Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fangs 19.Nov.2010

Joburg is having a lovely wet week. It may be my fault… I took my electric blanket off our bed on Sunday, when I rearranged our room, and I also packed away all my proper winter clothing. And, typically, that seems to have triggered a nice cold front to cruise into our city. I’m not complaining, I LOVE the cooler wet weather. But everyone else? Not so much. I haven’t told them it’s my fault yet – I’d rather not be lynched. Hehehe All the same, it’s cheered me up better than a sunny afternoon picnic ever could! I’m feeling all inspired again – yay! I’m hoping that the rain will wash away all the mogginess that seems to have set in the last few weeks, and leave me feeling fresh and crisp and clean and clear for the last stretch of the year – only a few weeks now!

So, on to the things that I’ve been loving this week:
- The rain! Yippee!!! Clearly I’m a water sign (Cancerian – go figure), because I just can’t get enough of the wet weather.
- Feeling inspired. It hasn’t happened in a while, and I’m really enjoying the little tingle and buzz that goes with the cogs whirring in my head and somewhere in my spirit. It’s always more fun this way. I have a whole whack of new projects in my cluttered mind… Now, to organize them and get them going. Oh dear…
- Catching up on sleep. I’ve bee thoroughly exhausted since last week, and Monday and Tuesday (aka: days dragged in by the stinking hell hounds) didn’t do my ANY good. But by Wednesday, I adopted more of an “I-COULDN’T-GIVE-A-CRAP” attitude to the shit-storm flying around me, and I just let it go. And – lo and behold – I could sleep! Ama-zing! Waking up feeling a little closer to living than dead has been fun the past two days. Yay for that!
- Books! I am more than an avid reader, and I’m going through a very thick and heavy ready phase at the moment. Currently, I’m lugging around Nick Cave’s “And The Ass Saw The Angel”, which is … intense. I’m kind of battling to get through it, but it’s also because I’ve been so ADD the last few weeks, with the parties and carrying on that we’ve been doing. But this weekend, we have NO PLANS, other than the doc tomorrow, so I intend to hunker down and READ. I’m also hoping to get my hands on a copy of Lolita. I’ve gone through this longing for the book before, and bought the movie in the hopes that it would quench that thirst. But nope. I have to have the book. End. Of. Story. So hopefully I will stumble across a bargain copy in my travels tomorrow. But in the meantime, I have a haul of books to get through, and two more on their way to me! I have to get through a John Lennon biography, a Tim Burton biography, Jim Morrison’s ‘The Lords and New Creatures’, Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie”, a Hunter S Thompson biography and Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country For Old Men”. AND, I’ve just ordered another two biographies: Bad Seed (NO prizes for guessing who that’s about!), and Life: By Keith Richards. SO MUCH OF EXCITE! I can’t wait to get stuck into the Keith Richards one! I’ve read a couple of excerpts, and an interview with him for the book in the Sunday Times, and I literally squealed the whole time I read it. So I can guarantee that once those arrive, Mister Boo will be miserable and have to kiss any kind of conversation goodbye. And Maja Boo will whine at me for being anti-social because I’ll be holed up in my room with Keef and Nick. *swoon*
- Down-time. We’ve had such a hectic few weeks, and this weekend, with nothing on, I am just looking forward to relaxing! It’s such a weird thing to look forward to doing nothing, but I am already planning just how I’m going to do it. When I get home, I’m gonna pour myself into my jammies and cosy up on my bed with my laptop, and watch movies. And then, tomorrow, the reading will commence. Unghf! (That’s ‘excite’ in my home-planet’s language).
- Being almost done with our Christmas shopping, and with NO STRESS. We’ve decided to make it awesome and inspirational and easy this year, and went ahead and bough 10 copies of Sarah Von’s “A Year in Yes 2011 Calendars”. I’m SO stoked! I was going to do our own calendars this year, but again, the end of the year has snuck up on me, and I’ve run out of steam. A couple of years ago, I had this brilliant idea to do big jars filled with 365 wishes, as well as all sorts of little goodies and surprises. It was awesome. A stroke of genius. (ifidosaysomyself) But I will confess, I wasn’t as organized as I’d like to have been, and it turned out to be a total mission! I sat up until 11pm on Christmas Eve cutting out quotes and whinging like Scrooge McDuck. BUT, on the upside, the pay off was infinite! People went nutters over the idea, and I know that a couple of people have incorporated the quote jars into drinking games and party tricks. Hehe
I had great plans for personalized calendars in much the same vein, but with the chaos that ensued again this year, I couldn’t face it. And then I came across A Year in Yes Calendars, and yes, I squealed, and got on the horn to Mister Boo faster than I could think “holycraphowawesome!”. And that was that. Yippee! I will now have more time to spend on a lilo in the pool, with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other. (This is, in fact, how I intend to spend at least part of my holiday this year).

The little things that have made me smile this week:

 Nick Cave (always) * dreaming of guitar chords that sound like a song I could write one day * Jim Morrison (always) * hotties on TV in the only two shows I do watch * being told that on a scale of 1 – 10 of insanity, I am probably a 7 or 8, when Johnny Depp and Hunter S Thompson would be about a 5 or 6, and Nick Cave an 8 or 9 (Thanks, Simba!) * Katjes Yoghurt Gums (always) * Planning mayhem for when one of my best friends, Amy, is going to be staying with us in December. This includes tattoos! * Barney Simon on TUKSFm (Who knew he was still going?!) * Kurt Cobain (always); and Nirvana for always lifting a dank mood * Plotting more mayhem for the Doors 20th birthday party * Plotting random insanity for the Rambling Bones Pirate Gig next weekend * Grinderman interviews (hysterical at the very least; I would kill to interview these guys, not only for the Nick Cave factor) * Feeling like a kick-ass grunge queen in my outfit today

Dress: Little Chinese shop on Blairgowrie Plaza;
Skirt (worn hiked up under dress, to add length and interest): Hayley Joy;
Lace top (under dress, to keep boobages from falling out): Jay Jays;
Jersey: Hang Ten;
Tights: Woolies;
Boots: Foschini - swapped the laces for silver ribbon;
Silver necklace: From my gran;
Crow's foot necklace: Gift from art gallery years ago;
Earrings: Mr Price;
Bracelets: Gift from my sister in Wales)

What made you grin this week? And what are you planning for the weekend? Chaos, mayhem, disorder? Or something a little more tame?


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