Monday, November 15, 2010

More News from Nowhere 15.11.2010

I’m starting to resent the speed with which this year is passing me by. I loathe this time of year. Everyone’s grumpy, everyone’s complaining, we’re all snapping at each other, there’s always too much to do and too little time, and all anyone can think about is the holidays. Which, incidentally, start in exactly a month for me. NotthatI’mcountingsleepsoranything.

So, on to news:

·         Friday’s babysitting turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated. Jadey, the elder sister (13) was a breeze, as usual. She reminds me so much of myself at that age –enthusiastic about left-of-center subjects and an avid reader. And the younger sister, Jillian (7) has energy levels I dream of, and don’t-freaking-have. I was already pretty tired when we got home, and before I was even out of the car, the last of my energy was slowly ebbing away. She’s not precocious or naughty or anything like that; she’s just….. really-REALLY-bouncy. As we walked into the house, we were greeted by banners and posters hanging over the dining room table, which declared November 12th “Girlfriends’ Day”. Cool. J That made Sunday "Boyfriends' Day", which I decided meant that I could have all my 'boyfriends' around (in my imagination, anyway), and Mister Boo would have to smile and nod. It was a nice theory, right?After dinner, Jilly went through my entire wardrobe and put on a fashion show of note. Girlfriend’s got the moves! Haha Mister Boo showed her an ancient DOS golf game he downloaded, which kept her enthralled while he was saving music for me. Then we drew a bit (I’m working on my next tattoo design), and suddenly it was bedtime. So we got her wound down, read her a story about Auggy the Froggie and his earache, and not long after, she was lights out. I think I was just too tired to enjoy it properly. It wasn’t bad, I just didn’t as much fun as I’d hoped to.
·         Saturday consisted of sniggering to myself quietly as Jilly woke Mister Boo up at 5:30, by dangling his little alarm clock right in front of his eye and tapping it until he woke up. Hehehe Then I had to scramble to get ready for the hairdresser, for re-blue-ing of my hair. That took up a good chunk of the day, and I didn’t get to see the girls much on Saturday, which I was kind of disappointed about. But it was okay all the same, because we had a really good catch up with Nix, who does my hair, and who I’ve known for 12 years (!!!!!), and her family. Her dad showed me the most awesome clip when I told him I’m doing guitar lessons – it kinda blew my mind a bit. J
·         Saturday night was awesome. Simba’s family murder-mystery dinner was, naturally, a howling success, and we all had a great time. I, Katheryn Eater-Jones, was not the murderer, to my relief! I was, however, supposed to be a stalker-ish lady, but I didn’t have the energy for that on Saturday night, so I played up the frustrated-with-the-picky-eaters chef instead. Hehe It was really good fun. I am hoping to post some photos tomorrow, because I clean forgot to download my photos from my camera yesterday. Under all these crazy colours, there’s definitely some blonde!
·         Yesterday I managed to tackle sorting out my bedroom! I’m so relieved! We have to rooms, joined by an inter leading cupboard door which you have to walk through, and they’re both quite small and easy to clutter. So I pulled out all the crap, sorted it as best I could, and re-organised. Pushed and pulled furniture, moved our bed into a better position (according to Feng Shui), and cleaned. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. And cleaned some more. Crikey! It’s such a satisfying feeling to get to grips with stuff like that, and really get it sorted out. I sat on my bed for a while last night, listening to Grinderman and Grinderman 2 (and canning myself laughing at the lyrics – “My baby calls me the Loch Ness Monster – Two great big humps and then I’m gone”) and playing Faerie Solitaire and just enjoying the new feel of the room. J  
·         I actually sat down and watched the 8pm movie last night! I don’t usually do TV, other than Brothers and Sisters and CSI:NY on a Thursday, so to drag myself out of my room and watch the movie had my family’s jaws on the floor there for a moment. I did my nails while I was watching, because I’m far too ADD and fidgety to just sit still and watch something. (I bought this colour on Saturday, and quite like it. It works with my new 90’s-esque look and feel, and goes along with my new *gasp* - I never thought I would do this, but – white peep toe clogs. I know. *hangs head in embarrassment* BUT, they are on trend, affordable, and damn comfortable! SO… I’m just gonna go with it. I can always blame fashion madness, or lack of sleep or something when I look back. Haha)
     Moving on… The movie was Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage. I was a bit skeptical about it at first, and there were a few predictable or random-don’t-make-sense elements, but all in all, I actually quite enjoyed it. AND, strangely enough for a big box-office flick, it actually led me to do some introspection. Okay, granted, it’s a topic that’s been bubbling under in my psyche for a few weeks now, what with it being a running theme in the Bad Seeds lyrics, but the movie last night had me looking at it again… It was the subject of my faith. Or rather, current lack thereof. So, there’s something I can stew on for the next few weeks and try and figure out. As if my mind doesn’t work enough overtime! Clearly I don't sweat the petty stuff, huh?

So… it being Monday, there is a lot of madness to deal with this morning. I better get to it before I get an inquisition (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! hehehe) about all the check-lists I suddenly have to complete every effing day. Work… that’s another story for another day! Monday is probably not the best day to tackle work issues in a post, right?

So, happy Monday, enjoy and all that!


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