Monday, November 8, 2010

More News From Nowhere - 8.Nov.2010

Phew! What a day! What a weekend!!

Friday night was spent holed up on the couch, dosed up on flu meds and listening to music while I played Jewel Quest 2 (I have a bit of a problem here – I CAN’T STOP! And it’s not all that exciting…) while watching the Dog Whisperer (also known as one of Maja Boo’s numerous ‘boyfriends’ – she has a lot in TV-land) before I finally gave in and just slept and slept and slept and … you get the idea. Flu meds’ll knock you!

Spent most of Saturday morning snoozing, and when I finally surfaced after 10h00, I was still the first one awake. Peculiar….But once we had all risen from the dead, we made the fatal mistake of going to Makro. H-O-L-Y C-R-A-P. Never again. *shudders* The ONLY thing that made it just bearable was having a lot of Nirvana on my iPod, and remembering to take my iPod with. Otherwise I would probably have ended up doing what Mister Boo did, only… on purpose. He managed to almost overturn a food sample cart, and he wasn’t even aiming to do it. He felt kind of bad about it, but because he gets so tense when we’re grocery shopping, he sort of scowled at the guy when he apologized. So if you were almost mowed down by a crazy looking guy at Makro on Saturday, I’m really sorry. Peace and love?!

Went through to Simba early on Saturday evening, to help him set up for his Murder Mystery Dinner. I took a whole bag of props with – feather boas, stars, masks, sparkly ribbons and things… and went a little crazy. Luckily (for Simba) I forgot to take glitter, otherwise I think he might still be covered in it.
I love Murder Mystery Dinners. They are a fantastic way to get people to really interact, and have lots of fun on a smaller scale. The accents that people come up with are fascinating, and the outfits?! Never short of fabulous. It’s so cool when people really get into dressing up and embracing the theme.
We met some new people too, and they’re also crazy, so we’ve decided to keep them! Haha We’re slowly building an army of nutters who will someday take over the world, and enforce international pink hair days and such when we’re in power. Muahahahahahahaha!
*cough cough* I will post photos when I have the time to sit and add them in and caption them appropriately.

Yesterday I woke up wondering why my head was so sore. Hmmm… it could have been the whack I gave it on the door frame on Saturday night, or it could have been all the vodka consumed in the spirit (hehe) of partying. I think it was a combination, though. So after a really good greasy brekkie, I lurched back to my bed, and stayed there. ALL. DAY. Not sleeping, mind you, just there. I had my laptop open, I listened to Nick Cave (, I read some twisted literature, I played some Fairie Solitaire, I wrote some warped short stories… all in all, a pretty good day. And it’s just as well I took it easy yesterday, because so far, today has been CHAOS. I mean it, I feel all dizzy from the madness that has ensued here today. I have a task list to get through today, that resembles the one I had to complete for the whole of last week. SHIT!

So, on that crazy and rushed note, I’ll be off. Wish me luck with the Task-List-From-Hell!


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