Sunday, November 28, 2010

SA Music Awesomeness

I was going to hold off until tomorrow’s More News from Nowhere to tell you about last night, but it was just too awesome to keep to myself. Mister Boo, Simba, Mr. T and I headed out to Cool Runnings in Victory Park last night to catch a few bands.

Simba is a really big fan of Ramblin' Bones, who were second on the bill. Jay, who is also with ska band Fuzigish, has his own rockabilly thing going on in Ramblin' Bones, and it’s fantastic. Simba played the album for me a couple of weeks back, and I love it! So there was no doubt we would be there like a hairy bear last night. BUT… we weren’t prepared for the super-awesomeness that ensued!

We were there quite early, but a lot of the good tables were already gone, so I pouted because I was disappointed. It wasn’t a serious issue though, nor was it a serious pout. It worked though - the manager organised us a special table right in front, with possibly the best view in the house! Score! Thanks for that, pretty lady! J We’d just started our ice cold Black Label draughts (highly recommended!) when the first band came got up on stage. Major Dark on guitar and Sergeant Lovely on vocals make up Dark and Lovely, and they are FUCKING AWESOME! By the end of the first song, I’d decided I wanted their album! The music is beautiful, and the lyrics are powerful and relevant and have more than just a little substance. I was blown away, and covered in goosebumps more than once. Totally inspired for my guitar learning now, too!
After the set, we made some enquiries about albums and merch, and found out that it was their first gig as Dark and Lovely! I was blown away. So, if you ever see Dark and Lovely on an event poster, do yourself a favour and check them out. They’re full of soul and passion and a wicked sense of humour thrown in there too. The best way I can describe them is two beautiful ladies sitting at the bar, smiling wryly through the cigarette smoke, and winking at you.

Then, the amazing Ramblin' Bones. They were one man down, and still rocked Cool Runnings like I’ve never seen! They were so much fun; I was doing my little ‘dancing-in-my-chair’ thing the whole gig. Rockabilly awesomeness! Jay Bones - Jebidiah beard or not - is still one of the coolest people in SA music, hands down. We were lucky that we were sitting where we were, because not only did we have the best view, but it made interaction with the bands easy and fun, and at one stage, Simba asked for ‘The Old Man of the Ocean’, which Jay played just for him. And it became the funkiest, piratey-est song I’ve ever heard. It was incredible! On a side note, there was word that there was a theme to last night’s gig - Piratey-ness - and we went prepared to whip out the pirate at any moment, even though I thought we were the only ones. Until Jay turned the normally mellow Old Man of the Ocean into a pirate song. Yar-yar-YAR!

Finally, Newtown. WOW. I was actually speechless for a while there last night. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true! The two ladies from Dark and Lovely are also in Newtown - Amy (aka Major Dark) on bass, and Pebbles (Sergeant Lovely) on vocals - along with a FUNKY AS HELL sax, guitar, trumpet, drums…. So much of cool! ;) They are a kind of funk-jazz-soul-sheer-fucking-awesome vibe. By the second song, I had dragged Simba onto the dance floor, and we were jumping and jamming around like lunatics. We bounced, we twirled, we shook, we swayed…we nearly passed out from over-exertion…and then we bounced some more! I was turned on to a new sound last night, a new vibe, and I don’t think there’s any going back! We made sure we got our hands on their album, and it’s indescribably good. I’m listening to it as I write this, and I’ve just woken Mister Boo, because I’m sitting shaking my ass while I write. (Yes, I’m writing from my bed this morning. You’ll get over it. J )

I literally didn’t stop grinning the entire night; it was that awesome. I highly recommend all three acts. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for an album from Dark and Lovely - I have no doubt they’re going to go places. And remember - you heard it here first! ;p

I’m going to resume normal Sunday programming now - with a funky kick.


NEWTOWN (FB page is linked in the post)

RAMBLIN' BONES AND HIS BLOODY AGENT(S) (FB page is linked in the post)


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