Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fangs

Holy crap! It’s Friday again! What just happened? This week has dragged its ass, but suddenly, it’s Friday. Don’t you hate when that happens?
So, since it’s been such a chaotic week, there are quite a few things to be grateful for.

·         Hallowe’en Party! It was SO much fun! I really had a fabulous time, even though my modified raven wings came off within half an hour. After I broke a camping chair with them. Hehe It was good though. The props were fantastic, the décor turned out great, and the whole evening turned out well. Even though it was a quiet one, we still had a great party, and only dragged our asses to bed after 2. Awesomeness!  

The welcoming committee

Unnamed Guest

Turning our dogs into zombies (I love Sparky's face - he looks petrified of Mr. T, the Zombie)

Dismembered hand that freaked the shit out of everyone all night

Garden of shrunken (apple) heads - creepy, non?

Specimen Jars
- 2 x (baby cabbage) brains, 1x (cauliflower) tumorous organ, 1x (potato) heart

·         Having no plans for Sunday, except R&R. It was great. I slept late-ish, then we cleaned up, and I spent pretty much the rest of the day on the couch with my laptop and we sat listening to the Hallowe’en party mix (Hint: A LOT of Nick Cave) and vegged out completely.

·         My first guitar lesson! Okay… HOLY EFFING CRAP. I knew I would love it, but I never knew it would be this fucking cool. I haven’t been this excited about anything for a hell of a long time. And I spent at least a third of the lesson just squeezing in excitement and sheer disbelief that after 15 minutes, I was already playing part of a Nirvana song. FUCKING NIRVANA! Hehe I am absolutely in love with being able to finally do something other than pose with my guitar, and the pain in my fingers (which is epic and pretty insane sometimes) is just the most fabulous pain in history, on par with getting tattooed. (I like pain. Can you tell?) My family are already going insane, hearing the same few chords drifting out of my room over and over and over, but even they admit that it’s starting to sound more like a song, and less like just a bunch of chords. Yay!

·         Time Management Course. You know, when we were told that the company was sending us to this Time Management Seminar, I think a lot of us took a bit of umbrage to the idea that we weren’t managing our time properly and some people took it more personally than others. But, to be really honest, I did learn some things there, and they have helped, and I am feeling a little more motivated. There are still things that bug the crap out of me about work, but hey… I think, no matter what your job is, even if it’s rock star or music god or creative genius, there are days that get you down, and things that get on your nerves. But all in all, the motivation is a little more present than usual. Long may it last, right?

·         More party anticipation. You know, for someone who complains that I have no life, and never go out, I do spend a good chunk of my time anticipating and prepping for parties. Hmmm… *ponders* Well, it’s Simba’s birthday today, so we’re partying this weekend. This year is his risk year, so we have to party hard, and party often, because, at 27, you never know what could happen. So he’s having a Murder Mystery Dinner tomorrow to celebrate, and the theme is Mardi Gras. My character is Mama Carriba, a fortune teller who wears lots of beads, long flowy skirts, matching head-scarves, striking make up and nail polish, and always carries her Tarot cards with her. So… pretty much ME. I thought he was going to challenge me, but hey. There’s always next year. Haha

·         Other things that made me smile this week:
Grinning every time I think “I’m going to the sea in December!”; Nick Cave (always); the blue in my hair fading already, and heading toward my favourite shade of teal; Kurt Cobain (always); staining my pillows to look like a rainbow while I sleep; Jim Morrison (always); waking up earlier than usual and still feeling good; feeling quietly good about things, even if people think I’m blue (which I’m not. Only my hair is. And it gets cut every six weeks, so that’s that sorted.); dreaming about my dad, who’s been gone over a year and a half – I usually wake up feeling like we’ve just sat and had a good chat, and it’s always when I need him most; hearing my guitar teacher tell my mom (when he thought I wasn’t listening) that I have a natural talent for guitar, and I’ll pick it up quickly, because it’s something I love; using Hallowe'en as an excuse to buy black candles without freaking my mom out entirely
the new Grinderman video!

How about you, Boo-lets? Are you grinning this fine Friday, or just gritting your teeth in a grimace until 5pm, when the weekend finally kicks off?


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