Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Fangs

Well… today has been… challenging… to say the least. BUT, despite that, there’s always something to be glad about, and to smile about on a Friday. If nothing else, it’s the fact that we’re on the precipice of the weekend! Lucky for me though, I have a few more things than just the weekend to smile about. Here they are:

·         We found out this week at work that we’re getting a couple of extra days leave, and they won’t come out of our annual leave. We were originally going to close up on the 15th December, as the 16th is a public holiday, but since most of our suppliers and clients will be closing on the 10th, there will be pretty much nothing for us to do in the extra few days. So they bosses decided to give us a few extra days! Yippee!!!!
·         That means it’s only 14 sleeps until we go on leave, and 20 until we leave for our holiday at the sea!!!! I cannot fucking wait! I’m going to lie on the beach and on my bed and read and soak up the sound of the sea, and soak up the salty air, and just breathe.

·         Using a fountain pen again. After school, I got out of the habit of using one, because people are generally too dumb to understand how a fountain pen is like a signature, and if you use someone else’s, you basically destroy it. But I’ve started using one for my journal again, and I love it!

·         Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by The Beatles (!)
·         Guitar lessons! The Universe has been testing my dedication to my guitar lessons, and I’ve been throwing attitude right back, thankyouverymuch. After missing my lesson last week, we rescheduled for this Tuesday, the 23rd. Great! She confirmed that I would be there on Tuesday night, and I replied “Come hell or high water!” Yea…

     I was all ready, mom and I made plans, we went over to the restaurant in my office park and had dinner. All good, right? Yea, until the heavens opened! And Lordy, did they open! I was sure that there was no water left up there after the way it rained and hailed (3 times) on Tuesday night. And then we had to leg it back to my office so I could phone the guitar teacher and say I was going to be late. This involved huddling under a little umbrella, being followed by a manager using a tray as an umbrella and wading through ICE COLD water that was flowing knee-deep in the parking lot. I felt like an extra in Titanic! I kept looking for a blue, frozen Jack bobbing along with icicles on his lips!

  And when I called my guitar teacher, she said that we should just call it off, because her whole house was flooding, and their baby son was just about bobbing away in his cot. I should really be more careful about the phrases I use!
On the upside, we rescheduled for last night, and we actually managed to get it right! I had a lesson, and it went really well, and I’m super amped for the next lesson, which will be on Tuesday. I can now play (very slowly and kind of disjointed, but still) the whole verse and chorus of About a Girl! BEEEG SMILE! I am so excited to go and practice this weekend, so I make some progress on it, and hopefully I can play it by my December holidays! That would be super awesome.
·         Yesterday I was feeling a little weird, and I Googled my symptoms, and lo-and-behold, I have Stage 1 Adultitis! I knew there was something wrong with me, I just didn’t realize it was so serious! I’m so glad I caught it in time; now I can begin my treatment, and hopefully shake this wretched malady soon!
·         Sarah Wilson’s post about the Benefit of *not* being happy. I am an intensely emotional person (hello, Cancerian!) and I try and own my moods, good or bad. When they’re bad, they’re rough and stormy and dreadful, but when they’re good, they’re infectious and beautiful and fun. And when a bad one does strike, I try and just ride it out, rather than pretend it’s not there at all, because then I just get irritable with everything and everyone, and snap at everything and everyone, and that’s no fun at all. So to read something about not only having the bad days, but actually owning them… well, that cheered me up significantly! How’s that for paradox?
·         Pre-New Years Evolution planning. I don’t make resolutions, because they are just designed to make you do things because you feel guilty about not doing them by Feb, rather than doing things because they make you feel good. So I have come up with a new take on it: New Years Evolution. Rather than try to change myself and totally erase the things I need to alter, I am going to evolve… take those growth points (not faults) and actually grow from them. Utilize the lessons they were designed to teach me and evolve that aspect of myself with them.
·         Nirvana. Not only because I’m learning to play it on the guitar, but because Kurt Cobain was a musical genius, and wrote the exact songs that work on me when I’m in a mood like today. #grumpyasfuck
·         Party anticipation. We’re going to a Rambling Bones gig tomorrow night, and I’m super amped! It’s gonna be great – the gig is pirate themed, and if you dress up, you get free entry. Also, Jay Bones has apparently promised to do the whole gig in Pirate Speak, given the theme. Yar!
·         Dirtying up my brand new, sparkling white shell-toe sneakers. I hate perfectly clean shell-toes. They must be scruffy and dirty and grungy and full of holes and fucked. So my mission this week has been destroying them, so they look better. (In case you were wondering, I’m WEIRD).

What have you been loving this week? And what are you looking forward to for the weekend? Gigs? Picnics? Concerts? Going underground? Let me know!


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