Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fangs

Okay, this is just getting scary now. How can it possibly be Friday again?! I feel like I’m only just getting going for the week, for crying out loud, and now I have to readjust to the weekend! Crikey…

Well, at least it’s been a good week. So, onto Friday Fangs, then:

·         Only 33 more sleeps till I go on leave, and on HOLIDAY!!!! For the first time in years, we’re actually leaving Joburg in December, and going to the sea! BUT, we’re not going where everyone goes, we’re going further south than that, to a quiet little town on the south coast, and it’s gonna be FANTASTIC! I am like a kid with an advent calendar at the moment.
·         (MOAR) Party anticipation! Haha I should really stop whining that we never do anything fun, because we clearly do! Simba’s having another murder mystery dinner tomorrow, with his family, and we’ve been invited again. You know your friendship is a good, long-lasting one when you crack the nod for both! This time, I get to play a chef, Catherine Eater-Jones, in the Box Office Hit murder mystery. Mister Boo has the role of John Revolta, a greasy camera man. I’m excited! If last weekend was anything to go by, it’s gonna be good fun again. And maybe Simba will manage to stay awake long enough to enjoy the party hehehe
·         Babysitting! Yea, I know, who woulda thought, right?! But I am kinda looking forward to it. We’re looking after Mister Boo’s two nieces tonight. I’m hoping they bring Shrek 2 (I asked him to ask them to) because I really wanna sneakily check out the Tom Waits and Nick Cave cameos in it. *sneaky sneaky* Yes, I seem to have that much of a problem.
·         Hair! I had blue put in my hair again for Hallowe'en, but it washes out really quickly, because it’s a different brand to the pink and purple. But as it washes out, it looks really cool, it goes from a nice royal blue to a teal, then a pastel blue, and a light pastel aqua colour, and finally, bleach white. I’m sitting in between the light aqua and bleach white at the moment, so my appointment tomorrow is perfectly timed. Yay!
·         I’m thinking about rearranging our bedroom this weekend (although I don’t know when)! It’s so stuffy and cramped and leans itself to clutter VERY easily at the moment, and it’s time for a change! Mister Boo will probably tremble at the thought – he hates the idea of change – but it’s time. I’m feeling very claustrophobic in there at the moment, to the point where I have considered sneaking off and sleeping on the couch! And that just won’t do! So it’s time for a change!

It’s a bit of a short list this week, because there have been a lot of stressful things going on at work, which have made my Miss Boo-Hoo. Also, I am a few days short of my appetite suppressants, and I only see my doc next weekend, so I thought I’d just take one of the old ones a couple of days ago, and I now understand why my family is so vehemently against those ones! They make me President Grumpy-As-Fuck!! They have told me before how miserable the old pills seemed to make me, but I thought they were exaggerating, until this week. I was aware of how quickly my mood changed from my usual bouncy, albeit incredibly weird, self, to this morbid, morose, miserable troll. Yuck. So those are all going down the loo this weekend too! They’re dreadful! The new ones, on the other hand, are amazing. I have energy, I am excited, I can focus clearer, I don’t spend all my life sleeping, I feel creative, and I eat less and crave healthier foods, meaning I eat less! Much better!

What have you got planned for the weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it's groovy!



  1. Ok you so have to tell me what those tabs are!!!! pwetty please!!! nu....:)
    sounds like an awesome weekend! mwa

  2. Nope-nope-nope. You don't need em, trust me! X