anything from knock-off fragrances and handbags to Christmas trees and license disc holders.) It’s such a cool little wire-work Christmas tree! No mess, no fuss, and easy to pack away after the ‘festive’ season. It looks awesome with our little jewel-toned baubles, and will look even better when we put lights on it. I also co-ordinated my wrapping paper to the colours of the baubles and the tree. Yes, I did. *winces in embarrassment* It’s a really cute tree though! Look:
O Kwismas Twee, O Kwismas Twee!
·         Saturday night was pretty much awesome. My previous post is the down-low on the bands we saw at Cool Runnings in Victory Park – needless to say, I’m still gushing about them and their awesomeness! This is what I wore:
I need to teach my fiance to take better pictures of my outfits!
      I was hoping that the Pirate theme would still be enforced, hence the corset-esque ribboned waistcoat. I also had a little stash of plastic eye patches, clip on hoop earrings and plastic medallions in my bag, just in case. Alas… We’ll just have to plan a pirate party now, so I can bust them out!
·         Yesterday was wasted on sleep again. I hate sleeping during the day (and during the night –Thanks Insomnia!), but I was feeling really weird all day. I wasn’t hung over, per say. I just felt utterly exhausted, and slept and slept and slept, which I think is totally self indulgent and gross. But I did it anyway. Ha! The problem is, it didn’t make me feel any better, and I just got annoyed with my damn body for being so lethargic and tired when I had so much to do! So now I have to go home and rush around, trying to tidy the spare room in time for all guests who are arriving this weekend, and still trying to squeeze in some guitar practice too. Ack! I think I’m going to put brakes on the guitar lessons until the start of next year, because the next few weeks are total chaos and mayhem, and I can’t put in the amount of effort that I would be satisfied with, and won’t make enough progress to justify taking up someone else’s time when I know I haven’t done enough. *sad trombone* I’m bummed, because I really want to get into a routine with it, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen this year. At least it will give me time to get the song I am learning down to a fine art! I can play it all the way to the coast! (and drive my family to the brink hehehe)

Well, that pretty much rounds everything up. I’m hoping to get through everything on my to-do list today, and only have to deal with the little off-the-cuff issues for the next week or so. (Which totally means there are going to be dramas galore, but somehow, I’ll get through it haha)


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